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30/4/2006 GM trees are being grown secretly in UK
29/4/2006 Mortality in Sheep Flocks after grazing on Bt Cotton fields Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh
28/4/2006 Market loss and contamination: GM papaya in Hawaii
28/4/2006 Poland bans sale of GM seeds
27/4/2006 India needs GMO-free policy, government told
27/4/2006 Mass fasting agitation / Battle over Bt cotton hots up
27/4/2006 More on Lord Sainsbury and the Blair sleaze scandal
27/4/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 173
26/4/2006 "Major Step Forward" Seen in DuPont Shareholder Vote
26/4/2006 GM protestors arrested as EU opposition radicalises
26/4/2006 GMO bill tough on manufacturers
26/4/2006 Nuziveedu says Monsanto made it rip off poor farmers
26/4/2006 Salvage prospect for 'junk' DNA
26/4/2006 University of Guelph fights Suzuki criticism
25/4/2006 Clean up Westminster / Westminster in the dock / Donald Rumsfeld Makes $5 Million from Biotech Firm's Shares
25/4/2006 GMOs a risky investment
25/4/2006 Monsanto: Monster Stock, or Just Plain Monster?
25/4/2006 Retract this paper - It's a disgrace to science - part 1
25/4/2006 Retract this paper - part 2
25/4/2006 Satheesh's full piece / Farmer suicide on rise
24/4/2006 India's death dance demonstrates Green Revolution failure
24/4/2006 Satheesh on labellling in India
24/4/2006 The Environmental Costs of Biofuel
22/4/2006 More Illnesses Linked to Bt Crops
22/4/2006 Useful news roundup from AgBiotechNet
21/4/2006 Biotechnology: Still Fueling Controversy
21/4/2006 GMOs, biofuels and the Third World
21/4/2006 Poland Set to Approve Gene Crop Ban Despite EU
20/4/2006 Directing our food future
20/4/2006 Herbicide resistant weeds hitting US cotton farmers
20/4/2006 Mandatory labelling in India / Farmers seek action against Monsanto
20/4/2006 Sign the petition to clean up Blair's sleaze
20/4/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 172
19/4/2006 Evidence of harm from GMOs growing
19/4/2006 Famished road paved with Monsanto's hype
18/4/2006 "We do not want GMOs" say Africa's farmers
18/4/2006 Austria Could be Target of EU Wrath Over GMO Ban
18/4/2006 Destitute and dying on India's farms
18/4/2006 EC approved GM crops despite safety fears
18/4/2006 New documents reveal EU Commission's double standards
14/4/2006 Good Friday - Murdered by Monsanto?
14/4/2006 Good Friday - Pope condemns "genetic manipulation"
13/4/2006 68% lower incomes - study / Bollywood star backs away from Monsanto
13/4/2006 68% lower incomes for Bt Cotton farmers in Maharashtra: MEC report PART 1
13/4/2006 Bt Cotton in Maharashtra: MEC report PART 2
13/4/2006 Bt Cotton in Maharashtra: MEC report PART 3
13/4/2006 Monsanto seed facility occupied in France
13/4/2006 Monsanto under fire in Mexico
13/4/2006 Sharad Pawar is responsible for farmers' suicides
13/4/2006 U.S. Interior Dept. sued over GMO plantings
13/4/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 171
12/4/2006 Bt10 contamination went unchecked by FSA
12/4/2006 Clinton's GM recipe to feed armies of the hungry
12/4/2006 European Commission slaps its own food safety body
12/4/2006 GM drug trial disaster / Eternal life battle / Echoes of Hwang
11/4/2006 BIO 2006: A fly in the ointment in Chicago
11/4/2006 EU Commissioners must heed Council critics / WTO analysis + date for final ruling
11/4/2006 EU set to reopen GM debate
11/4/2006 Monsanto indicted for monopoly practices
11/4/2006 The US battles for hearts and mouths in Asia
11/4/2006 There is an alternative - Le Monde diplomatique
10/4/2006 25,000 protest against GM in Andhra Pradesh
10/4/2006 Europe: not in our fields - Le Monde diplomatique
10/4/2006 GM foods condemned in global marches
10/4/2006 India - GM imports to be labelled
10/4/2006 Major losses with Monsanto's GM soy in Brazil
10/4/2006 Mali: not on my farm
10/4/2006 Watchdog fails on GM food: Oz agriculture minister
10/4/2006 Yes Men take on Dow, Monsanto, nanotech, etc.
8/4/2006 Events today! Joint International GM Opposition Day
7/4/2006 Research raising serious concerns about GMOs
7/4/2006 US Ambassador's "letter bomb" to chief minister
6/4/2006 EU Caution Puts Brakes on GM Food Legislation / Poland Eyes Ban on GMO Plantings
6/4/2006 European GMO conference - A missed opportunity
6/4/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 170
5/4/2006 Calamitous GM drug trial raises questions about modern science
5/4/2006 Coexistence? What coexistence?! / Clashes over EU biotech policy
5/4/2006 EU Commissioner's speech on GMO coexistence
5/4/2006 Safety checks on GMOs flawed: EU environment chief
5/4/2006 WTO Verdict On GMOs - Indian Farmers' Leader Present Views To Lamy
4/4/2006 Bt cotton farmers earn 68% lower incomes, new study says
4/4/2006 EU Commission questions reliability of test for Syngenta's rogue Bt10 maize
4/4/2006 GM and the WTO ruling - All that glitters ...
4/4/2006 GM Contamination in Spain: A Warning for Europe
3/4/2006 Freedom of choice for whom?
3/4/2006 More GM rice found in Heinz products
2/4/2006 BIO 2006 - The Chicago Convention
2/4/2006 Organic cotton beats Bt Cotton
2/4/2006 WTO, GMO and Total Spectrum Dominance
1/4/2006 Analysis of the decision of the recent 3rd Meeting of the Parties (MOP-3) to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
1/4/2006 Family farmers in Sweden strongly oppose GMOs