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31/1/2005 Consequences of Genetically Engineered Milk
31/1/2005 GM Attack Dog - a profile of Doug Powell
30/1/2005 Monsanto gets GM-virus resistant crops from Seminis
30/1/2005 WSF protests GM foods / Arrests in NZ protest
28/1/2005 Decontamination of GM field trial this weekend - express cyber support!
28/1/2005 GM crops industry has stalled
28/1/2005 IRRI and CIMMYT alliance to support GM research
28/1/2005 Report - GM crops threaten organic farming in Vermont
27/1/2005 Chapela - New Chapter in Biotech History not Written in English
27/1/2005 Report on the new law in Italy
27/1/2005 Royal Society warning about GM-supporting lobby group
27/1/2005 The main events of 2004 - 10 perspectives
27/1/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 109
26/1/2005 Chapela wrongly treated say scientists
26/1/2005 Food multinationals threaten fight against poverty - new report
26/1/2005 GM Food Aid Pressure on Angola Again
26/1/2005 GM policy shift in Europe
26/1/2005 Vandana Shiva on Bt cotton toxification
26/1/2005 Vast majority of Canadians remain deeply suspicious of GM food
25/1/2005 Dow GM maize trials blocked in South Africa
25/1/2005 GMO Law in Italy passes in Lower House
25/1/2005 Greenpeace, Jose Bove Protest Against Genetically Engineered Soy on High Seas
25/1/2005 US reduces its food aid to Angola because of GM food ban
24/1/2005 Angola bans genetically modified imports
24/1/2005 Conference Defends GMO-free Regions and Biodiversity in Europe
24/1/2005 Monsanto to Buy Seminis for $1 Billion
24/1/2005 Monsanto's GM farmers on parade
24/1/2005 More GM promotion in Asia from IRRI
23/1/2005 GM rice not necessary for Thailand, says Surin governor
23/1/2005 Lord Sainsbury successsor another industry crony?
23/1/2005 Useful summary of FAO biotech forum
20/1/2005 China drags its heels on GM rollout
20/1/2005 Investors Challenge Monsanto Over Risks Of GM Products
20/1/2005 New Benbrook paper on Argentina/Invasion of the forest snatchers
20/1/2005 Province in Canada to go GM-free?/Another GM ban in California?
20/1/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 108
19/1/2005 Enemy of the State - Ignacio Chapela
19/1/2005 Hugh Grant must go, Scottish Parliament told - multiple items
19/1/2005 Hungary bans a Monsanto GMO maize seed
19/1/2005 Monsanto's President Implicated in Corruption Scandal
19/1/2005 Monsanto's president must go
19/1/2005 Report warns investors about Monsanto risks
19/1/2005 The seeds of a bribery scandal in Indonesia - Excellent article in Asia Times
18/1/2005 Feeding GMOs to school kids?
18/1/2005 India may import GM oilseeds
18/1/2005 More GM Sugar Beet Hype from May et al
18/1/2005 The cost of Monsanto's ethics
17/1/2005 Monsanto's Fake Parade Hits New York
17/1/2005 Monsanto, Karl Rove, Roy Innis - rotten to the CORE
16/1/2005 Italy's powerful resistance to GMOs - Review of the year
16/1/2005 Skewed ethics of GM promoters and their UN supporters
15/1/2005 ISAAA admit GM "disasters"
14/1/2005 Journalists challenge Fox license because of "false and distorted news"
14/1/2005 More on GM deception in the Philippines
13/1/2005 "Monsanto lobbied me" says Minister
13/1/2005 German GM project stalled
13/1/2005 GM deception in the Philippines
13/1/2005 Good news on GM free feed in New Zealand
13/1/2005 Monsanto Assault on US Farmers Detailed in New Report
13/1/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 107
12/1/2005 CS Prakash, Joel Cohen and embracing the BioNuclear Bunny
12/1/2005 ISAAA's GM bubble burst
12/1/2005 ISAAA's GM propaganda misleading
12/1/2005 Media coverage and public attitudes to GM food
12/1/2005 More reflections on the tsunami
11/1/2005 Farmers' organisations in India oppose patents and to boycott GMOs
11/1/2005 GM in Kenya 2004 - Kenya's bumper crop of lobbyists
11/1/2005 Responses to the Tsunami
10/1/2005 Dirty tricks and broken promises - Monsanto's legacy in Indonesia
10/1/2005 GRAIN on GM crops in 2004
10/1/2005 How Monsanto brought GM to Indonesia
10/1/2005 Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission to investigate Monsanto
10/1/2005 Kenya Small Scale Farmers oppose GMO bill
10/1/2005 Monsanto's man at the U.S. Trade Office
9/1/2005 Monsanto boss urged to quit over GM bribery case
7/1/2005 Monsanto bribed "at least 140" officials and others
7/1/2005 Science hacks want Syngenta's dough
7/1/2005 WEEKLY WATCH 106
6/1/2005 Luke Anderson on Grassroots Actions in California and Hawaii - Review of the year
6/1/2005 Monsanto fined $1.5m over Indonesia bribes
6/1/2005 Monsanto's losses continue - massaged by tax benefit
6/1/2005 Scotland 2004 - Review of the year in the UK (part 3)
5/1/2005 African journalist honoured for blowing whistle on GM hype
5/1/2005 GM in the UK 2004 - Review of the year (parts 1 & 2)
4/1/2005 Japan 2004 - Review of the year
4/1/2005 Review of the year - France 2004
4/1/2005 Welcome to the year 2021
3/1/2005 Front group to honour Borlaug at UN world conference
1/1/2005 The Future of Food