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29/2/2008 Multiple-Resistance coming to U.S. fields
29/2/2008 Nationwide resistance against GM in India
29/2/2008 South Africa contaminates the continent
29/2/2008 Study of farmer opinion "blatantly biased"
28/2/2008 "UK farmers want to grow GM crops"
28/2/2008 Biotech industry impunity fuels global GE contamination
28/2/2008 Bt cotton doesn't hike yield: experts
28/2/2008 Limagrain pulls all GM testing out of France
28/2/2008 Non-GM Breakthroughs Leave GM Behind
28/2/2008 SA farmers say keep GM ban
28/2/2008 Victoria gets ready to lift GM crop ban
27/2/2008 A very inconvenient truth / Science in Society
27/2/2008 Guardian article on GM crop trials - letters
27/2/2008 Some US groceries taking GMOs off shelves
27/2/2008 The right to know if food is GE
26/2/2008 Explosive documentary about Monsanto
26/2/2008 Genetically engineered corn recalled
26/2/2008 Opposing GM food is in the public interest
25/2/2008 Farmers to sue farmers
25/2/2008 GM-free: The way of the future
25/2/2008 Shame on 'wormy' research
25/2/2008 The return of Frankenstein foods?
25/2/2008 Update from GM-Free Brazil
24/2/2008 WEEKLY WATCH number 242
22/2/2008 Beef recall reminder to resist biotech foods
22/2/2008 ESRC and the collateral damage of ideas
22/2/2008 Health Hazards of GM Foods
22/2/2008 India needs to ban GM crops
22/2/2008 New contamination incident in US
22/2/2008 New report slammed as "propaganda dressed up as science"
22/2/2008 Non-GM cotton more profitable
21/2/2008 Africa - biohazard maps / Monsanto and AATF
21/2/2008 Claims that GM is the answer to food prices rejected
21/2/2008 Feed prices could soar 600% without GM
21/2/2008 Hillary Clinton, Ohio and Monsanto
21/2/2008 Poorer yields/profitability with Bollgard II
21/2/2008 Science Media Centre in new row over bias
20/2/2008 Failure on GM crops could ruin livestock industry
20/2/2008 Fine Gael's blind faith in GMOs
20/2/2008 Getting immunised against the lies
20/2/2008 Japanese tell Australia again, stay GM-free
20/2/2008 Monsanto U. - cash for GM, the shaft for organic
20/2/2008 Re: U.S. suppresses and falsifies science
19/2/2008 "Every European gets a dose of GM every day"
19/2/2008 Controversies over GM potato increase
19/2/2008 Future of Brazil GM test center uncertain
19/2/2008 GM Trees - intro and sign-on letter
19/2/2008 Maandoverzicht 53 - Monthly Review in Dutch
18/2/2008 Consequences of contamination 'are set to worsen'
18/2/2008 Herbicide-resistant genes persist in weeds
18/2/2008 Stalemate in Europe - opposition hardening
17/2/2008 GM maize Lula's "worst tragedy"
17/2/2008 WEEKLY WATCH number 241
16/2/2008 GM firms seeking crop trial secrecy
16/2/2008 MONATSBERICHT Nr. 53 - Monthly Review in German
16/2/2008 Scientists find way to scan for cloned meat
16/2/2008 Supreme Court shenanigans: first-hand account
16/2/2008 U.S. suppresses and falsifies science
15/2/2008 Attack of the superweeds
15/2/2008 Experts - GM won't feed the world
15/2/2008 GM potato vote on Monday
15/2/2008 Industry grossly exaggerates GM importance
15/2/2008 Whose are the "lies and scaremongering"?
14/2/2008 GM crops remain stalled
14/2/2008 GM regulator openly propagandizes for GM
14/2/2008 Supreme Court's abject surrender
14/2/2008 Who should judge GM crops?
14/2/2008 Why Prashant Bhushan is a hero
13/2/2008 GM increases chemicals, fails poor
13/2/2008 New report on GM, pesticide use and the poor
13/2/2008 News - Japan, Oz, Brazil, US, EU and China
13/2/2008 Report Raises Alarm over 'Superweeds'
13/2/2008 Stormy day in India's Supreme Court
12/2/2008 EU cracks down on Chinese rice imports
12/2/2008 GM moratorium common sense
12/2/2008 GM trials in India threaten trade ties
12/2/2008 King's bogus claims exposed again
12/2/2008 Poland sticking to planned GMO livestock fodder ban
12/2/2008 Shane barking while colleagues muzzled
11/2/2008 Misleading GM claims
11/2/2008 Roundup resistance compounds drought damage
11/2/2008 The truth about Bt cotton in India
11/2/2008 Under GM pressure in Victoria
11/2/2008 Unrest grows over canola
10/2/2008 WEEKLY WATCH number 240
9/2/2008 French GM ban official / Poland hampers GMO planting
8/2/2008 "Mega Marcha" against US dumping of GM corn
8/2/2008 Documented Case Of Pest Resistance To Biotech Cotton
8/2/2008 EuropaBio admits increased chemical use
8/2/2008 Pest evolves resistance to GM crops
8/2/2008 South Australia to stay GM-free!
8/2/2008 Supreme Court's guidelines on GM crops overlooked
8/2/2008 USGC confronts biotech constraints
7/2/2008 Contempt proceedings before Supreme Court
7/2/2008 Legal battles - U.S. and Kenya
7/2/2008 New NYT pundit bravely defends GMOs, cloning
7/2/2008 Researchers call on journal to retract paper on GM food
6/2/2008 Australian farmers call for extension of GE crop bans
6/2/2008 Get ready for a food fight
6/2/2008 GM crops have failed
6/2/2008 Monsanto's Fraley gets NAS award
6/2/2008 Protests in Greece / EU "must listen"
5/2/2008 An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
5/2/2008 Consumers in France reject GM crops ahead of French parliament vote
5/2/2008 Force Feeding? Second Edition
5/2/2008 GM contamination inevitable in India
5/2/2008 Re: Plant breeding without the madness
5/2/2008 Scientist warns of problems with GM canola
4/2/2008 10 years of GM Watch
4/2/2008 GM 'no magic bullet', farmers warned
4/2/2008 Plant breeding without the madness
3/2/2008 India - NBA chairman in eye of storm
3/2/2008 MONTHLY REVIEW No. 53
2/2/2008 Dirty Tricks over GMOs