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31/10/2005 GM chickens to beat bird flu
31/10/2005 GM maize rejected by hungry / Pusztai lecture in India
31/10/2005 GM-for-Africa project "homegrown in Des Moines, Iowa
31/10/2005 Homegrown initiatives empowering African farmers
31/10/2005 Jeffrey Smith article on Russian rat study
30/10/2005 Geneticist warns and challenges students
28/10/2005 Farmers concerned over terminator patent
28/10/2005 GE companies accused of contaminating seed / Oz deal sells out farmers
28/10/2005 Lessons for Africa in India's Bt cotton failure
28/10/2005 Praise for GM maize ban
28/10/2005 Standing up to partisan biotech industry interests in SA
27/10/2005 Ag minister wants quarantine laws tightened
27/10/2005 Bt cotton problems / Patents and biopiracy
27/10/2005 NZ public want zero tolerance of GM contamination
27/10/2005 Oz ministers bow to biotech bandits
27/10/2005 Prove U.S. maize isn't modified strain: EU / Resistant pigweed plagues central Georgia cotton
27/10/2005 Response from Panos on its work on GM in Africa
27/10/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 148
26/10/2005 Biosafety in India / Bt hype in India
26/10/2005 Biotech industry slams EU Council GMO ruling
26/10/2005 Bt cotton hit by more problems in Madhya Pradesh
26/10/2005 Indigenous territories declared GM-free
26/10/2005 Monsanto's corporate engineering in public debate
26/10/2005 Transgenic DNA in tissues of animals fed Bt maize
25/10/2005 Abnormally high death rate in progeny of rats fed GM soy, says Russian study
25/10/2005 Biotech firms promote biotech myths in India - report
25/10/2005 Chapela drops lawsuit but fights on / Monsanto scientists party
25/10/2005 Corporates gain control over nature's seeds as the Terminator patent is granted
25/10/2005 GM landmine detecting / Russian study data / Cry fragments found in animals' blood, liver, spleen
25/10/2005 Japanese consumers warn Australia over contaminated canola
25/10/2005 South Africa halts GM imports
24/10/2005 EU ministers clash over Monsanto GM maize
24/10/2005 Indian farmers' leader says GM crops "anti-farmer"
24/10/2005 Smoke, mirrors and Gordon Conway
22/10/2005 Kenyan group threatens court action over GMOs
22/10/2005 Swiss likely to approve GM moratorium
21/10/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 147
20/10/2005 "India may okay GMO mustard, rice in 2 years"
20/10/2005 'This is right out of Hitler's handbook'
19/10/2005 Amended South African GMO law doesn't go far enough
19/10/2005 China "more cautious" on GM rice
19/10/2005 Rejection of GE Food Spreads in Eastern Europe
18/10/2005 Afriica seen accepting GMOs says Wambugu
18/10/2005 Ban Terminator seeds - join the global campaign
18/10/2005 Call for GM contamination tribunal
18/10/2005 Cambodia targets organic / Pesticide-free village
18/10/2005 Reclaiming Commons / One-fifth of human genes patented
18/10/2005 The Unremembered Village
17/10/2005 International GM Opposition Day
17/10/2005 Scepticism over Chinese GM rice claims / Bangladeshi farmers banish insecticides
17/10/2005 South African exporters to certify maize GM-free
16/10/2005 Expert views from different Asian countries on GM rice
16/10/2005 Sustainable farming can feed the world
16/10/2005 Trouble on the farm - the first 9 years
15/10/2005 Contract harvesters unhappy / GM canola contamination disaster
15/10/2005 EU will not accept tolerance levels
14/10/2005 Asians Call for Ban on GE Rice
14/10/2005 G8 summit police lied
14/10/2005 Great article - Crop ABARE-ations
14/10/2005 Panos gets African journalists to pledge "more balance"
13/10/2005 African Food for Africa's Starving Is Roadblocked in Congress
13/10/2005 Article of the Week - Whither biosafety?
13/10/2005 GM vultures feed off Africa
13/10/2005 Judge Delays Decision on GM-Fed Milk Trial
13/10/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 146
12/10/2005 GMOs cut greenhouse gas emissions, says new report
12/10/2005 LMer on 'The GM Food Debate: Who Won the Argument?'
11/10/2005 Biotech's deceptive fiction
11/10/2005 Court Orders Public Oversight of 'Biopharm' Experiment in Hawaii
11/10/2005 From frozen Alaska to the lab: a virus 39,000 times more virulent than flu
11/10/2005 Nightmare weed now in Tennessee
11/10/2005 WTO Ruling On EU GMO Laws Delayed
11/10/2005 Zimbabwe, Zambia Stance On GMO Food Hailed
10/10/2005 Clarify GM issue or lose premium markets
10/10/2005 Farmers blamed for "misuse of gene-altered crops"
10/10/2005 GMOs out of control - Ex-Monsanto director speaks out in Romania
9/10/2005 GM crop 'ruins fields for 15 years'
8/10/2005 MONTHLY REVIEW - No. 25
8/10/2005 New EPA Research Head Comes With Tight Corporate Ties
7/10/2005 5 Face Trial over GM-Fed Milk: Children could be at risk
7/10/2005 What's the true story about GM cotton in SA?
6/10/2005 EFSA challenged / New report on EFSA
6/10/2005 First Australian farmer falls prey to GM contamination
6/10/2005 Mandelson "taking orders from Americans" / Who is really running the country?
6/10/2005 Monsanto's year-end hides potential problems
6/10/2005 Re: Prof Rine's stolen laptop
6/10/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 145
5/10/2005 European Court overrules ban on GM crops
5/10/2005 GMO fight may hit record spending / Monsanto's third-party PR
5/10/2005 Protest is criminalised - Six appeal
5/10/2005 South Asian groups denounce GMOs / New food sovereignty report
4/10/2005 GM crops for Africa? No Thanks!
4/10/2005 GM Seed Producers Suffer Severe Losses
4/10/2005 Job at Monsanto - Human Rights Manager
4/10/2005 Smith responds to Avery - Modified food threatens SA
3/10/2005 Glyphosate resistance spreads with use of Roundup Ready crops
3/10/2005 Nobel for stomach ulcer discovery raises questions
3/10/2005 Roundup Ready Sudden Death, Superweeds, Allergens…
2/10/2005 OK expected for sale of beef from cloned cows,
1/10/2005 Fake Bt and legal Bt equally risky / Rice in a private grip
1/10/2005 International organizations criticize Lula's surrender to Monsanto
1/10/2005 Prof Rine's stolen laptop
1/10/2005 Verdict - guilty, but appealing