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18/4/2008 GM crop ban extended indefinitely in SA
18/4/2008 How to address the food crisis
18/4/2008 Let GM crops flourish across the globe
17/4/2008 BASF ready for lawsuit against EU
17/4/2008 Behind the label: Roundup
17/4/2008 French Senate approves GMO law
17/4/2008 GM can save us!
17/4/2008 Illegal GM crop trials in West Bengal
17/4/2008 Last Chance to Shut Door on GM Humans
17/4/2008 The unintended consequences of genetic engineering
16/4/2008 Change in farming can feed world without GM
16/4/2008 GM Failures Continue
16/4/2008 GM foods 'not the answer' to world's food shortage
16/4/2008 The crazy world of GM and biofuels
15/4/2008 4000 scientists say GM Crops no silver bullet for hunger
15/4/2008 Anti-GM protest in Delhi
15/4/2008 No role for GM in solving poverty and hunger
15/4/2008 Reinventing agriculture
14/4/2008 GM Watch - attacks and other problems!
13/4/2008 WEEKLY WATCH number 247
12/4/2008 Black Ops on Green Groups
11/4/2008 Anti-GM action 'terrorism' / Activists freed
11/4/2008 GE Push Could Prompt Civil Conflict in NZ
11/4/2008 GM and Phorm
11/4/2008 GM lactoferrin manufacturer criticized over food plans
10/4/2008 Chief minister of Kerala rejects GM hype
10/4/2008 French GMO bill passes lower house
10/4/2008 GMO protesters deported
10/4/2008 Help stop Monsanto's attacks on US farmers
10/4/2008 New alert issues over contaminated rice
10/4/2008 New report shows GM crops do not yield more
9/4/2008 Anti-GE activists released, but passports kept
9/4/2008 News from USA / France / Iraq / Africa
9/4/2008 Peak weed-killer?
9/4/2008 Protests across India against GM crops
9/4/2008 Show GM food data, says court
8/4/2008 Anti-GM Rice Activists Arrested in Jakarta
8/4/2008 Ban GM crops / Release full info
8/4/2008 How the science media failed the IAASTD
8/4/2008 Let the World Learn From Our Experience with GMOs
8/4/2008 Protests against GM seeds
8/4/2008 Some sanity about wormy corn!
7/4/2008 GM-free market etc.
7/4/2008 IAASTD's new and improved green revolution
7/4/2008 Protests against GMOs in India
7/4/2008 Warning to takeaways over GM ingredients
6/4/2008 WEEKLY WATCH number 246
5/4/2008 'Political victory' on GMOs in France
5/4/2008 FORCE FEEDING? GM's Impact on the Global South - Third edition
4/4/2008 Arguments against biotech for citizens
4/4/2008 GM canola approval process corrupt
4/4/2008 Monsanto or us?
3/4/2008 Farmers may face legal action over GM crops
3/4/2008 IAASTD - Don't be taken in by GM hype
3/4/2008 Monsanto doubles the price of Roundup
3/4/2008 Monsanto's patchwork plan to deny consumer choice
3/4/2008 Poisoned By Monsanto's PCBs
3/4/2008 Re: Monsanto doubles the price of Roundup
2/4/2008 Family farmers rally in the state of Monsanto
2/4/2008 Farmers warn against importing rice from US
2/4/2008 French parliament kicks off debate on GMOs
2/4/2008 GM seeds can 'last for 10 years'
2/4/2008 Monsanto's Harvest of Fear - Vanity Fair
2/4/2008 The battle over GM corn in Mexico
1/4/2008 'Goodbye GMOs' in US and Sweden
1/4/2008 25,000 demonstrate across France against GMOs
1/4/2008 Report on GM crops 'a joke'
1/4/2008 Sustainable agriculture without GMOs
1/4/2008 Unintended GM health risks