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31/12/2002 Starlink "could hurt US" again
30/12/2002 'Big Food' funded website attacks celebs, foundations
30/12/2002 Alert after GM crops altered other plants
30/12/2002 Ban on import of GM cottonseed demanded/Bt cotton dashes hopes
29/12/2002 Alarming new results show GM crops interbreeding on large scale with conventional ones and weeds
29/12/2002 Re: "GM crops could revive endangered wildlife"
28/12/2002 "GM crops could revive endangered wildlife
28/12/2002 Starlink in US corn cargo/Warning on GM canola
24/12/2002 Alarm as GM pig vaccine taints US crops
24/12/2002 Panto special from GM Watch
23/12/2002 GM foods may threaten food security
23/12/2002 Seeds of wrath - Patent power grab
22/12/2002 FSA under attack - Again!/False dawns in the brave new world of genetics
22/12/2002 Nature's spin on GM crops controversy
22/12/2002 Syngenta in retreat
21/12/2002 US misinformation exposed/GM series on BBC radio in New Year/Monsanto sales down, CEO out and weed resistance up
20/12/2002 "Corn-gate" - Report on GE maize crops savages agencies' role
20/12/2002 Italy: GM in 40% of food?/Food aid/Malawi
20/12/2002 Monsanto seeks successor, may face more upheaval
20/12/2002 Syngenta pulling out of UC Berkeley
20/12/2002 Who needs GM? Organic system doubles rice yield
20/12/2002 Yields boosted by 880% on poor soil with organic methods/Non-GE nematode resistant pepper developed in US
19/12/2002 Enquiry needed into Monsanto corn approval
19/12/2002 Monsanto damaging Indian agriculture
19/12/2002 Monsanto president resigns; shares fall
19/12/2002 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 11
19/12/2002 Vatican doesn't back GM foods/Scientists ask: What is a gene, anyway?
19/12/2002 Zambian "crime" - Sign-on letter to US ambassador to FAO
18/12/2002 Getting out the begging bowl!
18/12/2002 Human genetics - news and a call for action
18/12/2002 Monsanto and maize seed shortage in Malawi/France does not expect end of GM ban
18/12/2002 Monsanto meltdown - Roundup resistant weeds threaten major cash impact on land values in US
17/12/2002 Almost half US shoppers find GM foods unacceptable/GM corn and US aid
17/12/2002 GM rice off the menu/Chardon LL maize/Tewolde on Ethiopia's predicted food crisis
13/12/2002 Farmers' rights/Farmers' varieties
13/12/2002 Frankenfish ban/Dow/Syngenta/Brazil
13/12/2002 Greenpeace founder calls extremists 'anti-human'
13/12/2002 Malawi should have rejected GM maize - experts
13/12/2002 The Three Mile Island of Biotech?
13/12/2002 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 10
12/12/2002 Monsanto wants to "help" Argentina
11/12/2002 Britain votes against tougher EU labels/FSA man to take over European food safety authority
11/12/2002 Seed Satyagrah - The Great Gene Robbery
11/12/2002 Still more fakes on the parade
11/12/2002 Syngenta pulls out of biopiracy pact
10/12/2002 Farmers vow to continue protests in Philippines vs genetic corn
10/12/2002 GM food ban opens Brazil market to Chinese corn exports
10/12/2002 India - Bt cotton fraud proved
10/12/2002 US will host high-level ministerial conference in 2003 on agricultural science and technology
9/12/2002 Prodigene fined $3 million +/A cloned cow in Havana?
9/12/2002 US surrendering to international pressure on Zambia/Kerala farmers plan campaign against GM food/Scottish & US resistance
8/12/2002 GM expert warns of cancer risk from crops
7/12/2002 Chapela speaking at 'Biotech: Farmers' rights, and the university-industrial partnership'
7/12/2002 FSA-Meacher in organic food row
7/12/2002 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 9
6/12/2002 Can Golden Rice eradicate vitamin A deficiency?/News and comment from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Pakistan, India
6/12/2002 Corn could make cotton pests Bt resistant
6/12/2002 Harvard mouse decision has implications for world hunger
6/12/2002 Monsanto's corn approved for planting in the Philippines
6/12/2002 US calls GM food aid refusal a crime against humanity - African leaders should be put on trial
6/12/2002 US grain exports to EU "impossible"/Japan to stop research cooperation with Monsanto/Other items
6/12/2002 US policies contribute to African famine - report
5/12/2002 Biosafety treaty worries producers
5/12/2002 URLs for Chapela on Farmers' rights, and the university-industrial partnership & report on World Food and Farming Congress
5/12/2002 USAID center to develop GM crops/US food ambassador to UN to promote GM crops
4/12/2002 $1 billion loss predicted if corn growers don't avoid new GMOs/Quarantined soybeans sold/Company blames govt for GM delay
4/12/2002 BIO backtracks on pharmageddon policy - biotech companies change self-imposed moratorium
4/12/2002 Pusztai's submission on health impact of GM crops - evidence to Health Committee of Scottish Parliament
4/12/2002 Shameless hypocrite of the day - Sir Peter Lachmann FRS
4/12/2002 The Fake Parade
3/12/2002 Buying seed? Pay attention to biotech traits/F-F-F-F-Fashion!
3/12/2002 Famine in Africa: Controlling their own destiny/So whose rice is it anyway?
3/12/2002 GMWATCH number 4 - monthly review
3/12/2002 Twists in the maize - Famine in Africa
2/12/2002 EU trade commissioner backs African stance on GM aid/New US-EU trade war looms
2/12/2002 Letter from Prof David King on GM Science Review/Debate fails to satisfy
2/12/2002 Monsanto's dirty cyberwar - A 'denial'
2/12/2002 Syngenta caught in the act
2/12/2002 US policy on aid is 'wicked'
1/12/2002 Mumbo-jumbo from the Sunday (bush) telegraph