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30/11/2003 Defra embraces the new eugenics
30/11/2003 The pulse of Scientific Freedom - webcast to the world
28/11/2003 Bishop urges GM probe and pleads to Christians to save Earth
28/11/2003 GM not feeding the hungry even in America
28/11/2003 Monsanto offers false promises in Asia
28/11/2003 Tanzanian parliament blocks government on GM seeds
28/11/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 49
27/11/2003 Science in Society 20, Autumn/Winter 2003
26/11/2003 Church's social teaching and the ethics of GMOs
26/11/2003 GM opponents should stand trial - golden rice inventor
26/11/2003 Lord May's claims refuted
26/11/2003 Report warns of risks posed by GM crops
25/11/2003 GM advisors fail to answer the ultimate GM riddle
25/11/2003 GM Crops Now Increasing Pesticide Use in the United States
25/11/2003 GM warriors have killed the debate
25/11/2003 Government’s GM advisor calls for new contamination and liability laws
24/11/2003 "Agriscience Bus" Takes Teachers For a Ride
21/11/2003 Brazil's Environmentalists Crying Foul
21/11/2003 Monsanto GM soy safety assessment flawed, researcher says
21/11/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 48
20/11/2003 Africa & GM crops: A continent divided
20/11/2003 America's Thought Control from Corporate Funded 'Think Tanks'
20/11/2003 German churches argue against the use of GM plants in food and agriculture
20/11/2003 Government face GM debate criticism
19/11/2003 Lula betrays but in Paraná, led by a supporter of Lula, resistance thrives/how to contact Brazil's congress
19/11/2003 Northern Californian ballot on banning GMOs/Company Euthanizes GM goats
19/11/2003 US and UN target Greenpeace
18/11/2003 Soil Association on the GM crops trials (FSEs) - Evidence
18/11/2003 When crops burn, the truth goes up in smoke
17/11/2003 "Dismal" GM potato a decade away
17/11/2003 Monsanto promotes banned crops to poor Thai farmers
16/11/2003 Church's social teaching and the ethics of GMOs
16/11/2003 Genetically Modified Crops in Africa; hope, hype and hubris
14/11/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 47
13/11/2003 Bayer target of noisy protest / Groups sue USDA
13/11/2003 Bayer under pressure - posts 3rd-quarter net loss of 8M
13/11/2003 Cabinet papers warn Canada off GM crops
13/11/2003 Devinder Sharma in US, warns about GM and food security
13/11/2003 Vatican accused of skewing conference on food production
11/11/2003 "Cynical & Dishonest Science" in GM Maize Trials
11/11/2003 African Farmers Need Water, Not GM Crops - FAO Head
11/11/2003 African priests criticise Vatican GMO conference
11/11/2003 Europe blocks genetically modified sweetcorn
11/11/2003 New research and publications on biotech policy and developing countries
11/11/2003 UK to fight European embargo on GM corn/GM Crops Harm Wildlife - summary/English Nature threatened in revenge for GM crops stance
11/11/2003 Vatican Ends Biotech Foods Fest
11/11/2003 Vatican looks to GM food as panacea for hungry and burgeoning global population
8/11/2003 Trewavas claims intimidation by NGIN and others
7/11/2003 Sense About Science organised the 114 letter to Blair
7/11/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 46
6/11/2003 GM crop breaks fence / What scientists get up to in Australia
6/11/2003 GM pine trees in disease probe
6/11/2003 Stop Gates / Indian government agency to investigate GM cotton failure
6/11/2003 Stop GM Contamination in Mexico -- Please SIGN
5/11/2003 Austria to appeal against rejection of GM ban
4/11/2003 600 scientists respond to 114 biotech lobbyists
4/11/2003 Court order against Bt cotton in Colombia
3/11/2003 Burke & co. in Mendel's garden - Letter to the Guardian
3/11/2003 GM Industry and Science - Busy exploiting hunger
2/11/2003 Monsanto says it will stop its child labour abuses in India
1/11/2003 Cloned meat a step nearer US menus
1/11/2003 GM wheat could cut exports in half - report/school kids against GM wheat
1/11/2003 Scientists complain GM debate was mishandled