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30/11/2001 Biotech industry "a bunch of crooks and shysters" - MP / Nature paper
30/11/2001 Consultation on Emergency Amendment of the Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2000
30/11/2001 FoE urges Aventis prosecution
30/11/2001 US expert behind anthrax attacks? / GM and bioweapons
29/11/2001 "IRRI has betrayed us"
29/11/2001 90% of cloned lambs are dying soon after birth
29/11/2001 Drugs giant drops Monsanto
29/11/2001 Expert warns US agribiz, "Customer is king"
29/11/2001 Genetic diversity at stake / UC Berkeley finds GE DNA in native Mexican corn
29/11/2001 Medicalising the food supply
28/11/2001 Govt's record on GM fails to protect the environment and consumer choice
28/11/2001 More GE for the kids - New industry activity book!
28/11/2001 PR for the Book of Life: Article from The Nation
28/11/2001 Royal Society panel sceptical about future safety and transparency of biotech research in Canada
28/11/2001 The potential of organic and biotechnology cropping methods to feed the world
27/11/2001 Cloning for profit and propaganda / New Fast Track alert
26/11/2001 Canada warns that modified crops can spread further than thought
26/11/2001 Cloned human embryo sparks ethics debate
26/11/2001 India unable to handle GM onslaught, critics say
25/11/2001 Dirty tricks campaign to discredit pharma critic / Etc.
25/11/2001 Forestry group abandons GM trial
25/11/2001 Health Canada attacks criticisms of expert panel
24/11/2001 Biotechnology venture hits unexpected snags
24/11/2001 GE nightmare in the South - Philippines, India
24/11/2001 Urgent action alerts - Say no to Fast Track and cloning
23/11/2001 Biological control for Chinese rice
23/11/2001 Consultation on proposal to make an emergency amendment to the Genetically Modified Organisms (contained use) Regulations 2000
23/11/2001 Monsanto cases / Store GM Ban / Delhi acts
23/11/2001 World food issue hampered by GM
22/11/2001 Enhancing Corporate Monopoly and Bioserfdom in the 21st Century: New Enclosures
22/11/2001 Hundreds of millions a year spent by Canada propping up GE industry
22/11/2001 More on the new Media Centre: Blair's Ministry of Truth?
22/11/2001 New Benbrook paper: Do GM crops mean less pesticide use?
21/11/2001 Chinese buy non-GMO / Japan sees 37 percent drop in US spud sales, etc
21/11/2001 Confronting the giant - Global GM technology and the small farmer
21/11/2001 Greenfield pushes new Media Centre
21/11/2001 Monsanto's franc was just
21/11/2001 Philippines: Catholic Church fights GM crop
19/11/2001 "Organic has to be free from any trace of GM" - Fischler
19/11/2001 Hereford GM trial: Not guilty!
17/11/2001 WTO: We take over
16/11/2001 "Perfect pig" breeders face charges
16/11/2001 The brownlash rides again
15/11/2001 Companies ditch genetically modified products
15/11/2001 Human cloning ruling / Human genetics alert
15/11/2001 PR dirty tricks over Monsanto drug / NZ city goes GE-free
15/11/2001 Stop US biowarfare at LANL! A new R.O.O.F. for the Bioweapons Convention
14/11/2001 Grocery chain Trader Joe's drops gene-altered food: shift away from GE food goes mainstream with company announcement
14/11/2001 Statement from Catholic bishops in South Africa on GMOs
13/11/2001 Biotech groups despair at EU attitudes / Dispatch from Doha
13/11/2001 Pharmacia wants rid of Monsanto, etc
13/11/2001 Trade bullies & Invasion of the superweeds
12/11/2001 GM crop protests in the UK
12/11/2001 Impartial biotech advice?
12/11/2001 North Dakota farmer takes biotech crop fight to WTO
12/11/2001 Prof Vivian Moses in Ireland
12/11/2001 Tobacco firm to profit from cancer genes
11/11/2001 Patenting and bioprospecting
9/11/2001 More on illicit Bt cotton
8/11/2001 "Naive" biologists warned to exercise greater vigilance
8/11/2001 Biodemocracy News #36: Food fight in a time of crisis
8/11/2001 Illegal Bt cotton in Gujarat, India
7/11/2001 The real CSIRO kid: More on biotech and porn
7/11/2001 WTO, Veneman and US-led genocide
6/11/2001 Industry sponsors "sound science"
6/11/2001 Trewavas / India / Brazil / China / Bioweapons
5/11/2001 Bt cotton fiasco
4/11/2001 Biotechnology and pornography
4/11/2001 Flax growers reject McHughen's GM proposal
3/11/2001 US foodborne illnesses up two- to tenfold
2/11/2001 Approval of GMO trials fuels Maori backlash
2/11/2001 March for trade justice
1/11/2001 A letter to the minister / CS Prakash and corporate propaganda
1/11/2001 Biotechnology and food: Voices from a Southern perspective
1/11/2001 GE cotton in India and Indonesia
1/11/2001 Maori take action / GE civil disobedience campaign launched in NZ