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31/10/2003 Burke attacks Blair over GM
31/10/2003 The Price of Research
31/10/2003 These are the scientists who wrote to Blair
31/10/2003 WEEKLY WATCH number 45
30/10/2003 Industry protests EU vote on GM seed rules
30/10/2003 Spain's GM controls attacked
30/10/2003 Tough Green line on NZ
29/10/2003 British Biotech in Crisis
29/10/2003 US ecologists on GM crops
28/10/2003 Berkeley killing off sustainable ag for GM crops
28/10/2003 Leading Indian scientist attacks hyping of golden rice, Bt cotton, etc.
28/10/2003 Monsanto strong-arming Argentina - again!
28/10/2003 Monsanto's golden beans
28/10/2003 New risks in genetically engineered crops
28/10/2003 Protesters arrested after struggle
27/10/2003 Brazil battle over biotech soy threatens top export
27/10/2003 Brazil's Landless Peasants' Movement on Lula and GMOs
26/10/2003 Blair vs public opposition
26/10/2003 Fixing the Pope - Martino's Fake Debate
24/10/2003 Brazilian state impounds cargos of transgenic soy
24/10/2003 GM release a gamble not worth the candle
24/10/2003 Hate mail forces cuts on GM work
24/10/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 44
23/10/2003 Government commitment to Zero Threshold for GE contamination welcomed
23/10/2003 Monsanto Pull-Out May Help Indian Farmers/Who needs GM crops?
22/10/2003 Where supermarkets stand on GM food
21/10/2003 Bill Gates - flogging a dying horse
21/10/2003 Britain's biggest farmer goes GM-free / British government seen postponing GM decision
21/10/2003 Scientists Quit UK Amid GM Attacks - Claims
21/10/2003 Swiss to vote on five-year GM ban / USDA Reports 115 Infractions of Biotech Rules
20/10/2003 Independent Science Panel rejects Conclusions of GM Science Review
20/10/2003 Ontario government intervenes in Schmeiser case
19/10/2003 India Should Learn From Britain's GM Crop Trials / Biotech Education For Foreign Visitors
18/10/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 43
17/10/2003 "No wonder Monsanto is leaving the country." - Guardian
17/10/2003 Decision on GM postponed until after election / Trial results
17/10/2003 GM test results already in doubt - BBC
17/10/2003 Monsanto pulling out of Pharma Crops/Public mistrust of GM at root of Monsanto's UK pull out
17/10/2003 Resisting Wambugu's moral blackmail & other Farm News from Cropchoice
16/10/2003 GM crops harmful to wildlife / Farm Scale Evaluations published
16/10/2003 GM crops worse for environment - more testing on GM maize "might need to be done", say researchers
16/10/2003 GM crops: Blair, who do you represent, the British people, or Bush and the multinationals?
16/10/2003 Innocents abroad? Is Gates foundation backing US corporate interests, not the poor?
16/10/2003 Monsanto Posts Loss, to Cut Jobs
16/10/2003 Time to Choose/Damned If They Do...
15/10/2003 Gates gets Wambugu-ed! / Golden rice study gets Gates boost
15/10/2003 GM crops giant Monsanto pulls out of Europe!
15/10/2003 GM trials - or GM on trial? / What the UK government's wildlife advisors really think
15/10/2003 New GE legislation: corrupted at its foundations
14/10/2003 Bishop urges gov't to go slow on GMOs / Small scale farmers grow a new movement
14/10/2003 Gates' $25m 'will aid biotechnology'
14/10/2003 GM contamination of crops 'can last for sixteen years'
14/10/2003 New research highlights dangers of modified crops / GM maize trials useless for working farmers / Links for Tractors and Trolleys
14/10/2003 No chance of change - Clark to ignore protests / Hell hath no fury like women ignored!
13/10/2003 Action possible over GM errors/GM activists parade in London
13/10/2003 EU broadside at GM firms' 'lies'
13/10/2003 US firms 'tried to lie' over GM crops, says EU
12/10/2003 GM contamination in Mexico much worse than feared
12/10/2003 GM crops set to make Sainsbury millions
12/10/2003 GM genes found in gut of pigs
12/10/2003 Judgement Day
12/10/2003 One of the biggest-ever public protests - like anti-Vietnam marches of the 1960s
12/10/2003 Stop the rush to GM crops/Flaw in crop trials destroys government case for GM
11/10/2003 Anti-GM movement
11/10/2003 How GM crop trials were rigged/Farmers can set up GM free zones
11/10/2003 Thousands unite to send anti-GE message to Government/Protests right across New Zealand
10/10/2003 Maize Rage in Mexico: GM maize contamination - 2 years later
10/10/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 42
9/10/2003 Atrazine axed and GM trials rendered meaningless
9/10/2003 Bt cotton in the time of Cancun
9/10/2003 Farmers Want Review of Publicly-Funded Science
9/10/2003 GE vs organics: the good, the bad, and the ugly
9/10/2003 GM & Arnie
9/10/2003 GM Superweeds Inevitable/Ban GM Oilseed Rape Now
9/10/2003 Uganda a Dump With Museveni in Power
8/10/2003 Assembly will take toughest line on GM
8/10/2003 FARM on NFU position on GM coexistence including insurance
8/10/2003 GM 'could be another Thalidomide'/Greens pressure Belgium over GMO rapeseed approval
8/10/2003 Royal Society is GM-free/Blair & co's thinking revealed
7/10/2003 George Monbiot on GM and its government friends - 'Force-fed a diet of hype'
7/10/2003 Government accused of fixing GM maize trials
7/10/2003 Monsanto warns of lawnmower threat!
7/10/2003 No-one will insure GM crops
7/10/2003 US and Germany clash over GM policy in Africa
6/10/2003 Bt cotton fiasco - Turning a Blind Eye
6/10/2003 GM crop technology on trial
6/10/2003 Re: A Disgusted Brit - more from AgBioView
5/10/2003 AgBioView and its cast of grotesques
5/10/2003 Can Agricultural Biotechnology be Pro-Poor?
5/10/2003 GMWATCH number 14 - monthly review
5/10/2003 Government Minister stands by pledge on organic and GM /Organic Exporters Fear GMO Threat
5/10/2003 Government prepares to back down over GM crops/Supreme Court asked to consider soy case/Researchers call for open debate on GMOs
3/10/2003 Genetically modified justice?
3/10/2003 GM Contami-Nation Campaign against Bayer
3/10/2003 Protest grows as end nears to ban on biotech plants and animals
3/10/2003 Threat to wildlife enough to ban GM crops, MEPs told
2/10/2003 EU Commission concedes UK could ban GM crops without breaching EU rules
2/10/2003 Judge Rejects Class Action Against Seed Producers
2/10/2003 Royal Society attacks media speculation about GM scientific papers
2/10/2003 Vatican never endorsed GMOs - strong anti-GMO sentiments from Episcopal conferences across Asia, Africa and some European countries
1/10/2003 'Engineering nutrition' - excerpts and summmary