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30/5/2003 Showdown in Sacramento? Bush's Biotech Bullies Vs. The World
29/5/2003 Blow to US as Egypt pulls out of modified crops case/Support for U.S. WTO challenge an embarrassment to Canadians
29/5/2003 Bush - 'the appalling reality'
29/5/2003 Cropgen response to ActionAid report
29/5/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 28
28/5/2003 "Sir John's anti-organic prejudice is matched by his love of GMOs"
28/5/2003 CWB Asks Monsanto to Put the Brakes on Roundup Ready Wheat
28/5/2003 Egypt withdraws from WTO GM complaint
28/5/2003 GM crops of no benefit to poor, says ActionAid
28/5/2003 New treaty on GMO trade set to come into force/Philippine Senate to hold another public hearing on GMOs
28/5/2003 Patrick Mulvany/Action Aid/WTO vs Cartagena Biosafety Protocol
28/5/2003 Suman Sahai bites back
27/5/2003 Anti-GM protest at biotech conference/EU blasts back at Bush over biotech food
27/5/2003 Bayer sold HIV-risky products to the South, infecting thousands
27/5/2003 Fischler to unveil key GMO recommendations
27/5/2003 Genetic revolution comes apart at the seams
27/5/2003 Royal Society urges long-term GM crop monitoring
26/5/2003 Attack on food safety chief for GM crop 'bias'
26/5/2003 Does 20/20s John Stossel Deserve a Promotion?
26/5/2003 EU aides say Bush biotech crop attack unjustified/US exploits hungry/Zambia stops distribution of food aid
26/5/2003 India's regulator forced out by pro-GM lobby
23/5/2003 All the news that's fit to link
23/5/2003 Food Standards Agency condemned again over GM bias
23/5/2003 Meacher rages at Krebs' inaction on organic food
23/5/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 27
22/5/2003 Bush slams Europe over GM crops for Africa
22/5/2003 European Parliament's Environment Committee calls for legislation on co-existence
22/5/2003 How the Third World was sold Short
22/5/2003 On tour with TJ Buthelezi & Dubya
21/5/2003 Hunger strike against GM food ends today
21/5/2003 Monsanto ducking and diving in Indonesia
21/5/2003 US ties GM food to AIDS assistance – More ‘GM or die’
21/5/2003 What's really going on in Makhatini - welcome to the debt trap
20/5/2003 Around 17,000 children work for Monsanto
20/5/2003 Call to action/Oz – GM fears growing among farmers
20/5/2003 GMO protest outside Nestle plant/Cloned meat OK/EU takes 12 member states to court over GMO law /To the conqueror goes the “spoils”
20/5/2003 Meacher admits GM crops threaten organic output/evidence of harm
20/5/2003 Prakash versus the hunger strike
20/5/2003 US uses GM foods in first assault of EU trade battle
20/5/2003 USDA accused of selling toxic corn
20/5/2003 Was it worth it?
19/5/2003 Australia's largest farmers' group supports ban on GM crops/GM food worries grow in Canada/GM food ban would be 'illegal' - Meacher
19/5/2003 Brazil militants invade Monsanto biotech test farm/Hundreds Protest Modified Foods at Forum
19/5/2003 GM seeds lower cotton quality
19/5/2003 Makatini Flats: the lie that GE crops are good for Africa
19/5/2003 Monsanto and US Aid-funded lobby group blocking anti-Bt corn bills
19/5/2003 Monsanto and WTO/US pushing GMOs 'institutionally' in India
18/5/2003 Arrests in St Louis
18/5/2003 Praskash and Conko's claim "unsubstantiated and false"
17/5/2003 GM foods: Towards an apocalypse
16/5/2003 Ag Minister cancels dialogue with hunger strikers and refuses moratorium
16/5/2003 Background briefing on farm scale evaluations is media manipulation
16/5/2003 Organic Farms Contaminated by Transgenic Organisms
16/5/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 26
16/5/2003 U.S. WTO Dispute Could Bend Poor Nations to GMOs
15/5/2003 Breakthrough on environmental liability in European Parliament/Email your US Ambassador now
15/5/2003 Family farmers denounce U.S./Hunger strike highlights GMO issues
15/5/2003 Have your say in the UK's GM debate
15/5/2003 The GM cotton flop show
14/5/2003 American continues hunger strike vs Bt corn
14/5/2003 GM products 'slip into foods'
14/5/2003 NZ government "misguided" and "inept" on its US support
14/5/2003 US loses Africa in its food fight/GM trade war – who decides what we eat?
13/5/2003 'Protest' Planned Against Greenpeace's 'Eco-Manslaughter'
13/5/2003 Glyphosate not breaking down - threatening drinking water
13/5/2003 Hunger strikers have new evidence against transgenic corn
13/5/2003 Monsanto reaps some anger/Farmers taking GM fight to Ottawa/Moratorium sought in Colorado
12/5/2003 Argentina alarmed by GM rules/Row over FAO GM proposal/labels and choice
12/5/2003 GMO hunger strikers to go to Palace
12/5/2003 National Trust bans GM crops
11/5/2003 Cave find questions GM safety
11/5/2003 International farmers movement issues call to action
10/5/2003 Multinationals - Penny Starting To Drop With British Farmers
9/5/2003 Disease Labs Spread Across US/St Louis police get set to deal with protesters
9/5/2003 Food Standards Agency hides unanimous findings of citizens’ jury that GM crops should not be grown in the UK now
9/5/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 25
9/5/2003 US will go to WTO/Farmer jailed because of dispute with Monsanto/Monsanto's patents to be challenged in supreme court
8/5/2003 Australia rejects GE food crops
8/5/2003 Bateson and the RS claim public misled by anti-GM campaigners
8/5/2003 Greens accuse Commission of snubbing them at GM hearing
8/5/2003 Hunger strikers - day 17: We accept no compromise against GMOs
8/5/2003 Meacher to Attend Launch of Independent Science Panel/'Running Priest' joins fast
8/5/2003 Swiss vote for moratorium till 2010/Help stop Monsanto wheat/EU health rules prove harmful to U.S. multinationals
7/5/2003 EU Panel Blocks Genetic Exports Without Consent
7/5/2003 FSA slated by its Consumer Committee
7/5/2003 Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta exploiting child labour in India, says report/Poor, but pedicured
7/5/2003 More groups support anti-Bt corn hunger strikers
7/5/2003 Pusztai raises new GM fears/Pusztai to speak in London May 10
4/5/2003 Advancing the commercial interests of American grain companies
4/5/2003 Confronting the Biotech Engine
4/5/2003 Scientists call on Arroyo to declare moratorium
3/5/2003 Concerns over refuge size - Nature Biotechnology
3/5/2003 Europe sees sharp decline in GMO research - Nature Biotechnology
3/5/2003 Hunger strikers get more support
2/5/2003 GMWATCH number 9
1/5/2003 Devinder Sharma KOs Alex Avery
1/5/2003 Genetic test blunders risk needless abortions