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31/12/2004 WEEKLY WATCH 105
29/12/2004 Minister to abolish GM scrutiny body
29/12/2004 PR operation on GM foods again exposes EFSA industry-bias
28/12/2004 Misleading claims on Schmeiser by pro-GM lobbyist
24/12/2004 2004 - The farmer's view from OZ
23/12/2004 Bumper crop of GM hype in India
23/12/2004 WEEKLY WATCH 104
22/12/2004 1,806 municipalities, 14 regions and 27 provinces in Italy are GM free
21/12/2004 ACTION! stop the US FDA from legalising contamination
21/12/2004 Monsanto sets up liability fund but it's only the beginning...
21/12/2004 New URGENT campaign for Chapela - protest to Governor Arnie!
21/12/2004 US to Rubber Stamp Transgene Contamination as Global Model
20/12/2004 Chapela on Mexico's 'Monsanto Law'
20/12/2004 EU Food Safety Chief says critics "quite mad"!
20/12/2004 EU ministers block Monsanto's GM rape
20/12/2004 Kenyan farmers outraged by push to introduce GM
19/12/2004 "GMOs to hike farmers' income", and other hype
19/12/2004 Canadian farmers concerned they may be forced to grow GM crops
19/12/2004 GM or non-GM in Oz - Kalla vs Newman
18/12/2004 Carbon trading and GE trees rapped at UN conference
18/12/2004 Farmers' Alliance launches talks with Sainsbury's
18/12/2004 Indian Workshop on Rice says ban GM
18/12/2004 The farce behind Mexico's 'Monsanto law'
17/12/2004 California dairies ahead to dump GM?
17/12/2004 Nobel prize winner says big business browbeating and bribing poor governments to embrace GMOs
16/12/2004 Oversight on Bioengineered Crops Is Poor, Report Says
16/12/2004 Scientists under attack - major GM workshop
16/12/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 103
15/12/2004 Christian Aid reaffirms its concerns over GM crops
15/12/2004 GM crops do not reduce the use of pesticides, report shows
15/12/2004 Mexican lawmakers pass "Monsanto Law"
15/12/2004 Monsanto's dirty tricks campaign against Ignacio Chapela - global protest
15/12/2004 More controversy over Monsanto study
15/12/2004 Pusztai demolishes Preston and Monsanto's safety study claims
14/12/2004 Coexistence impossible court case shows / More on GM contamination in Japan
14/12/2004 Mexico under the cosh - "Tierra, Libertad e Independencia Genética"
14/12/2004 Syngenta's PR crop in Kenya delayed
14/12/2004 Zambia: Govt wants to keep Zambia GM-free
13/12/2004 Bitter harvest - GM in India
13/12/2004 GM corn, soy and rape growing at Shimizu port, Japan
13/12/2004 People must not be guinea pigs in GM rice
13/12/2004 Premiums paid as world looks for a reliable supply of Non GMO Soybeans
13/12/2004 US becomes net food importer for first time in 50 years
12/12/2004 Fired whistle blowers still fighting
12/12/2004 Groups claims Bt corn has bad effects on health
12/12/2004 No to legalization of GMOs in Mexico
10/12/2004 Groups seeks to stop biopharming harvest
10/12/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 102
9/12/2004 Biotech crops take root around world?
9/12/2004 GMOs imposed on Kenya, says scholar / US pushing GM in Botswana
9/12/2004 Parliamentary attack on Prakash, Wambugu and deceptive corporate sector
8/12/2004 "Secretary of Agribusiness"
8/12/2004 A word of caution from Pakistan on the biotechnology 'miracle'
8/12/2004 Company chief 'scuffles with Father Christmases' in GM protest
8/12/2004 DFID's corporate agenda challenged
8/12/2004 Russia should stay GM free - International syposium
8/12/2004 Stand with Ignacio Chapela
7/12/2004 Banned genetically modified soya beans smuggled into Zambia
7/12/2004 GM food safety research - Why has it not taken place?
7/12/2004 GM herbicide "can hamper the development and activity of the brain"
7/12/2004 Iraq, Afghanistan: corporate seeds and glyphosate saturation
7/12/2004 Take action! Stand up for academic freedom
6/12/2004 Anglican church group hits at government stand on GMOs
6/12/2004 E-mail the Vatican, say missionaries
6/12/2004 Help keep Paraguay GM free
6/12/2004 Oz lobby group promotes anti-environment rebellion to media
5/12/2004 GM crop promoter becomes Bush's new Ag Secretary
5/12/2004 Got Hormones - Monsanto's GM hormones for cows cause controversy
5/12/2004 Industry front claims Indonesian farmers want GM
3/12/2004 Asia holds the key to the future of GM food
3/12/2004 The myth of the biotech revolution
2/12/2004 FDA suppressed safety study
2/12/2004 Support the Great Deceiver, and other sick jokes
2/12/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 101
1/12/2004 Contamination scandal - serious compliance violations get slap on the wrist
1/12/2004 Embrace democracy, not the People's Front
1/12/2004 GMO regs "likely to have a huge impact" / GM law "a blow for science"