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30/11/2006 Key wildlife species and habitats excluded from proposed GM environmental liability laws
30/11/2006 No impunity granted to killers of Silvino
30/11/2006 Non-GM success claimed as GM success story!
30/11/2006 Resistant weeds more burden to growers' pocketbooks
30/11/2006 Russia welcomes U.S. participation in the creation of its biosafety regulations
29/11/2006 Call for constant vigil against GM rice trials / Farm suicides due to Monsanto's Bt cotton
29/11/2006 DDT-promoting GM promoters
29/11/2006 Non-GM approach beats GM in producing flood tolerant rice
29/11/2006 Top rice exporters say no to genetically engineered rice
29/11/2006 US approves GM rice but trade still fettered
28/11/2006 BBC - Hungary "severely restricts" GM crops / EU to debate approving first "live" GMO in 8 years
28/11/2006 Canada Canola Still Banned From Europe Despite WTO
28/11/2006 Formal complaints lodged against Monsanto-Mahyco for field trial violations
28/11/2006 GM Soya Fed Rats: Stunted, Dead, or Sterile
28/11/2006 Suicide: The New Harvest of GM Cotton - full text
27/11/2006 As millions starve, alarmists block famine solutions
27/11/2006 Burkina Faso's GM cotton causes concern
27/11/2006 Hungary Set To Pass "Strictest" GMO Crop Law
26/11/2006 Monsanto man - "Scientist to humanitarian"
25/11/2006 Biggest Russian food and feed importers adopt GE free policy
25/11/2006 Chhattisgarh Govt crushes GM rice trials
25/11/2006 Contaminated rice must be withdrawn from Africa
25/11/2006 Marker assisted selection produces high nutrient wheat
25/11/2006 New Bt cotton disaster in Maharashtra
24/11/2006 Asbestos - a real asset in the home
24/11/2006 Contaminated rice dumped in Africa
24/11/2006 GM field trials face the ire of state government
24/11/2006 Outside South Africa, Southern African Nations Eschew GMO Crops
24/11/2006 Something for the weekend - Happy Thanksgiving
24/11/2006 USDA "deregulates" disputed GMO rice
23/11/2006 EU refuses to fight WTO ruling
23/11/2006 Golden Rice still at development stage
23/11/2006 Judge gives go-ahead to FSA High Court challenge
23/11/2006 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 38 - Dutch translation of Monthly Review No. 38
23/11/2006 Major new development in case before Supreme Court
23/11/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 201
23/11/2006 World's biggest rice exporters to ban use of GM rice / India set to become world's biggest organic cotton producer
22/11/2006 Burn and turn - GM crops may never be the same
22/11/2006 Firm Blames Farmers, "Act of God" for Rice Contamination
22/11/2006 Scottish Executive shelves GM crops proposals until after election
21/11/2006 "Let them eat GM cottonseed!"
21/11/2006 Crops on trial in India / Candlelit vigils across the country
21/11/2006 Global pesticide lobby behind GM opposition in India - claim
21/11/2006 Kofi Annan warns of risks of biotech
21/11/2006 Watch out: gap in the law! Join the million signature protest
20/11/2006 Alex Avery's "Truth About Organic Foods" book now available
20/11/2006 Environmental disaster in the making
19/11/2006 "Public Should Be Paid" For Challenging Misleading Scientists
19/11/2006 After killer cotton, killer brinjal?
19/11/2006 We're drinking what? US consumers dump BST milk
18/11/2006 EU drags heels on biotech food, U.S. lawmakers say
18/11/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 200
17/11/2006 Brazil - GM soy increases herbicides / Argentina - "Stop the Spraying!"
17/11/2006 Farmers' association declares war on GE crops
17/11/2006 Genetic engineering no magic bullet for Africa's hunger
17/11/2006 Government has "open mind" on GM crops: Minister
17/11/2006 More NCFAP hyping of GMOs
17/11/2006 Protecting rice - Suman Sahai
17/11/2006 South Australia extends GM ban / Ban planned in Philippines province
16/11/2006 BJP dsemands destruction of GM trials / Farmers want trials stopped
16/11/2006 Candlelight Vigil on Farmers' Suicides
16/11/2006 Groups seek ban on engineered trees
16/11/2006 Monsanto-Solutia liabilities dance continues
16/11/2006 Pushing GM in Africa - the African Agricultural Technology Foundation
16/11/2006 Support a GM-free Ecuador
15/11/2006 Biotechnology in Puerto Rico: Myths and Hazards
15/11/2006 Bondholders of Solutia want to go after Monsanto
15/11/2006 Farmers' body opposes GE seeds
15/11/2006 Leading scientists shield ties to industry in published papers
15/11/2006 New report on alternatives to GM rice
14/11/2006 Bayer honours war criminal
14/11/2006 BJP against GM crops - agitation threatened in Tamil Nadu
14/11/2006 Bt cotton bubble set to burst: Experts
14/11/2006 Cargo ship boarded in GM protest in Russia
14/11/2006 GMOs - "overregulated and underappreciated"!
14/11/2006 Re: Rice farmers biggest losers over altered rice
13/11/2006 Brazil bans GMOs in indigenous territories - link to Spanish text
13/11/2006 NGOs warn Africa on the dangers of biofuels and genetic engineering in the fight against Climate Change
13/11/2006 Organic Bolivia to outlaw GM crops - BBC programme
12/11/2006 Irina Ermakova appointed Vice President of Russian National Genetic Safety Association
12/11/2006 Re: NZ researchers not telling the truth about Bt crops
12/11/2006 Terminator in India - trials may hit roadblock
11/11/2006 African scientist: GM crops not good for developing countries
11/11/2006 Biowatch responds to grape triallists / Take action!
11/11/2006 Tamil Nadu farmers protest GM rice
10/11/2006 Another GM rice trial destroyed in India
10/11/2006 Genetic Engineering and Omitted Health Research
10/11/2006 Lord Sainsbury quits!
10/11/2006 Monsanto Stands Firm on GM Maize in Mexico / Lies about bribery scandal
10/11/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 199
9/11/2006 Andhra Pradesh government seeks say in field trials, stops Monsanto selling Bollgard-II
9/11/2006 NZ researchers not telling the truth about Bt crops
9/11/2006 Pusztai on new GM potato study
9/11/2006 Terminator-style field trials in India, court told
8/11/2006 Biosafety breakdown in India/ Schmeiser tours California
8/11/2006 Blair's legacy - the degradation of science
8/11/2006 Blair's science fiction / Developing GM almost bottom of UK farmers' wish-list
8/11/2006 New moratorium sought in India on GM crops / New regulatory body likely
8/11/2006 Rumsfeld - war criminal, Monsanto man, racketeer?
8/11/2006 Uganda: Vitamin A-fortified (non-GM) potato to combat blindness
7/11/2006 Indian biotech industry up against the wall
7/11/2006 Why Nature Biotechnology's "Truth" Is A Dodgy Option
6/11/2006 Biotech Rice Saga Yields Bushel of Questions for Feds - Washington Post
6/11/2006 Coexistence fatally flawed / South Africa's largest dairy GM-free
6/11/2006 Farmers' union stops impending contamination from another GM rice plot
6/11/2006 India's regulators admit gap in system
6/11/2006 Response to "US Holy See embassy wades into GM crops debate"
6/11/2006 The future of GM crops is in economics
5/11/2006 Activists leave occupied Syngenta GMO farm in Brazil
5/11/2006 Monsanto acquisition could lock up cotton market
5/11/2006 Rice farmers biggest losers over altered rice, exec says
5/11/2006 Violent attack on French GM protesters
4/11/2006 Blair attacks "irrational arguments" on GM food
3/11/2006 Analysis of Oregon biopharm committee recommendations
3/11/2006 Bayer tries to block Greenpeace website
3/11/2006 Bhaskar Save to prime minister of India on farmer suicides
3/11/2006 Indian govt asks Supreme Court to lift ban on GM seed trials
3/11/2006 Mideast urged to block import of GM rice / Exporters flash GM rice alert
3/11/2006 Milk without Monsanto's hormones headed toward St Louis
3/11/2006 Urgent - re: Genetic engineering and omitted health research
2/11/2006 FAO shows interest in exploring potential of organic for food security
2/11/2006 Genetic engineering and omitted health research: still no answers
2/11/2006 Genetic Engineering and Omitted Health Research: Still No Answers to Ageing Questions
2/11/2006 New controls needed to maintain independence of science - New research
2/11/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 198
1/11/2006 GM bananas can wait
1/11/2006 Independent Expert Committee on Bt brinjal finalizes report - "DBT guidelines not followed"
1/11/2006 KFC - Out of the fat, not the fire
1/11/2006 News Roundup from Biowatch South Africa
1/11/2006 Oregon biopharming panel sees way to protect health, advance work
1/11/2006 Running on hype - The real scoop on biofuels / Action Alert
1/11/2006 Tight security for GM-crop tests in NZ