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28/2/2005 Lotsaquotes / 1000 GMO-free zones on Earth Day
28/2/2005 Reuters spews industry propaganda
28/2/2005 S.Africa leads on GMO, other African states wary
28/2/2005 Seeds of dispute: Crop crusaders in Japan
27/2/2005 A multinational exposed
27/2/2005 Can India afford to grow transgenic crops?
27/2/2005 New study shows Bt cotton nearly 700% more expensive for pest management
27/2/2005 The story of Bt Cotton in Andhra Pradesh - Part 1
27/2/2005 The Story of Bt Cotton in India and in Andhra Pradesh [PART 2]
24/2/2005 Ex-Minister: Only Blair and Beckett Support GM
24/2/2005 Exposed - Europe's inconsistent approach to GMOs
24/2/2005 Govt must tell all on GMO
21/2/2005 Ashok Sharma questions Bt cotton fairytale
19/2/2005 More on food aid scandal in Central America / Starlink still in the food supply
17/2/2005 Bangladesh's Ag Minister has Bad-Idea Virus
17/2/2005 Monsanto to Acquire Emergent Genetics
17/2/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 112
16/2/2005 Banned GM corn found in U.N. aid in Central America and the Caribbean
16/2/2005 EC exposes Member States to risks of GM Crops
16/2/2005 FDA's "lethal weaknesses"
16/2/2005 GMO trade war: Europe accused of secrecy
16/2/2005 More on StarLink and GM in food aid / StarLink y transgenicos ilegales en Centroamerica
15/2/2005 Clive James/ISAAA special feature
15/2/2005 Clones to hit food chain in 6-8 months
15/2/2005 Maori Party appalled at NZ stance / Minister Must Reject Unethical Research or Resign
15/2/2005 Sowing The Seeds Of Dictatorship in India / Borlaug opposed patents
14/2/2005 'Monsanto law' stymied in Mexico by environmentalists
14/2/2005 Out of Africa: thoughtless activists vs biotechnology - new VIDEO
14/2/2005 Potato-based vaccine "success" comes too late
13/2/2005 GM - scientific analysis needed, not hype
12/2/2005 Bad Seed / Canada mouthpiece for Monsanto?
12/2/2005 Indian Bt gene monoculture, potential time bomb
11/2/2005 Doug Powell part of organisation which "distorts science reporting"
11/2/2005 Monbiot - 'Freedom for whom?'
11/2/2005 New Chapela interview - Chapela starts to name names
11/2/2005 Terminator squelched in Bangkok
10/2/2005 New US call for African leaders to be tried for "crimes against humanity" / more African stories
10/2/2005 Poultry giants quail at gene food protests / GM cotton for use unlabelled in Oz and NZ foods
10/2/2005 Urgent action needed - new action alert on Terminator - email the NZ govt and Canadian delegation
10/2/2005 US may soon lead world in herbicide resistant weeds, warns international expert
10/2/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 111
9/2/2005 Assault on local democracy in Iowa and beyond
9/2/2005 GMO-free Europe taking off
9/2/2005 Gordon is a moron / Canada backs terminator seed
9/2/2005 Government Forced to Reveal Crop Test Sites
9/2/2005 Top 10 books on GM
8/2/2005 Action alert!- Urgent! - Protest today
8/2/2005 Biotech rejection an 'outrage' and 'tragedy' in developing world
8/2/2005 E-mail blast puts heat on GM beans
8/2/2005 GM food fight - David Schubert and others
8/2/2005 Govt urged to oppose Terminator genes
8/2/2005 Rockefeller President is new man at DFID
7/2/2005 Canadian govt to unleash Terminator! - help!
7/2/2005 EPA scientist warns of pharma contamination threat/Arkansas Rice Growers want pharma rice banned
7/2/2005 Food, health and bribes!
6/2/2005 LM Watching... Furedi rehabilitation effort
5/2/2005 Monsanto's GM drug Still Threatens Public Health
5/2/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 110
3/2/2005 Biotech firms fail to deliver on promises
3/2/2005 CSPI "simply wrong on the science" says its former science director
3/2/2005 Former EPA scientist criticises US regulatory system
3/2/2005 Re: National Biotech Policy On The Anvil - Sole NGO Representative Quits Panel
3/2/2005 Rice under threat - excellent article
3/2/2005 We won't sell it! Majority of EU retailers say no to GM
2/2/2005 Catholic leaders vow to continue opposing Bt corn
2/2/2005 Farmers launch massive agitation against new patent law
2/2/2005 GM "Withering on the Vine" says new report - industry stagnating
2/2/2005 GM Watch "annoying like hell" says ex-Syngenta lobbyist
1/2/2005 Dirty tricks and broken promises - Monsanto's legacy in Indonesia
1/2/2005 FAO calls for all-round control
1/2/2005 How was it for GM Watch? Part 1
1/2/2005 India's Biotech Policy On The Anvil - Sole NGO Representative Quits Panel
1/2/2005 US pressing internationally for lax food safety testing for GM foods
1/2/2005 Wheat to Iraq