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31/10/2006 GMO traces pressure Spain's organic maize farmers
31/10/2006 India warned over GM rice crops - BBC / Indian Supreme Court bans GM crop trials - SciDev.Net
31/10/2006 India's rice industry warns against GE trials - Reuters / Thailand reaffirms all its rice GM free
31/10/2006 KFC jumps out of trans fats into transgenics?
31/10/2006 Misleading GM rice claim by EuropaBio
31/10/2006 Seed firms bolster crops without GM - Wall St Journal
30/10/2006 Bedfellows at the Biosecurity Board
30/10/2006 Bilateral safety bullies - new briefing
30/10/2006 DEFRA's "flawed" GM crop proposals
30/10/2006 Farmers' leader and 100 others charged / Protect rice imports from contamination - industry
30/10/2006 GM Basmati could spell death knell for the industry / BKU torches GM rice test field in Karnal
29/10/2006 BKU destroys GM rice trial in India
29/10/2006 Mexico Shuts the Door on GM Maize
29/10/2006 New GMO-free zones in Ireland and Italy
29/10/2006 No go ahead for GM rice in Iran
29/10/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 197
28/10/2006 GM crops too cumbersome for hiking rice yield
28/10/2006 Update on Greek farmers asking your support
28/10/2006 Why glyphosate resistance is so important
27/10/2006 AgBioView's world of gammon and spinach collapses
27/10/2006 Agricultural hi-tech won't work
27/10/2006 GM firms' wine industry attempt deflated
27/10/2006 GM rice legal challenge issued against Food Standards Agency
26/10/2006 Greenpeace files suit to end open-field trials (Thailand)
26/10/2006 Keep birthplace of potato GM-free
26/10/2006 Mahyco violates GM trial conditions yet again
26/10/2006 This crop revolution may succeed where GM failed
26/10/2006 U.S. Holy See Embassy wades into GM crops debate
25/10/2006 AgBioView - Can you f@#$!*g believe that?
25/10/2006 Hungry for change / NEW REPORT: Farmers' Views on the Future of Food and Small Scale Producers
25/10/2006 Ian Gibson turns glove puppet again
25/10/2006 Romania Harvests Trouble with its GM Crops
24/10/2006 "Elitism about biotech keeps food from hungry" - Prakash
24/10/2006 How Regulators Tried to Sidestep the Law
24/10/2006 Mike Johanns - USDA targetting India, Iraq and Africa
23/10/2006 EU to test all US rice imports / US says rice trade can't continue
23/10/2006 GM grapes earn wrath of growers
23/10/2006 GM-risk food imports must be tested
23/10/2006 Public is against cloned food
23/10/2006 Urgent: Greek farmers asking for your support!
22/10/2006 Biowatch get court date to appeal Monsanto costs order
22/10/2006 Campaign launched against GM cotton in Northern Australia
22/10/2006 ICRISAT's GM peanut enriched with hype
22/10/2006 Thais reap windfall from GM rice ban
21/10/2006 Bt cotton: boon or bane?
21/10/2006 NEW Report Critical of Gates/Rockefeller "Green Revolution for Africa" / DuPont and CIMMYT
21/10/2006 Pigweed not only threat of glyphosate resistance
20/10/2006 Big demo against biotech conference in Greece
20/10/2006 Conflict of interest at Irish Times
20/10/2006 Full paper for 'Can the Poor Help GM Crops?'/Re: conflict of interest at Irish Times
20/10/2006 Govt accused of introducing GM through back door
20/10/2006 Re: Can the Poor Help GM Crops? / Re: Conflict of interest at Irish Times
20/10/2006 Three out of four Italians see GMOs as health threat
20/10/2006 US rice exporters face new costs - Financial Times
19/10/2006 Another illegal GE rice from Bayer contaminates EU food supplies
19/10/2006 Bayer agrees to $18 million settlement in price-fixing case
19/10/2006 GM rice latest - EU and Philippines
19/10/2006 Have GMOs Infiltrated Southern Africa?
19/10/2006 Industry PR tactics for defeating local ballots
19/10/2006 Mexico rejects biotech corn planting
18/10/2006 ACRE's complacency over GM potato trials exposed
18/10/2006 Mexico to set up GMO rules within two weeks / Brazil commission to discuss new biotech corn, cotton types
18/10/2006 Supreme Court raises questions on GM regulatory regime
18/10/2006 The Truth Behind GM Cotton in the Makhathini Flats
17/10/2006 Comment on BASF's GM spuds
17/10/2006 FDA is set to approve milk, meat from clones
17/10/2006 GM rice contamination latest / Website documents incidents
17/10/2006 Golden Rice trials "soon" in India
17/10/2006 Monsanto vice president joins the Gates Foundation
16/10/2006 EU set to decide on compulsory tests for GMO rice
16/10/2006 Hunger Due to Injustice, Not Lack of Food
16/10/2006 South Africa's wine industry threatened by GM grapevine trials
14/10/2006 Government plans for controls on GM crops like putting 'Dracula in charge of the blood bank'
14/10/2006 New website on GM in India / Bhaskar Save's Open Letter 3
14/10/2006 UN Climate Conference - An Opportunity for GM?
13/10/2006 Australian State Ag minister slams GM call
13/10/2006 Biotech instils fear and loathing in California rice belt
13/10/2006 Island of GM-free prosperity in farmer suicide heartland
13/10/2006 Leading Indian GM regulator on panel funded by biotech majors
13/10/2006 Let's Force-Feed Activists Some Social Responsibility
13/10/2006 News of Supreme Court hearing on GMOs today
13/10/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 196
12/10/2006 Cat Cloning Company Closes
12/10/2006 The most GE-free country worldwide?
11/10/2006 Comments on Bayer's petition for deregulation of LL601
11/10/2006 GM rice "perfectly safe" claims IRRI man
11/10/2006 Indian village goes GM-free
11/10/2006 Monsanto sees 56% drop in sales of GM traits and soy seeds
10/10/2006 "Goodbye and good riddance" to Monsanto's rBGH - New Hampshire Ag Commissioner
10/10/2006 Contaminated U.S. rice in Middle East
9/10/2006 Bt cotton causing massive financial losses in Andhra Pradesh
9/10/2006 India must balance GM fears with food security - PM
9/10/2006 University cuts off funding after failing to silence agriculture professor
8/10/2006 Can the poor help GM crops? Important new study
8/10/2006 Gardeners and beekeepers airbrushed in GM proposals
8/10/2006 Japan overwhelmingly anti-GM but labelling laws lax
8/10/2006 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 37 - Dutch translation of Monthly Review No. 37
8/10/2006 Monsanto accounts probe ordered in India / Beginning of the end for rbST
7/10/2006 Has the Bt cotton bubble burst?
7/10/2006 Non-GM drought-tolerant canola helps expose lobbyists' lies
7/10/2006 Sowing seeds of ignorance/Checking suicides
7/10/2006 Stores told to remove GM rice from shelves / More GM rice news
7/10/2006 Vermont Ag secretary backs GM milk hormone ban
4/10/2006 India's regulatory structure "scandalously lax"
4/10/2006 Monsanto clothes GM cotton in PR success
4/10/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 195
3/10/2006 GM potatoes - facts and fictions
3/10/2006 India should resist US-backed WTO pressure
3/10/2006 Russia: US rice imports suspended over GMOs / GM crop protests on three continents
2/10/2006 Engineering crops, distorting trade / Patently unfair - Devinder Sharma
2/10/2006 GM Crops Saving Farm Economy from Drought???
2/10/2006 Important TV documentary - Aliens in the Field
1/10/2006 GM lobbyists' lies over Zambia exposed yet again
1/10/2006 India's ag minister unleashes the corporations, ignores their victims