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29/2/2004 GM crops roll-out is blighted as MPs prepare to challenge No 10
29/2/2004 Rylott sacked - GM giant culls top jobs in Europe
29/2/2004 The Pants are back!
28/2/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 61
27/2/2004 Activists claim victory over US on GM foods
27/2/2004 Bio-safety meet overlooks concerns of Indian farmers/Europe and developing countries claim partial victory
27/2/2004 Empty promises - Argentina's GM "path of destruction"
27/2/2004 Rice is now Oryza syngenta!
27/2/2004 Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize
26/2/2004 Argentina's Corporate Welfare for Monsanto / Environmentalists blast Brazil
26/2/2004 GM crops delayed in UK / GM Bans sought in US / Disputes Stall Biotech Trade Talks
26/2/2004 Important new reports on widespread contamination and the failure of GMOs
26/2/2004 Research Shows New Dangers of Genetically Modified Food
26/2/2004 The Sleaze Behind Our Science
26/2/2004 What is Syngenta doing in the Philippines Delegation on the Biosafety Protocol?!!
22/2/2004 Blair's Not-So-Funny Farm / Another County Council goes GM-free
22/2/2004 Executive 'no' to GM crops
22/2/2004 Lord Sainsbury 'broke Cabinet rule' in biotech promotion
22/2/2004 Mexican farmers worried by GM corn
22/2/2004 The great betrayal
22/2/2004 Why opposition to GE crops is based on sound science - great reply to Patrick Moore
21/2/2004 Gene giants pressing for Terminator
21/2/2004 Government face GM legal threat / Planting a GM future / Blinded by the light of technology / more Morley in Kuala Lumpur
21/2/2004 Meacher - Government has no mandate - ministers listening to themselves
21/2/2004 Mendocino draws big money - CropLife America lays down its barrage
20/2/2004 Bad for the poor and bad for science / 'GM-free' rebellion grows as ministers give crops backing
20/2/2004 GM cow protest over Sainsbury's hypocrisy
20/2/2004 Letter to Beckett from Independent Science Panel
20/2/2004 Video of UK minister questioned about GM leak / Expert condemns 'fake' GM science / Spinning the science
19/2/2004 Debates on GM criticised
19/2/2004 Joan Ruddock - Why are they foisting GM crops on us?
19/2/2004 Leaked papers reveal GM crops to get go-ahead
19/2/2004 More on Government go-ahead for GM maize
19/2/2004 New publications that expose Monsanto!
19/2/2004 South African Council of Churches opposes import of GM wheat / Monsanto admits seeing developing countries as prime targets
19/2/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 60
15/2/2004 BBSRC's clean bill of health
15/2/2004 Krebs reappointed as Chair of Food Standards Agency
15/2/2004 No GM surrender in Europe / Australian consumer turns back on GM ingredients
14/2/2004 Bt cotton benefits short-lived: study/more on Monsanto wheat patent in India
14/2/2004 EU races to thwart influx of GM food from east
14/2/2004 Monsanto, Lula & U.S. win Captain Hook awards
13/2/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 59
12/2/2004 AEI wades in - Biotech Bounty: "saving billions" or "making billions"?
11/2/2004 Scandal of Labour's GM go-ahead / EU ag minister says no need for moratorium
11/2/2004 US & Aussie wreckers at COP7 / How to find out what's going on
10/2/2004 'Mirage' of GM's golden promise / Potrykus profile
10/2/2004 GM crops - If it can't work, fake it!
10/2/2004 Stupid white men running biotech
10/2/2004 The gloves are off / Welsh and blue maize / Why GM oilseed rape rejected
10/2/2004 USDA employees earn extra from GM crops
9/2/2004 A letter to Tony Blair from 120 UK NGOs
9/2/2004 Call for Change in Research Funding as GE Fails where Conventional Breeding Succeeds
9/2/2004 Row on GM crops set to trouble United Nations biodiversity talks
9/2/2004 Transgenes in the human gut - Science Review Panel may have got it wrong
9/2/2004 Wales blocks go-ahead for Britain's first GM crop
6/2/2004 Devinder Sharma versus Margaret Beckett
6/2/2004 Monsanto wheat patent disputed
6/2/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH NUMBER 58 - and monthly review
5/2/2004 Bayer fudged / Bayer 1 of 10 Worst Corporations of 2003 / Potty Stotty
5/2/2004 Growing public unease over GM crops - where's the evidence?
5/2/2004 New Scientist - Monsanto's showcase project in Africa fails
5/2/2004 Response to GM contamination of organic research
5/2/2004 Scientist ready to cash in on GM animals high in omega 3 fatty acids
4/2/2004 Biotech critics at risk - videos/broadcast/article
4/2/2004 Goodbye, Prof Nanjudaswamy
3/2/2004 E. Ann Clark's Observations on the Supreme Court hearing of Percy Schmeiser
3/2/2004 EU on line to prohibit GM oilseed rape crops - Guardian
3/2/2004 FDA, Monsanto need to reveal truth about GM cattle drug
3/2/2004 Nanjundaswamy passes away/Smart farmers burn Monsanto's GM-cotton
3/2/2004 Wambugu still Wambuzling!
2/2/2004 Approving GM Crops is Abusing Science
2/2/2004 Belgium rejects GM rape - Europe closer to ban
2/2/2004 GM cotton farming in South Africa a success?
2/2/2004 GM cotton to invade West Africa | Le coton génétiquement modifié envahit l'Afrique de l'Ouest
2/2/2004 Science is too important to be left to scientists alone
1/2/2004 Biotech industry gives record $150,000 to fight proposed altered-crop ban
1/2/2004 Stop the Rot