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30/11/2004 Campaigners dismiss 'safe GM' report
30/11/2004 Differences in gene usage can have a dramatically different effect
30/11/2004 Dupont-Syngenta GM corn suit settled
30/11/2004 Fierce opposition to GM in Japan from consumers and farmers
30/11/2004 Important new article on GM in India
30/11/2004 Profile of GM food safety chief
30/11/2004 Syngenta flees Europe altogether!
29/11/2004 Europe votes to keep GM crop bans
29/11/2004 New report says field management 'key for GM'
29/11/2004 South Africa told its delegates to oppose IUCN on GMOs
28/11/2004 Critique of the Pontifical Academy's "Study-Document on the Use of Genetically Modified Plants to Combat Hunger in the World"
28/11/2004 EU's Food Safety Authority accused of industry bias
28/11/2004 Europe's conflicted out advisors - excerpts from "Throwing Caution to the Wind"
28/11/2004 Open Letter to the Holy See requesting that it does not support genetically engineered food
27/11/2004 Feeding the World or the Corporations?
27/11/2004 Genetic theories have as much to do with culture as science
27/11/2004 Is coexistence possible in India?
27/11/2004 Pro-GM scientist's fantasy hour in Oz
26/11/2004 New German law passed! Will help to keep Europe GMO-free
26/11/2004 The Green Revolution and Genetic Engineering
26/11/2004 The honesty of science is being compromised at every turn
25/11/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 100
24/11/2004 Bayer out of everywhere/FSA's web of deceit
24/11/2004 Farmers and seed companies can be liable for GM contamination, legal scholars argue
24/11/2004 German GM study exposes Monsanto paradox
24/11/2004 IUCN's own press release on global moratorium/Tibet Justice Center on GMOs
24/11/2004 New report: After GM Food here comes Nano Food!
24/11/2004 Scientists worried about push for GM rice in China
23/11/2004 GMOs release blocked at World Conservation Congress
23/11/2004 more on IUCN moratorium on GMOs
23/11/2004 The full spec on World Conservation Union's call for a GM moratorium
23/11/2004 US Government Projects Farm Exports to Drop
23/11/2004 US to legalise biotech contamination
22/11/2004 Reject political parties that back GMOs and US trade agreements, Thais told
21/11/2004 GM firms final surrender in Britain
21/11/2004 Oz trials a failure and risk contamination
20/11/2004 Catholic Institute for International Relations responds to attack by Raven
20/11/2004 Contamination spreading around Japanese ports / massive industry setback in the US
19/11/2004 Monsanto backing testing pesticides on poor children
19/11/2004 NAFTA warning relevant to Bangladesh and other countries facing US pressure
19/11/2004 No. 10 in GM-list porn shocker
19/11/2004 Ventria flees California - Maryville, Missouri targeted for bio-pharming
18/11/2004 Business as usual in Bush's second term
18/11/2004 Consumer resistance remains strong in Europe and Asia
18/11/2004 Response to Derek Burke and others from Andy Stirling and Sue Mayer
18/11/2004 US City Adopts anti-GMO Ordinance / Californians for GE-free Agriculture
18/11/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 99
17/11/2004 LM WATCHING... monitoring the Furediites
17/11/2004 Monsanto after farmer-friendly local fronts via seed industry consolidation
16/11/2004 "GM free" powerful marketing tool in Russia / Report from Croatia
16/11/2004 Bayer drops GM seeds in UK / GM spud appeal from Scotland
16/11/2004 GM crop safety tests 'flawed', new scientific paper shows
16/11/2004 Monsanto buying seed companies again
16/11/2004 Pusztai on GM food safety, MON 863 corn and biotech PR
16/11/2004 Veneman goes, Monsanto et al stay
15/11/2004 Bayer pulls out of genetic engineering research in India; Admits to Greenpeace the future is in conventional breeding
15/11/2004 US maize 'threat' to Mexico farms - BBC
13/11/2004 Japan's largest food-producing region to ban GM crops
13/11/2004 Monsanto official taken hostage by Indian cotton farmers
13/11/2004 Syngenta abandons GM field trials in Germany
12/11/2004 Special report from Italy - tough coexistence bill passed despite Berlusconi and GM lobby
11/11/2004 Global Ban on GM trees sought
11/11/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 98
10/11/2004 Canada's 1st GM free zone honoured / Bean detectives visit Nebraskan
10/11/2004 First US-Africa Agribusiness Conference pushes GMOs
10/11/2004 Italy's Leading Bullshitologist Steps Into GMO Debate
10/11/2004 Mexicans have the right to make up their own minds about GM crops
10/11/2004 Monsanto goes after peer reviewers / Monsanto sued by Agent Orange victims
9/11/2004 American resistance keeps on growing - Chapela debate report
9/11/2004 It not only destroys forests and small farmers - it can also be bad for your health
8/11/2004 'Mom killers' and convents - non GM iron-enriched rice
8/11/2004 Confusion reigns on GM front in India
8/11/2004 Spin of the week: "GMOs safe for environment, human use, study says"
7/11/2004 Lies and smears from GM lobby in organic/pesto attack
7/11/2004 Row over drugs in crops continues
6/11/2004 Declining consumer confidence for GM in US/Consumers not happy about GM cotton seed oil
6/11/2004 Farmers fight back in GM debate
6/11/2004 Monsanto - continued losses, depressed earnings, and a troubled horizon
6/11/2004 Monsanto - continued losses, depressed earnings, and a troubled horizon
5/11/2004 Africa can't afford to miss out on GM food, says who?
5/11/2004 No end to woes of Bt cotton farmers in India
4/11/2004 Beware the New Biotech Eurovision
4/11/2004 Conko on California counties' vote - "Biotech tide turns"
4/11/2004 Protests today against GM Rice in Tokyo, Japan
4/11/2004 Stop the EU backing down on GM under WTO pressure
4/11/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 97 - and monthly review
3/11/2004 Biotech must go down South or down and out/Monsanto-US active in Thailand
3/11/2004 Interview with GM Watch
3/11/2004 Malaysia's biotech policy being shaped by US institutions
3/11/2004 Mexican Activists Take Aim at CGIAR
3/11/2004 Tasmanian moratorium on GM crops extended/Secret Trials in GM-Free Australia
3/11/2004 Winner of 2004 Election is **Mon$anto**/Marin Approves Ban/Reverend Billy
2/11/2004 Critical of GM foods? Watch out!
2/11/2004 Mystery Solved of the Coca Plant That Wouldn't Die
2/11/2004 Nestle loses GM food fight in Russia
2/11/2004 Vermont says labels will be required on GM seeds
1/11/2004 Keep away, Anjammas tell GM pushers
1/11/2004 The biotechnology trap