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30/4/2007 Down on the pharm in the UK
30/4/2007 GM seed stranded at Chilean seaport
30/4/2007 Illegal GM maize enters EU through Ireland
30/4/2007 No-so-revolutionary PR
30/4/2007 Sudan to release Darfur-bound aid
29/4/2007 UN facing a backlash on emissions action plan
28/4/2007 "Genes Are Not For Sale" - successful anti-GM counter-conference
28/4/2007 For sale - our genes, ourland, our places of knowledge
28/4/2007 Illegal GM maize found in Rotterdam port
28/4/2007 Judge mulls making alfalfa ban permanent
27/4/2007 GM-contaminated rice affects 6 European countries
27/4/2007 Landmark law bans GMOs in Negros Occidental, Philippines
27/4/2007 Leading Cypriot politician calls for total GM ban
26/4/2007 Crackdown urged on modified foods
26/4/2007 Durkin row and SMC bias
26/4/2007 Maandoverzicht No. 43 - Nederlandse vertaling
26/4/2007 Monthly Review No. 43 in German
26/4/2007 Proposed laws 'to release untested GMOs'
26/4/2007 Row as Sudan blocks 'GM' food aid
25/4/2007 Bees vanish, and scientists race for reasons
25/4/2007 Plea to farmer to pull out of GM trial
24/4/2007 "Our land isn't a laboratory" / Call for honesty from BASF and DEFRA
24/4/2007 Consumers Call for Ban on Growth Hormone in Milk
24/4/2007 Pharma rice not the solution to diarrhoea
24/4/2007 Scientists or Living Marxists?
23/4/2007 "Campaign against Bt cotton is motivated"
23/4/2007 EU may take two years to develop biotech crop rules
23/4/2007 Indian government refuses to divulge details of GM field trials
23/4/2007 Monsanto Demands Ban On Honesty
22/4/2007 "Blair's Britain makes me sick" - Michael Meacher
22/4/2007 Co-existence? Carte blanche to big biotech
22/4/2007 Protestors plant GM trial site with organic potatoes
21/4/2007 Monsanto fumes over milk labels
21/4/2007 Non-GM spuds planted at test site in protest
21/4/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 213
20/4/2007 Researchers claim negative effect of GM sugar beet can be mitigated
20/4/2007 Tribes seek limit on wild rice bioengineering
19/4/2007 Biowatch Heads Back to Court Over Monsanto
19/4/2007 Disease incidence increasing in GM cotton in Oz
19/4/2007 Malaysia to Enforce Labelling of GM Foods
19/4/2007 Multi-acre GM wheat trial madness in Oz
19/4/2007 Science Media Centre - presenting personal opinions as scientific findings
19/4/2007 Showdown over UC-BP pact nearing / Science for sale
19/4/2007 Who writes Prof Thompson's script?
18/4/2007 BIO commends USTR for U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement
18/4/2007 GMO Alfalfa Will Devastate Organic Dairy Industry
18/4/2007 Malaysia-U.S. stand-off over GMOs in free trade talks
18/4/2007 New films confront GM crops
18/4/2007 Science Media Centre behind pro-GM anti-organic hype
18/4/2007 Scientists make non-GM salt-tolerance breakthrough
17/4/2007 Interview with former GM scientist on GM potato trials
16/4/2007 Complaint about Science Media Centre and the LM group
16/4/2007 Scientist says GE crops don't live up to promise
14/4/2007 Greeks ban more GM corn and block Chinese rice
14/4/2007 Indian Government forced to make public all GM safety data
14/4/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 212
13/4/2007 Correction - ACTION ALERT - urge EU ag ministers to protect organic
13/4/2007 Farmer rejects GM crops support claim
13/4/2007 Staving off GMO invasion of organic island
13/4/2007 Zambia adopts biosafety law as safeguard against GMOs
12/4/2007 "We're all Monsanto's guinea pigs now"
12/4/2007 Demonstrators disrupt GM hearing
11/4/2007 European Commission to support failing GM crop sector
11/4/2007 GM mutatoes - website / grid refs / consultation
11/4/2007 Interview with Monbiot on the LM group
11/4/2007 Protest at ICRISAT against GMOs
10/4/2007 Latest in case before India's Supreme Court
9/4/2007 6.5 million farmers want to join case against GMOs
9/4/2007 Documents show S. Korean government lying over trade-off with US on GMOs
9/4/2007 Extracts from important official report on GM regulation in India
9/4/2007 GM body flouting law, says official report
9/4/2007 Korean, Vietnamese defoliant victims join forces against Monsanto-Dow
9/4/2007 Pusztai reviews What's In Your Milk?
9/4/2007 West Africa: Civil Society Rejects ECOWAS Plan for Biotech
8/4/2007 How to confine the plants of the future?
7/4/2007 And meanwhile in Vidharbha - P. Sainath on Bt cotton and farm suicides
7/4/2007 Happy Easter - what's in your milk chocolate?
6/4/2007 Asian peasants and scientists: NO to Genetically-engineered Rice
6/4/2007 Bt cotton a total fiasco - farmers' leader
6/4/2007 Opposition to GMOs in Russia, Lithuania and Croatia
6/4/2007 Street protests as IRRI told "Get out of Asia!"
6/4/2007 TAKE ACTION on loss of honeybees!
5/4/2007 Monsanto Wants Feds to Silence Dairies
5/4/2007 Monsanto's GM soya comes to Chile
5/4/2007 South Korea agrees to nix testing U.S. GM crops?
5/4/2007 Syngenta urged to reconsider GM corn seed sales
4/4/2007 Access denied to data on safety tests of GM crops
4/4/2007 GM Rides Again - BBC prog on pharma crops tonight
4/4/2007 GM Rides Again on TV too - chance to preview and discuss
4/4/2007 Indigenous Communities Pledge to Protect Rice in East Malaysia
3/4/2007 Pew-USDA report intended to weaken GM regulation
3/4/2007 Roundup resistance threat to U.S. cotton industry
2/4/2007 Calls for Bt cotton seed ban in Andhra Pradesh
2/4/2007 Important article on GM mosquitoes and malaria
2/4/2007 Japanese and Cambodian farmers say "No!" to GM rice
1/4/2007 Prof Schubert on cloning
1/4/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 211