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28/12/2007 New book on GMOs and socioeconomic considerations
28/12/2007 War in the rice fields
27/12/2007 Cabinet refuses to lift ban on open-field crop trials
27/12/2007 CGS - 2007 in Review - GENETIC CROSSROADS
27/12/2007 Tests in research stations make a mockery of GM ban
26/12/2007 Both Sides Cite Science to Address Altered Corn
26/12/2007 Subsidies for Monsanto's corn in US and Philippines
24/12/2007 Government advises not growing Bt cotton in Vidarbha
24/12/2007 Monsanto busted for contempt of Advertising Authority in South Africa
23/12/2007 Ethics is real issue behind milk-labeling controversy
23/12/2007 Mexico: Transgenic Maize Knocking at the Door
21/12/2007 Credibility of Food Safety Regulation takes a Significant Hit
21/12/2007 GM maize found at deserted farm in Thailand
21/12/2007 The risks of modified foods
20/12/2007 Update from GM-Free Brazil
19/12/2007 Bar corporate indemnification of Monsanto's directors
19/12/2007 Scientist who claimed GM could solve hunger admits he got it wrong
19/12/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 238
18/12/2007 10,000 Thai consumers and farmers petition against GMOs
18/12/2007 Contaminated rice on Canadian store shelves
18/12/2007 Dioxin lawsuits still possible against Monsanto
18/12/2007 Synthetic DNA on the brink
17/12/2007 Bove to go on anti-GMO hunger strike
17/12/2007 Chief scientist must apologise for misleading GM claims
17/12/2007 Conference Demands Zero Tolerance
17/12/2007 Endorsement of GM crops a "bunch of lies"
17/12/2007 FDA approval of clone food stalled
17/12/2007 GM foods in India - label and tell
17/12/2007 GM will taint natural canola crop
17/12/2007 Nature's genetically modified editorial
16/12/2007 "Demob-happy" chief scientist under attack
16/12/2007 Advocate linked to GM hormone industry
15/12/2007 MONATSRÜCKBLICK NR. 51 - Deutsche Ausgabe
15/12/2007 Tell the Governors to label rBGH-Free milk!
14/12/2007 Maandoverzicht 51 - Nederlandse vertaling
14/12/2007 Response to Prof Beddington, incoming chief scientist
13/12/2007 "MNCs Gaining Total Control Over Farming"
13/12/2007 GM foods can be dangerous. But you do the research
13/12/2007 Indigenous Groups Defend Mexican Corn
13/12/2007 Nature editorial attacks Dimas
13/12/2007 Protest Against Decision to Cancel the GM Moratorium
12/12/2007 Avery's rave from the grave
12/12/2007 Post your message directly on EU Commissioners' blogs
12/12/2007 Showdown for Europe
12/12/2007 Synthia gets a shotgun - goodbye genetic engineering?
12/12/2007 Wambugu's myth-making exposed again
11/12/2007 Activist escapes jail
11/12/2007 GM Soy in Brazil Will Kill the Amazon and Boost Global Warming by 50%
10/12/2007 Monsanto: Winning the Ground War
10/12/2007 Peasants Storm Brazil Syngenta Farm
10/12/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 236
9/12/2007 What is Nature Biotechnology good for?
8/12/2007 Editor admits to serious errors of judgement
8/12/2007 Nature Biotechnology - Ermakova correspondence goes live
7/12/2007 France bans use of GM seeds
7/12/2007 Round 2 for Biotech Beets
7/12/2007 Sowing a bitter harvest
6/12/2007 Another mad rant from David King
6/12/2007 Head of GM panel in conflict claims
6/12/2007 New book on GMOs in Africa
6/12/2007 New Coalition for a GMO Free Poland
6/12/2007 Oceania at risk from GMOs / Qatar to label GMO products
6/12/2007 Parliamentary motion against scientific misrepresentation and fraud
6/12/2007 The hidden truth about GM
6/12/2007 Victoria and NSW lose canola trade to Western Australia
6/12/2007 Who pulled the plug on the GM Watch website?
5/12/2007 "Biowatch ruling a lesson for NGOs" - a response
5/12/2007 No GM papaya field trials for now in Thailand
5/12/2007 State governments provoke GM crops outrage
5/12/2007 Warning labels for transgenics in Brazil - even under 1%
4/12/2007 "Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic
4/12/2007 CRIIGEN slams complacency, connivance and "defective understanding" of GM advisory bodies
4/12/2007 French union urges farmers not to buy GMO seeds
4/12/2007 GM a millstone, MP warns
4/12/2007 Thai Cabinet decides today on GM crop trials
3/12/2007 Genetically engineered spin
3/12/2007 Help make Europe GMO free - ACT NOW!
3/12/2007 MP attacks scientist on GM canola
3/12/2007 Non-GM farmers call for strict liability on GM crops
3/12/2007 Rethinking the Risks of Viral Transgenes in Plants
3/12/2007 Support EU-wide legal action against EFSA
1/12/2007 Citizens' outrage in the Australian press
1/12/2007 Health and safety before GM canola