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30/4/2005 Desperate Monsanto hires Bollywood star as "brand ambassador"!
30/4/2005 Public In the Dark as Illegal GM Corn Enters Food
30/4/2005 The ethics of science and its reportage - Dr Suman Sahai
29/4/2005 Biotech firm on the run - again!
29/4/2005 GM rice hype deja vu
29/4/2005 New Study Points to Source of GM Rice Contamination in China
28/4/2005 BIO-IPR Resource Pointer
28/4/2005 Eco-savvy village shows the way / Encouragement and disdain for "societal transformers"
28/4/2005 EU ministers reject GM ingredient, again
28/4/2005 Monsanto versus Farmers
28/4/2005 Satheesh slams Qaim and Zilberman's corporate science
28/4/2005 US Government and Biotech Firm Deceive Public on GM Corn Mix-up
28/4/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 121
28/4/2005 Why put human genes in rice?
27/4/2005 Farm bodies cry foul over GEAC stand on Bt cotton
27/4/2005 Farmers' anger over GM's 'undue influence'
27/4/2005 Free Thailand's GM Papaya Activists!
27/4/2005 India's regulatory hoax slammed / USDA hoax exposed
27/4/2005 Japan Biotech Qualms - US Corn Grower Official
27/4/2005 Krebs comes a cropper / New LM WATCH blog
27/4/2005 Monsanto & co. want to control Bangladeshi agriculture / Don't Rush GMO Use in Tanzania
27/4/2005 Response to latest Qaim and Zilberman "fairytale"
26/4/2005 Conned with corn - the scramble for Africa is on
26/4/2005 EU calls on states to end GM bans / No GM field trials in UK - official!
26/4/2005 Fighting back in the Punjab
26/4/2005 Firm races against clock to plant rice in Missouri
26/4/2005 GE Hypocrisy - Syngenta's patents on rice
26/4/2005 GM lobby "unbelievably stupid or deliberately lying", says geneticist
25/4/2005 EU lab OKs testing method for rogue corn (Bt10)
25/4/2005 Farmers rally to protest genetic rice / More on Monsanto and Illinois
25/4/2005 Making the world hungry for GM crops
25/4/2005 New USAID briefing - full text - recommended reading!
24/4/2005 Bitter Harvest - listen online
24/4/2005 Carcasses of GM animals threaten water sources
24/4/2005 GM industry puts human gene into rice
24/4/2005 Monsanto's black-washers take ExxonMobil's gold
24/4/2005 The pox may be on you - GM resurrection of deadly scourge
23/4/2005 GMOs: Kenya puts the cart before the horse
22/4/2005 Biotech Pope
22/4/2005 Concern Grows in India Over New Bt Cotton Approvals
22/4/2005 Devinder Sharma exposes USDA hype
22/4/2005 Schmeiser exposes Wager's industry spin
22/4/2005 Tanzania suspends GM cotton plans but growing GM tobacco
21/4/2005 Landmark Liability Bill Moves on in California
21/4/2005 New coalition against GE launched in India / Global Week of Action
21/4/2005 Say No to Monsanto indoctrinating children - letter to Brazil
21/4/2005 Statement by Ignacio Chapela
21/4/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 120
21/4/2005 Women farmers call on ICRISAT to shut down its gene banks
21/4/2005 Zambia's Door Stays Shut to GMOs as Drought Takes Hold
20/4/2005 "Illegal channels of influence" on UC Berkeley - more Chapela coverage
20/4/2005 Anti-GM sentiment in Africa on increase
20/4/2005 Excellent summary of EU's emergency measures for rogue maize
20/4/2005 GM election pledges
20/4/2005 Monsanto entering Brazil's schools - protest!
20/4/2005 Monsanto subpoenaed by Illinois Attorney General General
20/4/2005 Rumpus Over GMOs in Africa
19/4/2005 Chapela sues "the people who have bastardized" the university
19/4/2005 Is industrially produced food the new killer? - Devinder Sharma
19/4/2005 Racism, fraud and retaliation - Chapela accuses UC Berkeley
19/4/2005 Storm of protest in India against Bt crops / Halt approval for Mahyco-Monsanto
18/4/2005 America's "Unbelievable Sloppiness!" caused GM corn blockade, says German Minister
18/4/2005 Farmers from across Asia say NO to genetic engineering
18/4/2005 GM cul de sac - JIC's strategic blunder
18/4/2005 Monsanto's "lie of the century" - PV Satheesh
18/4/2005 Stalking Genetically Modified Corn
17/4/2005 US sent banned corn to Europe for four years
16/4/2005 Melchett on Krebs
16/4/2005 NYT on rogue rice / More on rogue corn
16/4/2005 Plans Scrapped For Growing GM Rice In Bootheel
16/4/2005 Russian scientists call for tougher controls over GMOs
15/4/2005 Agribusiness Targets State Legislators to Pre-empt Local Laws on Seeds
15/4/2005 Big news - EU nations agree to ban suspect U.S. corn gluten
15/4/2005 Block illegal maize imports, say NGOs across Europe
15/4/2005 Courting Armageddon
15/4/2005 EU Clashes with U.S. / De facto ban on maize feeds
15/4/2005 FDA Critics Cite Food Safety Concerns
15/4/2005 Japan Wary of Making New Purchases of U.S. Corn / UK Backs Ban
15/4/2005 Krebs lets rip / Taverne trashed in the FT / More on GM crop scientist's concerns
14/4/2005 Andhra Pradesh Govt Slams Bt Cotton
14/4/2005 Chapela takes legal action
14/4/2005 Guardian - Unlicensed GM rice may be in UK food chain
14/4/2005 U.S. awash with experimental GM crops - new report
14/4/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 119
13/4/2005 Don't rely on Uncle Sam, says Nature/Illegal and Undetectable
13/4/2005 EU set to ban US maize feed - all imports could be halted "for weeks"
13/4/2005 EU states want all US shipments certified free of rogue maize
13/4/2005 Food safety spawns public concern in China
13/4/2005 Global crisis as illegality spirals out of control - India, China, US... the world
13/4/2005 Illegal GM rice went worldwide + detailed briefing
13/4/2005 India delays Monsanto licences / Bt cotton almost total failure - study
13/4/2005 Major scandal - Illegal GM rice contaminates food chain
12/4/2005 3 million shortfall at John Innes Centre
12/4/2005 Bt cotton ruined Andhra Pradesh farmers/Bt cotton fiasco
12/4/2005 Cloned Cows Yummy and Safe
12/4/2005 EU should not punish US over rogue corn - USDA
12/4/2005 US's biggest rice buyer to boycott Missouri's
11/4/2005 European governments can fine Syngenta, says EU spokesman
11/4/2005 More Monsanto GM cotton hype in India
11/4/2005 Ruling Congress Party's farmers council wants permanent ban on GMOs / Sonia Gandhi defends farmers' rights on seeds
11/4/2005 Update - EU Mulls US Trade Ban in Illegal GMO Import Row
9/4/2005 Indians to protest 'anti-poor' global trade system and GM foods
9/4/2005 Senate considers 'biopharm' crops ban / EPA pulls plug on unethical study
8/4/2005 "GM Crops are Scientifically Unsound," says former GM crop scientist
8/4/2005 EU mulls U.S. trade ban in illegal GMO import row / Syngenta fined
8/4/2005 GM WATCH SPECIAL: AgBioWorld paints it black
8/4/2005 Help Pass the Vermont Farmer Protection Act
8/4/2005 John Innes Centre in funding crisis - 10% of jobs to go
8/4/2005 Prakash has a make-over! AgBioWorld paints it black
7/4/2005 Black-washing the GM Food Debate
7/4/2005 Contamination by Experimental GM Crops Should Not be 'Found Acceptable'
7/4/2005 UN Environment Programme peddling crude propaganda for GM
7/4/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 118
6/4/2005 Biotech industry threats backfire in Vermont - GMO liability bill passes 26-1
6/4/2005 Collusion and cover up in illegal maize scandals
6/4/2005 South American ministers refuse Monsanto royalty plan
6/4/2005 Syngenta's GM goof temporarily slows Japanese demand for corn
6/4/2005 Tanzania blitzed by US and GM lobby
5/4/2005 Roundup highly lethal to amphibians - may explain global decline
5/4/2005 Scientists Rubbish Official Claim GM Corn is Safe / Syngenta's GM Maize Scandals
4/4/2005 'Aliens in the field' - BBC World - film on GM in the South/Free CD lecture on GM
4/4/2005 Nike & other MNCs to support GM Free India / Bt cotton losses / Draft biotech policy draws criticism
4/4/2005 Norman Ellstrand - Good enough for U.S., good enough for Mexico?
4/4/2005 Stop GM smallpox!
3/4/2005 Food watchdog pro-GM and 'biased against organic food', says its own review
3/4/2005 Genetic colonialism - 'The Monsanto Law' - An unwelcome crop takes root
3/4/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 117
2/4/2005 'Battle America' - GMO liability bill advances / Can pharma rice be contained
2/4/2005 Taverne blasted - "A little knowledge and a lot of bombast are dangerous"
2/4/2005 US officials fret over South Korea's response to GM corn mix-up
1/4/2005 1000 tonnes of illegal GM maize entered European food chain
1/4/2005 Bt Cotton In Punjab: Lesson In Effective PR/Organic farming takes hold in Rajasthan
1/4/2005 Joint US-UK cover-up alleged over GM maize
1/4/2005 Syngenta: Incompetent Science Covered by Public Relations Smokescreen
1/4/2005 The 'bad idea virus' - Iraq and the biotech invasion