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30/12/2005 Krebs dazzles kids with GM onion
30/12/2005 MONTHLY REVIEW No. 28
30/12/2005 Report blasts USDA oversight of test fields
28/12/2005 Indian state govt to fight Bt companies in court
24/12/2005 Discontent Simmers Over Change in German Farm Policy
24/12/2005 Japan to test Canadian rapeseed / US Bt tainted cargo no.14 / Vow to destroy GM crops
24/12/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 156
23/12/2005 Biotech Company Closes After Running Out of Cash
23/12/2005 Brazil - contraband transgenic maize causes alarm
23/12/2005 Bt okra field trial - major violations
23/12/2005 German minister okays GM crops
23/12/2005 How United States intervention works - USAID's covert agenda in Africa
22/12/2005 European Commission allows genetic contamination of organic farming
22/12/2005 Spilling the Beans on lack of GM food testing
21/12/2005 Bt cotton introduced in haste - expert
21/12/2005 Controversial GM expert targets teenagers
21/12/2005 Kraft Promises to Sell Non-GE Food in China
21/12/2005 Real health risk from GM crops / Scientists need philosophers
21/12/2005 Urgent - JIGMOD scientists' letter
20/12/2005 Faked data, unethical egg procurement, cover-ups, and lies in stem cell and cloning scandal
20/12/2005 Independent Scientists' letter for Joint International GMO Opposition Day
20/12/2005 Krebs repeats Monsanto's lie
20/12/2005 Let Them Eat Precaution - new book on GM
20/12/2005 When Technology Displaces the Farmer
19/12/2005 Belarus decrees GM food must be labelled / Russian labelling tightened
19/12/2005 WTO - The Poor Stay Poor And We Carry on Polluting
18/12/2005 "Asian Action to Stop GM Rice" at WTO meeting / The Anti-GM Rice Movement in Japan
18/12/2005 Govt warned of Bt cotton suicides / Bt leaves villagers destitute
18/12/2005 New reports on Bt cotton failure in India
18/12/2005 WTO - "A new freedom struggle" / Civil disobedience call over GMOs
17/12/2005 New Scientist letter on GM food testing
17/12/2005 Precautionary principle more scientific than "sound science"?
16/12/2005 Death Along the Famished Road
16/12/2005 Monsanto's cotton revenues face uphill battle
15/12/2005 Mandelson rounds on 'fake' US food aid
15/12/2005 Protesters Attempt to Influence World Trade Talks
15/12/2005 S.Korea cell scientist faked results - collaborator
15/12/2005 Truth suffocator moderating new "science-based" GM website
15/12/2005 U.S. policy keeps poverty alive
15/12/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 155
14/12/2005 GM labelling law in India soon
14/12/2005 Poor farmers are hungry to have their say on agriculture
14/12/2005 WTO GM trade war - has Europe lost the case?
12/12/2005 Biopiracy and GMOs: The Fate of Iraq's Agriculture
12/12/2005 Hong Kong reverses expulsion of WTO protestor
12/12/2005 Monsanto and Dow among the 14 Worst Corporate Evildoers
11/12/2005 Destruction of GM crops was justified - important legal precedent
11/12/2005 DfID/Syngenta/Brown slammed
11/12/2005 Most in South Africa reject GM foods / Citizens' views denied in Brazil
10/12/2005 Good news - French court acquits anti-GMO protesters
9/12/2005 Companies Overstate Economic Benefits to Rural Communities
9/12/2005 Kellogg to use genetically modified oil
9/12/2005 Patrick Moore praises US for rejecting Kyoto
9/12/2005 Police to step up probe into GM papaya
9/12/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 154
9/12/2005 WTO rules against EU in GMO case
8/12/2005 Benn defends aid for GM crops
8/12/2005 GM has led to lost opportunities in plant science
8/12/2005 Suffocating the truth over GM in Africa
7/12/2005 Access all areas - Syngenta / Bum week for GMOs
7/12/2005 Illinois farmers want to be able to keep some patented seeds
7/12/2005 Mali's David v Goliath GM stuggle - BBC
7/12/2005 Pakistan to allow Bt cotton farming from next year, PM says
7/12/2005 Study says farmers benefiting from higher yields, lower costs
6/12/2005 Brazil enacts GM law / GM coffee in Brazil
6/12/2005 No regulatory involvement in GM pea study or decision
5/12/2005 Consumers International intensifies anti-GM campaign
5/12/2005 Documentary on Bt cotton "busts myths"
5/12/2005 Latest Pusztai review published / Pusztai on GM pea study misinformation
5/12/2005 Syngenta-New Labour love-fest / DfID's new ag policy
5/12/2005 Warning on bitter GM Harvest
4/12/2005 MONTHLY REVIEW No. 27
2/12/2005 EU Eyes WTO Case to Drive Policy Forward on GMOs
2/12/2005 Illegal GM corn found in Brazil
2/12/2005 Monsanto seizes Confederation Paysanne's bank account
1/12/2005 A disaster called Bt cotton - The Times of India
1/12/2005 Give us the right to ban GM foods!
1/12/2005 Independent tests on GM canola varieties
1/12/2005 Prof Schubert replies to Bradford et al
1/12/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 153