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31/12/2000 "Humanitarian" GM corn: U.S. Withdraws Genetically Engineered Corn Animal Feed Donation After Bosnia's Hesitation
31/12/2000 2000 - poverty and globalisation
31/12/2000 Bt cry1 GM crops damage the ileum
31/12/2000 Fears of the year
29/12/2000 Animal genetics / Xeno news
28/12/2000 Animated primer on DNA, genes, etc.
28/12/2000 Ten worst corporations of 2000
27/12/2000 Genetic determinism is dead - there's no such thing as a gene
27/12/2000 New Cargill and ADM briefings from Corporate Watch
27/12/2000 WHO warns mad cow disease has spread worldwide
23/12/2000 Down in the lab on Christmas morn
23/12/2000 Great Xmas reading: The case against genetically engineered food
23/12/2000 Special Xmas greeting
22/12/2000 Glyphosate in Danish groundwater
22/12/2000 Journalist arrested for revealing govt snooping
22/12/2000 Kiwis protest GM turkeys
22/12/2000 Major Canadian conference / Canada's 'Big Carrot' going GE-free
21/12/2000 CLONAID aims at a million customers
21/12/2000 EU says GMO "ban" to stay until at least mid-2001
21/12/2000 Fine crop of legal claims
21/12/2000 GM seed industry giants: who owns whom?
21/12/2000 Increase in takeup of GM crops dives
21/12/2000 Monsanto/Calgene and the new Sec of Ag
21/12/2000 Tests to block blight of GE seed imports
20/12/2000 Embryo cloning - just in time for Christmas
20/12/2000 Japan Again Finds StarLink, Asks US to Halt Shipment
20/12/2000 Nutritionist exposes the Golden Hoax / Potrykus accepts current inadequacy
20/12/2000 What's Next for Biotech Crops? Questions
19/12/2000 Biosafety Conference details and papers
19/12/2000 Now Thais take action over "allergy fears" corn
19/12/2000 RAFI's 'Biotech Generation 3'
19/12/2000 San Francisco Board unanimously denounces GM foods and companies with double standards
19/12/2000 The New Uncertainty Principle
19/12/2000 Tony Trewavas FRS and a diet of GM spuds
19/12/2000 U.S.-E.U. Panel Urges Review of Biotech Foods
18/12/2000 Hagelin stuns EPA with stirring StarLink testimony
18/12/2000 Korean Govt Recalls Genetically Modified Corn Imported From US
17/12/2000 GEN12-17 + comment
17/12/2000 More on peer reviewed papers on GM food safety
17/12/2000 US and UK GM trials farce
16/12/2000 Scientists concede nobody knows GM risks
15/12/2000 Calendar of Calamities 2000 - RAFI
15/12/2000 Clandestine GM foods entering India
15/12/2000 Eastern Daily Press on Arabidopsis + John Innes press release
15/12/2000 Ecological risks and benefits of genetically engineered plants - Science
15/12/2000 More Arabidopsis urls from Nature 14 Dec 2000 vol408
15/12/2000 More on Vit A - cruel hoax
15/12/2000 MP Names - urgent action
15/12/2000 Pusztai on Morton, 'myths' and peer review
15/12/2000 The Trouble With Percy
14/12/2000 A wonderful weed and some less wonderful hype
14/12/2000 Corporate power - George Monbiot interview
14/12/2000 Dr Roger Morton - The Calvinists are coming!
14/12/2000 Greenpeace likely to block more vessels as it targets animal feed sector
14/12/2000 Letters on cloning to national press, please
14/12/2000 US gene therapy rules relaxed
13/12/2000 Biosafety Protocol talks open on transgenic crop labelling and safety
13/12/2000 British Medical Journal critique of SIRC media initiative
13/12/2000 Golden Rice tech transfer - more on the Golden Rice hoax
13/12/2000 Monsanto threatens Argentina
12/12/2000 Dear Mr Glickman, re: organic disclaimer / Holiday gift to Kellogg's!
12/12/2000 Over 60% of US women would not give GM foods to their children
12/12/2000 Response to Watson comments
12/12/2000 Rice of doom - q & a's
12/12/2000 Scientists gang up on organics
12/12/2000 Soya importer goes GM-free after Greenpeace protest
11/12/2000 Greenpeace block French GE imports as Biosafety Protocol meeting begins
11/12/2000 Greenpeace Survey Reveals Which Christmas Turkeys are GM Free
11/12/2000 Luke Anderson at public meeting + transcript url
11/12/2000 MRC Acknowledges GM Food Risks
11/12/2000 Roundup Ready beans and increasing herbicide use
11/12/2000 UK medical research acknowledges GM food risks
10/12/2000 "No more GMO crops on this farm - ever"
10/12/2000 'Strange fruit' - Jules Pretty piece
10/12/2000 Ban/inspect/picket/label/list... as GMOs go around the globe
9/12/2000 "This is an outrage" - EPA on Aventis / Monsanto developing Vit A crop in India / etc.
9/12/2000 Deadly GM chemical warning / Edinburgh court case
9/12/2000 More on Monsanto's Golden Mustard
9/12/2000 Pro-GE crooks, and a troll
8/12/2000 George Monbiot's book - Captive State
8/12/2000 Indians being used as guinea pigs / Canadian NFU moratorium call / Terminator in UK controversy - BBC online / insufficient land for organics, Dow AgroSciences forum told
8/12/2000 Oz GM deal "a disaster" / Eastern Europe
8/12/2000 Retraction of allegation against Greenpeace / other excerpts from AgBiasedView
8/12/2000 Stealth genes and recouping industry's investment
7/12/2000 Best Practice in the Design of GM Crops
7/12/2000 Greenpeace Welcomes Canadian Farmersí Call for GM Moratorium
7/12/2000 More on Brazil and GM chicken feed
7/12/2000 No clone zone and other New Scientist items
7/12/2000 REALFOOD news update 5 Dec 2000
7/12/2000 Xeno news
6/12/2000 Allegations against Greenpeace
6/12/2000 Islamic views on GM
6/12/2000 Letter on embryo cloning
6/12/2000 Lotsa GM shorts
6/12/2000 Nonviolent Direct Action Trauma Casualties and How to Avoid Them
6/12/2000 SPLICE on biotech rats leaving sinking ship
5/12/2000 China joins debate over GM foods
5/12/2000 Fascinating Pusztai interview
5/12/2000 GM crop pullers with positive motives convicted
5/12/2000 Monsanto encourages organic attacks
5/12/2000 UK GM Field Trials Contain 'Terminator' Crops
5/12/2000 US group urges caution, Monsanto contracts discouraged / etc.
4/12/2000 MPs "astonished" by hushed-up GM sites / GMOs - UK Gov fails to implement EU law?
3/12/2000 Gene therapy in the womb
2/12/2000 Corporate missionaries target the South
2/12/2000 EPA knew about StarLink problems two years ago
2/12/2000 Farmers from the South say big NO to GMO
1/12/2000 Another UK council moves against GM crops
1/12/2000 Bonemeal out - GMOs in?
1/12/2000 Govt's blind eye to GM in India
1/12/2000 Guardian on contrite Monsanto
1/12/2000 Lotsa GM shorts
1/12/2000 USDA research supports harm to monarch