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31/3/2004 Bayer deals blow to GM crops - "huge blow" to GM lobby
31/3/2004 Blair loves Borlaug / Bayer have only themselves to blame
31/3/2004 GM furphy / Dear friends... love jim
31/3/2004 The monster is shackled! / a history of GM activism in the UK
30/3/2004 Bayer bins GM plan for UK - blames Beckett
30/3/2004 Campaign of pressure orchestrated against Angola
30/3/2004 Pharma rice for US/US cuts $400m in world food funding / Japanese want US to reject GM
29/3/2004 Angola Rejection Of GM Food Row / Uganda stirs GM anxiety
29/3/2004 Biofuels and GM / Wasting Time in a Cul-de-Sac
29/3/2004 Organic farming: A new boom in India
28/3/2004 'Safety Quacks' - Taverne quacks Furedi's tune in Prospect
28/3/2004 Astroturf's "Southern Missionaries" preaching biotech
28/3/2004 GM plant tracks land mines - under certain special conditions
28/3/2004 Ten reasons why farmers are concerned about GM crops
28/3/2004 Why the World Health Organization laughs at Britain's Food Standards Agency
27/3/2004 GM Cotton Increases Yields And Profits In India, says Monsanto commissioned study
27/3/2004 Highland GM battle inspires Indians
26/3/2004 Commons Fury as GM Rules Bill Blocked / 'GM crops are good for us' - NOT!
26/3/2004 Greenpeace activists occupy GM crop field
25/3/2004 GM maize sunk by Welsh Assembly / Pressure grows to stop GM in Scotland
25/3/2004 GM PR spreading falsehoods down-under
25/3/2004 More on Traavik witch-hunt + Pusztai on risk aversion
25/3/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 65
25/3/2004 US-NZ 'pharma' crop tie-in urged / NZ risks squandering opportunity of the century
25/3/2004 Victoria extends moratorium on GM crops
24/3/2004 Assembly still on course for a GM Free Wales
24/3/2004 Big Po (Son of Prak) struts his stuff for Big Norm
24/3/2004 Welsh plea to avoid party politics goes unheeded
23/3/2004 TT raves from the grave!
23/3/2004 Witch-hunt underway against Prof Traavik?
22/3/2004 India's Gene Campaign opposes import of GM rice into E.U. / Europe urged to reject modified rice
22/3/2004 Japanese consumers tell Canada to stop GM wheat / Local bodies may have right to compensation over GE errors
22/3/2004 Monsanto Indonesian Probe Widened Into Improper Payments
22/3/2004 Western Australia to officially ban the production of all GM food crops / Moratorium sought in Bulgaria
21/3/2004 Action Alert – Lobby Welsh Assembly members now to stop GM in UK
21/3/2004 Crucial vote on GM crop this Wednesday
20/3/2004 87% of buyers say “No!” to GM wheat / 1 million Japanese say no to GM wheat! / New GM wheat ads
20/3/2004 Biotech battle flares in state - "It was Monsanto then, and it is Monsanto again"
19/3/2004 Angola moves to ban GM products
19/3/2004 New profile of the US ag secretary Ann Veneman
19/3/2004 Prof Terje Traavik in his own words
18/3/2004 Embarrassing upset for Scottish Executive - only parliamentary peculiarity prevents GM being blocked across the whole UK
18/3/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 64
18/3/2004 Wambugu wambuzling again – says GM sweet potato a resounding success
17/3/2004 Final day to email Scottish members of Parliament / Munlochy
17/3/2004 Prof Joe Perry et al's 'sound science' - and other tales
17/3/2004 Standing up for the truth about GM food
16/3/2004 Dodgy deals and irresponsible care
16/3/2004 Downing St forced to reveal secret meetings
16/3/2004 Monsanto raises idea of U.S.-only GMO wheat release / the Averys
15/3/2004 GM supporters confronted in India
15/3/2004 Ministers face GM showdown in Scotland/HELP US WIN
15/3/2004 South Africa's regulatory shambles
14/3/2004 ALERT - Lobby Scottish Parliament - STOP GM!
13/3/2004 Hawaii's coffee industry unites against GM
13/3/2004 Scotland and Wales 'bullied' over GM crop veto
13/3/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 63
13/3/2004 U.S. State Dept. Promotes Biotech, Garners Critics
13/3/2004 US cuts off food aid to Sudan over GMOs
13/3/2004 USDA world survey shows widespread opposition to GM wheat
12/3/2004 Big firms dig in to Asian rice bowl
12/3/2004 Bogus Comparison in GM Maize Trial
12/3/2004 Damning new evidence that GM is unsafe - Special Parliamentary Briefing / Devinder Sharma in London
12/3/2004 GM Soy Found 'Guilty' by People's Court in Brazil
11/3/2004 Biotech icon bites the dust
11/3/2004 Mexico farmers seek funds to deal with GM corn
11/3/2004 MP pledges to pull up GM crops /Church of Scotland joins the critics
11/3/2004 Study says GM corn could invade Mexico
10/3/2004 BMA science director part of pro-GM lobby group / How the BMA report was fixed
10/3/2004 Philippines' groups warn politicians against endorsing GMOs
10/3/2004 Rift threatens planting / Government and industry divided over compensation
10/3/2004 Spin, lies and flawed science / Daily Mail on the BMA
10/3/2004 Vermont's Unanimous YES on biotech corporate liability and farmer protection
10/3/2004 Yesterday in Parliament - full text of statement and responses
9/3/2004 Bogus commercialisation?/What the science says - BBC/What Beckett actually said
9/3/2004 Church of England won't grow GM crops on its land
9/3/2004 George Monbiot on GM commercialisation - Starved of the truth
9/3/2004 Great GM hoax exposed
9/3/2004 UK government ignores science, Parliament and public concerns on GM crops
8/3/2004 Biotech critic denied tenure - Science in Society issue 21
8/3/2004 Children suffer fever and vomiting and their horses are dying...
8/3/2004 GM myths/Professor Orskov on Taverne
8/3/2004 GM Nation? You bet! - The conflicts driving commercialisation
8/3/2004 Scotland's betrayal - Executive criticsed for backing GM crops in England
7/3/2004 Brave New Transgenics
7/3/2004 Scotland defies Blair/Shocking new evidence of dangers/GM: the closer it gets, the louder the protests
6/3/2004 Delay GM crops, say groups speaking for 8m / Perry's work not "credible science" say MPs
6/3/2004 Monsanto Company Recognized as 'Best Multinational Company'
5/3/2004 Blair uniting the nation against him / No Basis for GM Approvals
5/3/2004 Canada Island May Boot GMO Crops / Mendocino rattles genetic engineering industry
5/3/2004 Food as a political weapon/Alexandria BS-fest/another response to Taverne
5/3/2004 GMO trade war escalates
5/3/2004 MPs warn against 'irresponsible' GM decision
5/3/2004 Responses to the Environmental Audit Committee report
4/3/2004 "Pa, There's Pig Vaccine In My Corn Bread!"/And GM pigs in the feed!
4/3/2004 Biotech industry to fight vote against altered crops
4/3/2004 Blair picks fight with the British people/FoE Hits Out at GM Scientists' lack of data/The wit and wisdom of Joe Perry
4/3/2004 New Labour spin operation underway - push for commercialisation
4/3/2004 Responses to Taverne - Sense and GM science
4/3/2004 Rotten to the Corp - corrupt politics and science
4/3/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 62 - and monthly review
4/3/2004 UN Environment Programme warns GMOs could pose a threat, urges caution
3/3/2004 Cows dance on Sainsbury's roof to launch national actions against GM animal feed
3/3/2004 Filipino islanders blame GM crop for mystery sickness
3/3/2004 India Pulls Punches on Biosafety/India Can Shine By Fighting Against Biopiracy
3/3/2004 The huge benefits of GM are being blocked by blind opposition - Taverne
3/3/2004 US scientists and others urge caution with GMOs
2/3/2004 GM will not solve world hunger - Catholic Institute for International Relations
2/3/2004 Government hiding behind Nuffield's dodgy dossier
1/3/2004 Eco-Traitor - Patrick Moore, a new profile
1/3/2004 FAO awardee nixes GMO crops