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28/2/2006 Are There Human Genes in Your Food?
28/2/2006 EU Farm Chief Lukewarm on Plan for GMO Crop Law
28/2/2006 Monsanto to pay UC $100 million in rBGH case / Seeks to avoid jury over GM cotton
28/2/2006 U.S. misled the world on biotech foods "victory"
27/2/2006 "GM crop trials shrouded in secrecy"
27/2/2006 Krakow declaration for a GMO-free Europe
27/2/2006 Monsanto's Bt cotton has failed in India
26/2/2006 Biotech food debate draws many voices - responses to Darragh
26/2/2006 McConnell's U-turn signal on GM crops
25/2/2006 Cotton farmers sue Monsanto, others, for crop loss
24/2/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 164
23/2/2006 Democrats will maintain GM ban
23/2/2006 Easing fears of biotech food with BIO bullsh*t
23/2/2006 New hype out of old Monsanto bottles in India
23/2/2006 World Council of Churches comes out strongly against GM
22/2/2006 Hundreds protest against GM spuds in Ireland
22/2/2006 Monsanto asserts rights over processed food, breaks word on Terminator
22/2/2006 Researcher comments on new Bt cotton report
21/2/2006 Bt cotton seeds in eye of political storm
21/2/2006 Impact of Bt Cotton on Farmers' Health - part 1
21/2/2006 Krebs - scientists should admit their limitations
21/2/2006 Latin America: wanted - labels for GMOs
21/2/2006 New report on Bt cotton and farmers' health published
21/2/2006 The Impact of Bt Cotton - part 2
21/2/2006 Three faces of science fraud
21/2/2006 Zimbabwe not importing genetically modified food
20/2/2006 Allergies triggered by Bt cotton - report
20/2/2006 Farmer bodies up in arms in India
20/2/2006 GM science - supported by a tissue of lies
20/2/2006 Special aid to help Bt cotton farmers
18/2/2006 Farmers bodies oppose Indo-US research initiative
18/2/2006 Science journals harder to trust / Bad science and industry
18/2/2006 They Blinded Us With Science
16/2/2006 Farmers, others sue USDA over Monsanto GMO alfalfa
16/2/2006 Genetically modified hubris
16/2/2006 GM food goes on trial
16/2/2006 MY TURN: GMOs and Vermont
16/2/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 163
15/2/2006 April 8th, Joint International GM Opposition Day
15/2/2006 Cut and dried? Great WTO quotes
15/2/2006 Fighting back - from New York to Puerto Rico
15/2/2006 Walkout over low yield from Bt cotton by opposition in Madhya Pradesh assembly
15/2/2006 Zimbabwe moving towards embracing GM - claim
14/2/2006 2005, a Scary Year for Genetically Engineered Crops
14/2/2006 Biotech's Sparse Harvest
14/2/2006 Differences still abound in the German government over GM crops
14/2/2006 India grist for US mills / Bt cotton suicides will haunt planners
14/2/2006 Monsanto's chemical spin-off firm unveils path from bankruptcy
14/2/2006 New Suspicions about GMOs
13/2/2006 America's masterplan is to force GM food on the world
13/2/2006 MONTHLY REVIEW No. 29
13/2/2006 New attempt to nobble journalists in Africa
13/2/2006 Paraguayan Peasants Resist GM Soy
12/2/2006 Playing Canute and a sorry account of global food fights
12/2/2006 Website catches fire
10/2/2006 "WTO ruling on GM crops threat to India"
10/2/2006 French law puts contamination costs on GM farmers
10/2/2006 GM crops are not the answer to pest control
10/2/2006 U.S. violated freedoms by barring French farmer
10/2/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 162
10/2/2006 WTO's decision on GM foods in Europe did not cover safety issues
9/2/2006 Dozens ill and five deaths in the Philippines
9/2/2006 Europe has right to avoid GMOs
9/2/2006 GM activist detained at JFK airport
9/2/2006 Hungary to extend GMO ban
9/2/2006 Monsanto's men at the WTO and US Trade Office
9/2/2006 Wal-Mart and Monsanto on Indo-U.S. farm pact board
9/2/2006 WTO Ruling Against EU Unlikely to Increase GM Acceptance
8/2/2006 Europe bridles at WTO ruling / EU says won't change anything
8/2/2006 GM canola - higher costs and lower sale prices (fact sheet)
8/2/2006 GM debate fought on South Africa's cotton fields
8/2/2006 Monsanto's profits slashed in India / Sowing seeds of misery
8/2/2006 US may press Africa on GMOs, Africans vow to resist
8/2/2006 US wins WTO backing in war with Europe over GM food
7/2/2006 Ban on growing GM soy in Romania
7/2/2006 Battle royal over GM in India
7/2/2006 Cloned cattle - abnormal and coming to dinner
7/2/2006 Europe steadfast in rejecting GMOs
7/2/2006 Exposed: the secret corporate funding behind health research
7/2/2006 Polish prime minister - "We do not want GMO"
7/2/2006 Protect farmers, not Monsanto
7/2/2006 Residents can have say on GMO releases
7/2/2006 Syngenta Not Seen Impacted By WTO Ruling - Dow Jones
6/2/2006 People say "No" as WTO decision expected
6/2/2006 Useful articles and reports on GM and biosafety
6/2/2006 What does the Indo-U.S. deal on agriculture give?
4/2/2006 Lies, damn lies and Malaysians / Compensation ordered for Bt cotton farmers
3/2/2006 Indian Cotton Farmers Betrayed
3/2/2006 South Africa may be channel for GMOs slipping into Africa
3/2/2006 Vatican Views Are Under Delicate Strain
3/2/2006 WTO: Hands off our food! Draft ruling imminent
2/2/2006 Australia, Canada and New Zealand condemned for opening the door to GM Terminator Technology
2/2/2006 Fleecing the rural poor - the harvest that never was
2/2/2006 GM potato trials "foolhardy"
2/2/2006 India-USA farm pact to help GM research, crop trials
2/2/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 161
1/2/2006 African science must regain control of local resources
1/2/2006 Complaint about Bt10 and FSA
1/2/2006 Drought-resistant GM seeds won't benefit Kenyans for the next decade, says Monsanto
1/2/2006 GM crops a losing proposition
1/2/2006 Japanese pay premium for GM free canola
1/2/2006 No GM in organic
1/2/2006 Outrage at Indian welcome to Monsanto chief