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31/12/2006 Best article of 2006
29/12/2006 Cloned milk and meat expected to go on sale within months
29/12/2006 The 2006 You Didn't Hear About
29/12/2006 Updated bankruptcy plan hits Monsanto's purse
28/12/2006 FDA set to OK food from cloned animals TODAY
28/12/2006 What's Next: Anna Lappe
27/12/2006 GM cotton ploughs its way through Brazil's Congress
24/12/2006 Farmers, Traders and Consumers unite to oppose GM crops
24/12/2006 GM the answer - Scotland's new chief scientific advisor
24/12/2006 New book - Confronting the Real Risks of Genetic Engineering
24/12/2006 Re: No threats made against farmer - police
22/12/2006 Health risks of genetically modified foods
22/12/2006 Meat and milk from clones may be in US food supply
22/12/2006 No threats made against farmer - police
22/12/2006 Why the omega-3 piggy should not go to market
21/12/2006 Austria finds backing for GMO bans
21/12/2006 EPA Fines Syngenta $1.5 Million for Distributing Unregistered Genetically Engineered Pesticide
21/12/2006 First GM-Free schools declared in Georgia
21/12/2006 Modify minds about GM
21/12/2006 New norms for field trials of GM crops
21/12/2006 Oz - tougher labels? / GM wheat trials?
20/12/2006 GM soy to be banned
20/12/2006 Interview with Vijay Jawandhia
20/12/2006 Mexican Farmers Fight Transgenic Foods
20/12/2006 Monthly Review No. 39 in German
19/12/2006 An organic recipe for development
19/12/2006 GEAC to look into GM crop irregularities
19/12/2006 Indian Farmers' Day - major event in Tamil Nadu
18/12/2006 EU votes to defy ruling on GM foods / Member states support the right to ban GMOs
18/12/2006 GM Watch response to Farming Today item on "threatened" farmer
18/12/2006 Ministers vote on GM bans
17/12/2006 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 39 - Monthly Review No. 39 in Dutch
17/12/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 204
16/12/2006 GM mustard could release toxic chemicals in the environment
16/12/2006 Monsanto affiliate's former directors fined 30,000 euros by French court
16/12/2006 Supreme Court concerned over use of GURTs in transgenic mustard
14/12/2006 Austria likely to escape EU order to lift GMO bans
14/12/2006 Farmer quits GM potato experiment
14/12/2006 Lab-altered grapes uncork fears of Frankenwine
14/12/2006 Rasi seeds likely to launch GM millet next year
12/12/2006 Africa in the middle of U.S.-European trade war - Post-Dispatch
12/12/2006 Candlelight Vigil in Washington DC on Farmers Suicides in India
11/12/2006 Hunger leaves children susceptible to disease - FEEDING AFRICA GM
11/12/2006 New Jennifer Thomson book on GM for CSIRO
11/12/2006 Tamil Nadu government may ban GM crop trials
10/12/2006 Action - hold the European Parliament Ag Committee for promoting corporate interests
10/12/2006 Cotton grower killed in Maharashtra / Notice issued to Monsanto
10/12/2006 Experimental GM wheat planting contradicts German, European law
9/12/2006 Can biotech from St. Louis solve hunger in Africa?
9/12/2006 Scientists and conflicts of interest - important article
8/12/2006 Case studies re Doll-Monsanto
8/12/2006 Irish MEPs move to prevent GMO invasion
8/12/2006 Lung cancer pioneer "was on chemical firms' payroll"
8/12/2006 More on Syngenta land expropriation
7/12/2006 Americans still wary of gene-altered food, study says
7/12/2006 Big GM seeds buccaneers Versus The People of India
7/12/2006 NZ Govt may face $1 million bill for corn botchup
7/12/2006 Patent Office finds "substantial questions" re Monsanto's patents
7/12/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 203
6/12/2006 China vulnerable to rice ban
6/12/2006 Eco-farming "helps world's poor"
6/12/2006 Greenpeace fail to block GM canola
6/12/2006 Monsanto Needs to Charm, investors told
6/12/2006 West Africa - GM companies moving in
5/12/2006 More possibly GM contaminated corn identified / GM corn widespread
5/12/2006 Re: Urgent - help stop GM corn in Brazil
5/12/2006 US food sector wary of GM wheat / Russia bans rice imports
5/12/2006 US and BIO in Codex contaminatin scam
4/12/2006 Alert over secret GM seed in Oz imports
4/12/2006 EU votes on GM potatoes - contamination "cannot be excluded"
4/12/2006 GM corn to be destroyed in NZ
4/12/2006 Syngenta farm in Brazil likely to be expropriated
4/12/2006 Urgent - help stop GM corn in Brazil
3/12/2006 Albert Ferre acquitted!
3/12/2006 Feral GMOs around Japanese ports / News about Japan
3/12/2006 Lessons of Bhopal
3/12/2006 Scientist in GM potato warning / Industry opposes GM potato trial
1/12/2006 Bayer's Dangerous Deception - Hiding the Evidence
1/12/2006 Border bungles allows GE contaminated seeds into NZ
1/12/2006 Britain to okay GMO potato trials : report
1/12/2006 Communities must have the right to reject GMOs: Communique of Biosafety Conference
1/12/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 202