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28/2/2007 BASF announces second UK trial site
28/2/2007 Farmer suicides haunt west India
28/2/2007 Re: GM crops and a herd mentality
28/2/2007 Stop GM human embryos
27/2/2007 Action alert - lobby European heads of state
27/2/2007 Bill would hold makers of engineered crops liable for contamination
27/2/2007 Monsanto hid GM potato study, campaigners claim
27/2/2007 U.S. courts say transgenic crops need tighter scrutiny
26/2/2007 GM crops and a herd mentality
25/2/2007 China says no to commercial production of GM rice
24/2/2007 Cattle expert opposes clones as food sources
24/2/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 207
23/2/2007 Group wants to halt herbicide-resistant alfalfa seed
23/2/2007 India's commerce ministry calls for GM free zones/Tamil Nadu ban
23/2/2007 Judge lists FSA's Mistakes in Handling of GM Rice Contamination
23/2/2007 Monsanto merger angers black farmers
23/2/2007 New report - Deal May Hurt Organic Cotton
22/2/2007 EU reinforces resistance to GMOs - Financial Times
22/2/2007 FDA petitioned against GM rBGH milk
22/2/2007 GMOs, fuelish paradigms and South Africa's biofuels strategy
22/2/2007 Report on market acceptance of U.S. herbicide-tolerant rice
21/2/2007 Against GMOs - Farmers' leader's address at massive farmers' rally
21/2/2007 Biofuels - facts and fiction
21/2/2007 Eco-Injustice in Paraguay
21/2/2007 GE corn rethink welcome, health risks must be considered
21/2/2007 GM scandal in Eastern Germany - taxpayers' money for ineffective pharma peas
21/2/2007 Uganda to introduce GM bananas
20/2/2007 Action and resources
20/2/2007 Call for Catholic stand on GM food
20/2/2007 Chapela on "anti-scientific propaganda"
20/2/2007 EU Commission defeated for the third time on GMOs
20/2/2007 US rice farmers take a hard line / FSA challenged in court over illegal contamination
19/2/2007 Herbicide resistance ominous threat to cotton
19/2/2007 Re: "GM foods could save millions of lives"
19/2/2007 The Monsanto Files - online resource / Farmer continues to fight Terminator
18/2/2007 "GM foods could save millions of lives"
17/2/2007 GM Watch 41 in German
17/2/2007 Greenpeace attacker is war crimes apologist
17/2/2007 Suppressed report hits the headlines over "cancer link to GM potatoes"
16/2/2007 Bt cotton has failed in Vidarbha: study
16/2/2007 Commentary on suppressed GM potato study
16/2/2007 Illegal GM rice in the UK
16/2/2007 Secret Monsanto GM potato study suppressed for 8 years
16/2/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 206
15/2/2007 Bt leaves bad for animals: Experts / Dow corruption scandal
15/2/2007 Cardinal joins opposition to GM rice / GM contamination in Kuwait
15/2/2007 France fines Monsanto for fraudulent advertising
15/2/2007 Is growing Bt cotton merely a fad?
15/2/2007 Monsanto played a major role in killing farmers
14/2/2007 Big Biotech is Forcing Farmers to Buy GMO Seeds
14/2/2007 Dolly's long goodbye
14/2/2007 Food crops for pharmaceuticals pose too many problems - Nature Biotechnology
14/2/2007 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 41 - Dutch translation
14/2/2007 NYT's full text on alfalfa judgement / Re: Mexico's tortilla crisis / God is Green
14/2/2007 US judge challenges Monsanto seed approval
13/2/2007 Brazil's GMO dispute and the neoliberal agrarian model in Brazil
13/2/2007 Mexico's tortilla crisis and GM corn
13/2/2007 More on Monsanto's compensation of Bt cotton farmers in India
12/2/2007 A wild bird chase / GMOs and Environmental Liability
12/2/2007 GM pharma peas with mouse genes threaten world's largest collection of pea land races
12/2/2007 Monsanto dumped toxic waste in UK
12/2/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 205
10/2/2007 Beware The Ambassadors of Science / Sense About Science?
7/2/2007 2,000 farmers go GM free / GM is now a global battlefield
7/2/2007 Battle royal over GM in India
7/2/2007 Call to halt Bt cotton after more animal deaths and human illness
7/2/2007 One million EU citizens call for labelling of GM foods
7/2/2007 U.C.'s Biotech Benefactors: The Power of Big Finance and Bad Ideas
7/2/2007 U.S. Court Orders a Halt to New Field Trials of GM Crops
6/2/2007 GM rice industry facing meltdown
1/2/2007 Indian farmers discard Bt rice
1/2/2007 Massive conflicts of interest among Indian regulators
1/2/2007 Monsanto's Seed of Hope campaign
1/2/2007 SA government blamed for encouraging genetically modified crops
1/2/2007 Zambia: Maize production (almost) a success story