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31/3/2005 9 US states limit local control of GM seeds
31/3/2005 Brazil nuts / Veneman / WWF in Argentina / "Nuclear" Jack Cunningham's afterglow
31/3/2005 Yes to GMO-Free Zones Say Majority of Canadians
30/3/2005 EU Seeks Advice on Long-Term Effects of GMO Crops
30/3/2005 Massive conflict of interest of Brazil's biosafety committee
30/3/2005 Seed war - Farmers in Bt cotton trap
30/3/2005 Syngenta misled the world - European Commission must take immediate action
30/3/2005 Warning signs point to risks of GM foods
30/3/2005 World's largest rice miller and marketer opposes GM rice in Missouri
29/3/2005 Nigerian consumers reject GMOs / Conference rejects GMOs
29/3/2005 Now Syngenta needs to come clean about rogue corn's promoter and Cry proteins / DEFRA accused of key role in GM contamination cover-up
29/3/2005 Roundup Doesn't Poison Only Weeds - Le Monde
29/3/2005 Syngenta admits antibiotic-resistance genes in its rogue seeds
29/3/2005 The mirage of Golden Rice hype
28/3/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 116
25/3/2005 Biotech Crops Invade Latin America
25/3/2005 Biotech seeds pose a threat to organic farmers, environment
25/3/2005 Brazilian ministry protests GM approval/Lula signs Monsanto Law
25/3/2005 Rogue corn very different from approved corn - embargo on all US maize needed
24/3/2005 GM seeds burnt by more than 3000 tribal women in India
24/3/2005 Plants may inherit "secret stashes of genetic information"
24/3/2005 Recall Foods Contaminated by GM Corn
24/3/2005 Responses to Taverne/EU wants to know how to test for effects of GM crops - any offers?
24/3/2005 Terminator vista / Americans
24/3/2005 The Zambian response to Avery's "blood of starvation victims" smear
23/3/2005 Avery challenged over "blood of starvation victims" smear
23/3/2005 Experts' concern and alarm at US secrecy over unapproved seed in food supply
23/3/2005 Illegal corn went worldwide / GMO crop scandal shows industry out of control and culture of secrecy
23/3/2005 Japan to Monitor U.S. Corn Cargoes for Unapproved GM Strain
23/3/2005 Tons of experimental biotech corn inadvertently sent to farmers
23/3/2005 Zambia reaffirms its ban on GMOs - looks to alternatives
22/3/2005 European Commission slammed for lack of democracy and caution
22/3/2005 Poland to ban Monsanto's GM corn
22/3/2005 Tanzania / South Africa / How US ag policies are devastating Africa
22/3/2005 The end for GM crops
22/3/2005 Today in AgBioView - Money and Blood!
22/3/2005 US launches probe into sales of unapproved transgenic corn
21/3/2005 Latest FSE results / European GM crop coexistence recommendations legally flawed / Half Poland Declares Itself GM Free
21/3/2005 More about Extremists' protests halt GM crop trials
21/3/2005 Stop public subsidy of GMOs
21/3/2005 Transgenic crops take another knock/GM Crops 'Harm Wildlife'/Welsh farmers dismiss claim by GM firm's boss
21/3/2005 Veneman to take over UNICEF - protest!
20/3/2005 Fear of extremists kills off GM tests / Green groups 'deceive' / Real extremists exposed
20/3/2005 Monsanto's GM confidence trick - "healthier GM foods"
19/3/2005 Biotech firm rejects GM crop! / EU rejects new call for GM ban
19/3/2005 EC accused of "ongoing conspiracy" to suppress research on GM health hazards
19/3/2005 EU Commission to push for GMOs despite opposition
19/3/2005 Monsanto "hoodlum-like" says Argentine government
19/3/2005 Tanzania, Vermont, Japan seek farmer protection
18/3/2005 Defeat of GM Moratorium Bill Threatens Biotech
18/3/2005 Lord Taverne - that ol' time techno-religionist
18/3/2005 Missouri Breakdown? Biopharming risks boycott
18/3/2005 Order 81: "Crime Against Humanity"
18/3/2005 Pharma Rice in Missouri Threatens Food Supply
17/3/2005 Golden Rice is a technical failure standing in way of real solutions for vitamin A deficiency
17/3/2005 Monsanto finally abandons GM wheat... in so many words
17/3/2005 New revelations about bad performance of Bt cotton in India
17/3/2005 Review of all Bt cotton varieties urged in India / GEAC - Protector or Perpetrator?
17/3/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 115
16/3/2005 Avery says Benbrook has blood on his hands
16/3/2005 GM Trees - resources and article
16/3/2005 Kraft CEO Sees Nutrition Role for Biotech Foods - Accused of Double Standards
16/3/2005 Monsanto's President says UK farms "want to grow GM crops"! / Committee says Blair won't listen on GM
15/3/2005 Blackwashing Monsanto - The Uncle Tom award
15/3/2005 Farmers up in arms against GMOs draft policy
15/3/2005 Herbicide-resistant crops and weed resistance to herbicides
15/3/2005 New report on GM soya in Argentina
15/3/2005 New study overturns claimed wildlife benefits of GM crops
15/3/2005 Pusztai "gagged" on GM maize that caused rat abnormalities
14/3/2005 African consumers say NO TO GMOS / Rally in India / Jamaican campaigning intensifies
14/3/2005 Defending maize in Oaxaca, Mexico
14/3/2005 New Searchable Database on the Revolving Door and Biotech
14/3/2005 Use of Agent Orange Not A War Crime?
13/3/2005 Lord of Unreason - Part 2
13/3/2005 Lord of Unreason - Taverne, his pals and his book
12/3/2005 FAO funding GM projects in Iran? GM rice commercialisation planned in Iran?
11/3/2005 Lords of the Harvest / Farmers' rights - from Vermont to Iraq
11/3/2005 Science is in for a change at the top / Too much commerce 'harms science'
11/3/2005 Vietnam fury at Agent Orange case
11/3/2005 World Consumer Rights Day - Action and Resources
10/3/2005 Can GMOs End World Hunger? - Farmers, scientists and policy analyst from the developing world say no!
10/3/2005 Feeding the famine? Part 2
10/3/2005 India wins landmark battle against biopiracy
10/3/2005 Native Americans seek GM ban / CORE on the "hate-GM" campaign / Row in Germany
10/3/2005 No to MON810! - 13 EU countries support Austria to oppose GM maize!
10/3/2005 UK Firms Drop GMO Study, Seek to Boost Regular Seed
10/3/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 114
9/3/2005 Brazil - War Over Transgenics Returns to the Courts
9/3/2005 Farmers and others unhappy at Bt cotton approvals / India's Barefoot Reporters
9/3/2005 Feeding the famine? Part 1
9/3/2005 Pro-cloning LM lobbyist helping to regulate cloning!
9/3/2005 Rohan Prakash's "Norman wisdom" / Agent orange trickles down
9/3/2005 Safety concerns keep E. Asia consumers off GMO food
9/3/2005 The Zambia Experiment
8/3/2005 Austria raises questions over GM maize MON810
8/3/2005 Fahrenheit Agbiotech
8/3/2005 Stink bugs are eating Bt farmers' "lunch"
7/3/2005 PG Economics - a GM WATCH profile
7/3/2005 The scope for autonomy on GM in developing countries
6/3/2005 ACTION - EU must not deny its public the right to participate in GMO decision-making!
6/3/2005 World Consumer Rights Day focus on GMOs
5/3/2005 Changing the face of farming - nightmare vision has government backing
5/3/2005 Government-Monsanto nexus to cheat Indian farmers
5/3/2005 India's GM expansion raises questions of corruption
4/3/2005 New report slams Bt cotton
4/3/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 113
3/3/2005 Brazil OKs GM crop approval law
3/3/2005 Is the Indian government anti-farmer?
3/3/2005 Oz minister blasted / Secret GM sites revealed
3/3/2005 Public Research & Regulation Fraud!
3/3/2005 Urgent statement from Devinder Sharma on BT cotton approval
3/3/2005 Which Science or Scientists Can You Trust?
2/3/2005 Fighting the GM threat in Scotland and Wales
2/3/2005 Heartburn in the heartlands / Monsanto buys another seed company
2/3/2005 Mexico: Law on the Side of Transgenics?
1/3/2005 End of Brazil GMO ban
1/3/2005 Farmers overwhelmingly reject Monsanto proposal on GM hormone ban
1/3/2005 Iowa Bills Fight GM Free Zones and Farmer Choice/Iowa's wake-up call
1/3/2005 Monsanto turns the screw on farmers / Roundup hurts babies
1/3/2005 No Bt Cotton, No Pests! How cotton farmers are being fleeced
1/3/2005 Pharm Aid - contaminated U.S. aid shipments to Guatemala