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29/10/2004 New Report Highlights Huge Gaps in GM Crop Science
28/10/2004 California measures may sway nation
28/10/2004 Mexican farmers protest biotech corn
28/10/2004 One year on and resistance prevails in NZ
28/10/2004 Running scared in California - say hello to the fake persuaders?
28/10/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 96
27/10/2004 Appeal for help for Mauritius
27/10/2004 GM corn "helped cause lower prices" in US/Quarter of US grain elevators demanding segregation
27/10/2004 TNCs pave way for Venezuelan transgenics cultivation
26/10/2004 "The Venoms Of Scorpions And Spiders…" - New report on GM cotton in Africa
26/10/2004 Europe must ditch GM crops and invest in sustainable agriculture
26/10/2004 GM increasing pesticide use in US, says new report
26/10/2004 Polish government and Russian scientists want restrictions on GMOs
25/10/2004 Progress pre-dates Green Revolution in Asia
25/10/2004 Togolese Youth condemn GMOs/Prakash prescribes compulsory re-education
24/10/2004 Canada has "undemocratic and unsafe regulatory system" - moratorium demanded
23/10/2004 "God, and not Monsanto, creates life" - Catholic Institute for International Relations AGM told
23/10/2004 Japanese farmer goes it alone on GM beans
23/10/2004 Strong opposition from farmers to Bt corn (Philippines)
22/10/2004 Biotech, organic and vested interests
22/10/2004 Ignacio Chapela's Last Stand
22/10/2004 Re: US declares war on Iraq's farmers
21/10/2004 "Biotech crops get a rave review" from "pro-GM industry group"
21/10/2004 Bt Cotton Fails Yet Again in India - farmers go on rampage
21/10/2004 GM WEEKLY WATCH number 95
21/10/2004 Politicians, professors and protesters target sustainable, GM-free agriculture
20/10/2004 Africa Must Steer Clear of GM Crops
20/10/2004 CropGen in Bangladesh
20/10/2004 Farmer's group urges ban on planting Bt corn
20/10/2004 Monsanto to help draft Argentina's GM seed legislation
20/10/2004 Pharms Take Root in South Africa - Wired News
19/10/2004 'Corngate' findings back my stance - Hager
19/10/2004 African Agriculture Ministers Step Up Opposition to GM Foods
19/10/2004 Monsanto facing another Schmeiser suit
18/10/2004 Bush suppresses GM crop warnings - Leaked report acknowledges genetic threat
18/10/2004 India urged to assess health, eco hazards of GM harvest
18/10/2004 India, China bank on GM
18/10/2004 Indian farmers protest over Bt seeds' poor yield
18/10/2004 Pope hints at thumbs-down for GM food
18/10/2004 Theft of Indigenous Knowledge
17/10/2004 'Follow the money' behind critics of organic foods
17/10/2004 Speech to FAO-WHO meeting on Food Safety
16/10/2004 Another GM 'solution' to a problem produced by intensive farming
16/10/2004 Rice at risk
16/10/2004 US declares war on Iraq's farmers
15/10/2004 Biotech multinationals worry Columbans on World Food Day
15/10/2004 GM protesters win three-year court battle
15/10/2004 Lula betrays Brazil - breaks promise on GMOs
15/10/2004 Media disinformers involved in UNESCO's media training workshops
15/10/2004 Monsanto's shares rise as Lula gives the go ahead
15/10/2004 Pope speaks up for biodiversity and against monopoly control
15/10/2004 World Food Day - Threat of GM rice looms
14/10/2004 Gaps in GM tests: scientist
14/10/2004 GM lobby money skips Marin
14/10/2004 More congratulations for Nobel Peace Prize winning GM opponent
14/10/2004 News from India/South Asia media workshop
14/10/2004 Russian Scientists Warn Putin of GM Food Threat
14/10/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 94
13/10/2004 Anti-GM hero's memorial service
13/10/2004 Brazil's Planting-Time Soy Quandary
13/10/2004 Harry Cline and the KKK / California State University biotech staff attack ban
13/10/2004 Special report on GM crisis in Italy
13/10/2004 WHO urges further research on GM
12/10/2004 Democratic State Convention passes GM critical resolution
12/10/2004 GM crops row splits Italian government
12/10/2004 Indian firms to offer Bt cotton seeds
12/10/2004 Protest Wambugu's appointment to UN Hunger Task Force
12/10/2004 Spin Walk / Fixed science TV debate / ESF genetics meets
11/10/2004 African countries to say no to GMOs
11/10/2004 GM foods debate captures student interest in California
11/10/2004 Majority uneasy about GM food in Canada
11/10/2004 Pusztai on "really stupid" antibiotic resistance article
11/10/2004 URGENT - Brazil to Announce GMO Position Any Time
10/10/2004 Did Bt cotton fail again?
10/10/2004 EU Farm Chief wants lowest contamination threshold
10/10/2004 Oz - Govt stands firm against GM cotton / Revealed: sites of GM canola crops
10/10/2004 Will India save the pharma industry from collapse?
10/10/2004 World consumer body launches GM campaign
9/10/2004 Goliath v. Schmeiser / RE: Monsanto Victory Plants Seed of Privatisation
9/10/2004 More on Kenyan environmentalist wins Peace Prize
8/10/2004 Argentina's torrid love affair with the soybean
8/10/2004 GMO threat to Poland - call for help
8/10/2004 Monsanto's royalty grab in Argentina
8/10/2004 Nobel prize for opponent of GM and patents on life
7/10/2004 Consumer rights activists demand inclusive policy on GM in India
7/10/2004 Dr Antoniou on "Research shows antibiotics in genetically modified plants are a non issue"
7/10/2004 If biotech and nanotech seemed to smack of hubris...
7/10/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 93
6/10/2004 Ban the growing of Monsanto's maize
6/10/2004 BASF tries to bully German Government
6/10/2004 Brazil moves closer to legalising biotech soy
6/10/2004 Monsanto Victory Plants Seed of Privatisation
6/10/2004 Muffy Koch says biotech rolling across Africa
6/10/2004 Prak the Rap makes The Guardian/Wash his mouth with lava soap!
6/10/2004 Syngenta subverts international eco-agriculrture conference in Africa
6/10/2004 US pushing GMOs into Bangladesh/Brazil latest
5/10/2004 Children still working in "horrendous conditions" for GM multinationals
5/10/2004 Critics slam Vatican-US promotion of GM foods
5/10/2004 GMOs Much Safer Than Organics Says Biosafety Chief
5/10/2004 New resource on GM for Asia-Pacific
5/10/2004 News blackout as GM fields decontaminated in France
5/10/2004 PR, Lies and the Biotech Industry - Networks of Influence
4/10/2004 Is Asia becoming a 'dustbin' for biotechnology?
4/10/2004 Monsanto's Indian wheat patent withdrawn in Europe
3/10/2004 Hoban responds to GM WATCH
3/10/2004 Myth and Necessity of GM Free Zones
3/10/2004 Planters take on Monsanto over seed fees -- and sometimes go to jail
2/10/2004 GM rice controversy boils over
2/10/2004 Golden rice set to be an upmarket health food, not food for the poor
2/10/2004 Heads up for major GM rice PR offensive
2/10/2004 Industry's ABC and CropGen run by same PR flaks
1/10/2004 Battle Over Biotechnology in Rome
1/10/2004 The farmer who killed Lula's enthusiasm for reform
1/10/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 92 - and monthly review
1/10/2004 Why is Royal Society hosting pro-eugenics conference?