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30/4/2004 Corporate science communicator humiliated
30/4/2004 GM maize fails again
30/4/2004 Public health warning: our leaders' seduction by science is dangerous
30/4/2004 The dumping-ground: Africa and GM food aid
29/4/2004 Appeals court sets aside $780,000 Monsanto award in dispute with farmer
29/4/2004 EU's Biggest Biotech Crop Banned
29/4/2004 Meacher calls for new GM inquiry / Irish farmers oppose GM crops
29/4/2004 Pro-GM farmers' leader "out of step" with other farmers
29/4/2004 Protest at Bayer's AGM / approval sought for another Monsanto maize
29/4/2004 Spanish GM soya blocked / US's first GMO labeling law / Oz farmers warn of US GM push
29/4/2004 The honesty of science is being compromised at every turn
29/4/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 70
28/4/2004 Evidence from the Soil Association to EFRA inquiry
28/4/2004 GMOS are dead - "The science has moved on"
28/4/2004 Neo-conservative extremists / Klaus Ammann / GM-free all over
28/4/2004 Scientists Call for Enquiry into GM Food Safety
28/4/2004 Spain withdraws GM maize!
27/4/2004 Attack of the gene giants
27/4/2004 Quebec's largest farmers union wants mandatory GM labels
27/4/2004 Seeds of Deception – UK tour
27/4/2004 Sign Chapela inquiry letter/latest news on tenure case
27/4/2004 Skipper arrested in dramatic blockade of GM soy ship
27/4/2004 US seeks a Billion Pounds from Europe over GM ban
26/4/2004 CGIAR turns to outsourcing for multinationals
26/4/2004 Greenpeace blocks GM shipment / Protests GM corn / 50% of Chinese consumers dislike GMOs
26/4/2004 Guilty! Public misled over end of GM moratorium in NZ
26/4/2004 No go for GMO, say Europe's farm ministers
26/4/2004 Sudan extends waiver on GM ban under US pressure
25/4/2004 Biotech Sentries - Genetic State
25/4/2004 JP Donleavy proclaims a GM-free Ireland
25/4/2004 Wide support at African conference for refusing GM maize
24/4/2004 Corporations Waging War on Biotech Critics, Independent Science
24/4/2004 Dirty tricks, corruption and empty promises - GM crops in Indonesia
24/4/2004 French experts very disturbed by health effects of Monsanto GM corn
24/4/2004 Health fears over GM corn as Britain backs US imports
24/4/2004 New reports of health problems in Philippines
23/4/2004 Famine and death in Africa the result of bans on GMOs
23/4/2004 First oil, now GMOs
23/4/2004 GM non-food crops will bring contamination
23/4/2004 Needless Tragedy In Angola - US exploiting GM food aid
23/4/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 69
22/4/2004 500 Italian Cities and 1000 French Mayors Go GM-FREE
22/4/2004 Activists board ship in Brazil / GM food? Not in my trolley!
22/4/2004 Going GM free all over
22/4/2004 The seduction of science
22/4/2004 U.S. Agriculture's Bullied Market
21/4/2004 GM banned by Venezuela's president - Monsanto's contract terminated
21/4/2004 GM Protest in Basque Autonomous Region
21/4/2004 Ronald McDonald quits over GM chicken feed
21/4/2004 The Dawn of McScience
21/4/2004 The Emperor’s ever-accelerating bandwagon – ISAAA hype
20/4/2004 Anti-GM campaign heightened/Farmer protests around the world / Lula's latest betrayal
20/4/2004 Berkeley protest - Tenure Justice Now! Important new website
20/4/2004 Farmers Protest at US/Canada Border
20/4/2004 Moore, Monsanto and BIO - "talented actors in the environmental arena"
20/4/2004 Response to Dr Kameshwar Rao from Dr Suman Sahai
19/4/2004 Contaminated seeds are no small problem / 'Bad Things' on pharma crops, GE etc.
19/4/2004 GM ship targeted
18/4/2004 Biotech's rich list / Lula sellout as rainforest disappears
18/4/2004 Great gene robbery II
17/4/2004 'Bush a Piker at Manipulating Science'
17/4/2004 Eco-Imperialism: Reflections on Earth Day in Washington
17/4/2004 GM rebellion spreading in America
17/4/2004 Immediate Global Ban of GM Food - 'A Call For Wisdom in World Agriculture'
16/4/2004 "Don't you know that DNA is just DNA is DNA?"
16/4/2004 GM soya 'miracle' turns sour in Argentina
16/4/2004 Lord Sainsbury's biotech firms hit the rocks
16/4/2004 The Sad Saga of Ignacio Chapela
16/4/2004 US Big Food lobby calls on WTO to take action on EU labeling/Brazil labels GM food
15/4/2004 Argentina's bitter harvest
15/4/2004 Despairing GM firms halt crop trials
15/4/2004 GM farmers "destroying neighbouring produce and causing sickness"
15/4/2004 Nightmare of the GM weeds
15/4/2004 Seed Giants Accused of Sabotage in Kenya
15/4/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 68
14/4/2004 German GM wheat trials continue despite crop destruction
14/4/2004 Prof Hillman blasts organic crops - again!
14/4/2004 The truth about Truth about Trade
14/4/2004 US and corporations "bigger threat than terror" in BBC global poll
11/4/2004 Vermont - House Passes Labeling Bill for GM Seeds / GMOs have contaminated Vermont
10/4/2004 Bird flu fear on GM chicken virus
10/4/2004 California rejects GM rice
10/4/2004 Undisclosed Affiliations - 'From genocide deniers to biotech apologists' - pt 4
9/4/2004 Evening Standard interview with Dr Mae-wan Ho
9/4/2004 Should India cultivate GM rice? / Tell Arnie to terminate pharma rice
8/4/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 67
7/4/2004 From genocide revisionists to biotech apologists – pt 3
7/4/2004 Going GM bananas all over again
7/4/2004 Lobby Canadian PM/agribiz giant warns Canada against GM wheat
7/4/2004 Rwanda, Sudan and beyond: lessons from Africa
7/4/2004 Stott's Mega-Rot
7/4/2004 Why did Bayer do it? / Marker assisted selection
6/4/2004 Brazil's Parana State Bans Monsanto, Basf Pesticides
6/4/2004 From genocide revisionists to biotech apologists – pt 2
6/4/2004 Global corporations: the new aristocracy - George Monbiot
5/4/2004 Genocide? What genocide? How historical revisionists became biotech apologists - pt 1
5/4/2004 Melchett on objections to GM
4/4/2004 'GM will never be grown in Britain'
4/4/2004 'No market' for GM canola / Rules may halt GM canola to China
4/4/2004 AgBioView co-founder takes money from Monsanto
3/4/2004 America’s drug producing GM rice should be blocked
3/4/2004 Blair suffers his greatest ever defeat
2/4/2004 Biotech industry "stunned and amazed" by GM meltdown
2/4/2004 Defiant Dr Little predicts acres of GM crops within decade, say Bayer
2/4/2004 Grateful and humble / Time to party!
2/4/2004 Thought for Food / India OKs GM Cotton
1/4/2004 Bayer share price down/3 important ACTION ALERTS/Germany says restaurant food must be labelled
1/4/2004 Big Norm praises Blair / Michael Meacher on Seeds of Deception / Guardian on Bayer pull-out
1/4/2004 Gene Ecology taking off/Scientists slam Bush again/US regs inadequate
1/4/2004 GM food crops in Australia "on hold indefinitely"/GM crop moratorium demanded in India
1/4/2004 Oz - Gene Giants face meltdown as GM snuffed out in yet another State
1/4/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH NUMBER 66 - and monthly review