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31/1/2006 Doug Gurian-Sherman takes apart Bt cotton claims
31/1/2006 Mali farmers reject GM crops as attack on their way of life
30/1/2006 African farmers say GM crops are not the way forward
30/1/2006 Greece extends ban on Monsanto biotech corn type, despite EU ruling
30/1/2006 Monsanto's blast from a dark past
30/1/2006 WTO Biotech Ruling Due Out February 1
30/1/2006 WTO delays ruling in GMO dispute again + other biotech disputes
29/1/2006 GM research cash fails to spawn new business
29/1/2006 Seeds of conflict take root in debate over farming bill
28/1/2006 GM fight in Europe - Hungary, Greece and Germany
28/1/2006 GMOs contaminating foods and threatening seeds in Africa
28/1/2006 Plan for trial of GM potatoes arouses Irish ire
28/1/2006 Terminator ban undermined at UN meeting
26/1/2006 Cozy relationship between universities, industry, hurts science
26/1/2006 GM crops on trial in Africa
26/1/2006 State subsidy sought for GM seeds
26/1/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 160
25/1/2006 Farmers hit by failed Bt cotton crop
25/1/2006 S.African farmers weigh pros and cons of GMO crops
25/1/2006 Support Farmer Protection Act
24/1/2006 Bolivia going GM-free?
24/1/2006 Jury urges cancellation of Bt cotton approvals
24/1/2006 Renewed calls to ban Terminator Technology as CBD meets
23/1/2006 Austria bans Monsanto's GM oilseed rape
23/1/2006 EU farm chief defends more GMOs in organic farming
23/1/2006 PM will take up farmers' cause with Monsanto chief
22/1/2006 GM labelling watchdogs lack bite
22/1/2006 Monsanto pushing "seeds of debt and death", say farmers
22/1/2006 Not just mullah-nukes - mullah-rice!
20/1/2006 Don't meet Monsanto! Urgent plea to prime minister
20/1/2006 GM crops in Germany stalled
20/1/2006 GMOs Are Unconstitutional! Time to ban and destroy them
20/1/2006 Pusztai on ACNFP and Ermakova - Part 2
20/1/2006 The EU must resist U.S. pressure on GM foods
20/1/2006 Three quarters of Swedish farmers reject GMOs
19/1/2006 Pusztai responds to ACNFP over Ermakova
19/1/2006 Religious groups worried about GM foods
19/1/2006 Taverne does GM promotional for Monsanto
19/1/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 159
18/1/2006 "Stink" in India as Monsanto's CEO meets PM and president
18/1/2006 BIO/US pushing GMOs for biodiesel
18/1/2006 Biotech "Revolution" May Be Losing Steam
18/1/2006 EU prepares for bruising WTO ruling in biotech case
18/1/2006 Seeds of legislative meddling
18/1/2006 UM Researcher Cites GE Contamination
17/1/2006 A Million Tiny Strands in a Corporate Web
17/1/2006 Brazil's environmental and social calamities from green and gene revolutions
17/1/2006 EU offers GM web advice / Member States, the European Commission and GMOs
17/1/2006 Pharming trouble signalled by GM pioneer's closure
17/1/2006 Pusztai - National Regulations Should Reflect Risks of GE Crops
16/1/2006 Biotech firm seeks protection from creditors
16/1/2006 Biotech struggles in market - another firm bites the dust
16/1/2006 Controversy rages in Africa over GM crops
16/1/2006 Protecting a sacred resource / Patents protested
15/1/2006 A Columnist Backed by Monsanto
15/1/2006 Does Africa need GMO food?
13/1/2006 Ag minister says "high risk of disaster" for Bt cotton growers
13/1/2006 EU Commission caves in to biotech industry - again!
13/1/2006 More anti-GM activists acquitted by French court
12/1/2006 Illegal and Unscientific: Field Trials of GM Crops in India
12/1/2006 Letter to USDA, FDA, etc.
12/1/2006 Transgenic corn threat to Brazil
12/1/2006 Un-Spinning the Spin Masters on Genetically Engineered Food
12/1/2006 Urgent - take action - ban field trials in India
12/1/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 158
11/1/2006 Andhra Pradesh govt has multiple grievances over Bt cotton
11/1/2006 EU Commission orders Greece to lift GM ban
11/1/2006 GM Farming Grew At Lowest Rate In 10 Years
11/1/2006 Monsanto and ISAAA's hype exposed Part I
11/1/2006 Monsanto and ISAAA's hype exposed Part II (bibliography)
11/1/2006 Monsanto's latest attempts to contaminate EU with GE Soya revealed
11/1/2006 Protesters gear up for biotech event
11/1/2006 Taverne - bolstering prejudice
10/1/2006 Farmers to move consumer court over Bt cotton
10/1/2006 GM crops also cause suicides / Unapproved produce entering food chain
10/1/2006 Gross irregularities in field trials of GM crops in India - MEC
10/1/2006 Monsanto and its corporate-driven GM crop revolution
10/1/2006 Monsanto targets Europe's maize
10/1/2006 Non-GMO Project Launched in United States and Canada
10/1/2006 Ten years of GM crops fail to deliver benefits to Africa
8/1/2006 FEDCOT hails legal action against Monsanto
8/1/2006 GM: New study shows unborn babies could be harmed
8/1/2006 The Global Spread of GMO Crops
7/1/2006 Monsanto-Mahyco pursued over farmer compensation
6/1/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 157
5/1/2006 Latest on GM crop trial scandal in India
5/1/2006 Soy diet worsens heart disease in mice
4/1/2006 Concern over field trials of GM food
4/1/2006 GM foods can harm indigenous farming : Nobel laureate
4/1/2006 GM foods verdict unlikely to alter EU rules
4/1/2006 House waters down modified-seed bill
4/1/2006 WTO again delays ruling in row over EU GMO policy
2/1/2006 Most farmers who committed suicide were Bt cotton growers
2/1/2006 Re: Report blasts USDA oversight of test fields
2/1/2006 The price of hype
1/1/2006 Farmer protection: Liability bill vote this week
1/1/2006 Kenya's ag secretary sees no conflict between his role and directorship of GM food body
1/1/2006 Ventria cancels move to Northwest Missouri