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31/5/2005 Comments on the Pusztai reports
31/5/2005 Farmers say halt GM cotton sales
31/5/2005 GM crops only sold by force and subterfuge
31/5/2005 Monsanto agrees to release of feeding study evaluations
31/5/2005 NZ govt a laughing stock - "An international embarrassment"
30/5/2005 36 Organic Mega-Countries vs ISAAA's inflated figures
30/5/2005 Canada Rapped for 'Censoring' Biotech Critics / NZ tries to weaken biosafety protocol
30/5/2005 GM crops contaminate fields and food around the world
30/5/2005 GM Food and human health - Devinder Sharma
30/5/2005 Italy calls for independent EU research on GMOs
30/5/2005 Legal move to make EU publish GM test results / Results of secret GM study entered into Congressional record
30/5/2005 Russians reject GM foods
29/5/2005 Bad Money and good science / Being a heretic's a bad move
29/5/2005 Illegal GM maize should be returned to the USA
28/5/2005 More on Study Confirming Failure of Bt Cotton
27/5/2005 Big Food Strikes Back / GM crop-ban headed for state Senate vote
27/5/2005 Blair backs biotech - again!
27/5/2005 South African GM success that never was - new study
27/5/2005 Stomach lesions and dead lab rats spice up scientist meeting
27/5/2005 Victory for the public! Right to participate on GMO decisions granted for the Pan-European Region
26/5/2005 Another scientist under attack - research stopped
26/5/2005 Diplomat calls on UN to move agency from Canada / India to press for liability regime at Cartagena Protocol
26/5/2005 Moratorium on Hawaiian Taro GM Research / Hawaii Rejects GM Algae
26/5/2005 Nature on Chapela and academic freedom
26/5/2005 Partisan "experts" guide delegates in Montreal / Unease over visa issue
26/5/2005 Syngenta's rogue Bt10 corn not same as Bt11 says expert
26/5/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 125
25/5/2005 'Public Researchers' say keep the public out of GMOs
25/5/2005 Canada Jeopardizes Biotech Liability Talks / Guardian on Tewolde
25/5/2005 Canadian government urged to stop GM contamination in Japan
25/5/2005 Indian Farmers Win Battle Against GM Cotton
25/5/2005 Leaked Monsanto GM report causes uproar / Share price plunges
25/5/2005 Open Letter from Tewolde - "we must act now"
25/5/2005 Scientist warns of "severe unintended impact" to protected species/Monsanto tried to block his research
25/5/2005 Tainted GM maize impounded at Irish port
24/5/2005 EU demands Monsanto's test results on controversial corn
24/5/2005 GMOs - EU's double standards in central Asia
24/5/2005 Pharma rice firm targets the South
24/5/2005 Revealed - GM maize conspiracy
24/5/2005 Revealed - the private interests behind the Public Research and Regulation Initiative
24/5/2005 Tewolde gets visa! / Chapela victory - article
24/5/2005 The Lancet - Biotech quick-fixes will not end hunger in China
23/5/2005 Farmers Denied Entry Visa to Canada to Tell Their Story
23/5/2005 Health fears over secret study into GM food
23/5/2005 Tewolde latest - Urgent Protest Needed
20/5/2005 Chapela gets tenure!
20/5/2005 Interview with Tewolde
19/5/2005 Canada's double-standards - Tewolde vs Canada's pit bull
19/5/2005 GMO bill sets stage for 'a fine mess'
19/5/2005 Important new book on GE
19/5/2005 Lula presides over accelerating Amazon destruction
19/5/2005 Protest Visa Denial - Write to Canada's Foreign Minister
19/5/2005 Tewolde interview / More on visa refusal / Media coverage
19/5/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 124
18/5/2005 Canada denies visa for chief African biosafety negotiator
18/5/2005 Dr Marc Lappe - A man of deep integrity - obituary
18/5/2005 Europe's regions demand "power sharing" over GMO crop decisions
18/5/2005 GM bug trial shelved because of consumer hostility to GM food
18/5/2005 Monsanto bribes case - fallout in Indonesia
17/5/2005 Anti-GM protests suppressed around the world
17/5/2005 Farmers oppose draft biotech policy / Centre's no to Bt cotton
17/5/2005 Greenpeace doesn't back genetic engineering!!
17/5/2005 Monsanto Dealt Defeat in Attempt to Invade Brazilian Schools
17/5/2005 Thailand in Bt crop battle
16/5/2005 Aussies accused of double standards for sake of US
16/5/2005 Star Wars' spoof pits organic vs "the dark side"
16/5/2005 The GM Debate in Zambia
16/5/2005 US scientists push for go-ahead to genetically modify smallpox virus
14/5/2005 Indian NGOs Demand Withdrawal of National Biotech Policy
14/5/2005 Terror Charges for GM Crops Action
13/5/2005 Brazil ministries fight genetically modified corn imports
13/5/2005 EU Postpones Key Vote on Approving New "Live" GMO / EU timetable
13/5/2005 Europeans and Asians Still Not Round-up Ready
13/5/2005 The poor pay with their lives / Dow rejects proposal to clean Bhopal
13/5/2005 Useful information for Anti-GM Activists
13/5/2005 Whose Technology? Dreams of Reason - a week-long event at UC Berkeley
12/5/2005 Government Must Come Clean on Secret Dealings with Syngenta
12/5/2005 Important new legal challenge launched in India today
12/5/2005 Malign US influence on Mexico, Thailand and others
12/5/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 123
11/5/2005 Blair's Drayson appointment slammed in Guardian editorial
11/5/2005 Distilling the myths about ag biotech
11/5/2005 Grim tally from gene therapy / More on French Anderson
11/5/2005 Stop Feeding Kids GMOs / Alaska to label GM fish / Demand for Organic Soaring in America
11/5/2005 The GM Injection
11/5/2005 U.S. derails discussion on labelling of GM food
11/5/2005 UN report says GM crops "limited" in developing countries
10/5/2005 "Father of gene therapy" still facing charges
10/5/2005 "Seize illegal biotech cotton seeds" say farmers
10/5/2005 Biotech arrogance is losing U.S. exports - American Corn Growers
10/5/2005 Biotech failure all too familiar
10/5/2005 Blair appoints biotech lobbyist to government
10/5/2005 Mommy, Is Aunt Sally In The Rice Puffs?
10/5/2005 Ventria's GM pharming no cheaper than contained production
9/5/2005 GM pharma firm claims Greenpeace support
8/5/2005 'Secret' deals split BBKA
8/5/2005 Canadian whistleblowers win review
8/5/2005 Urgent rethink needed over Golden Rice / India's biotech strategy / India's seeds bill
6/5/2005 Biology Prof. Resigns Over Gvt. Use of Plant Research
6/5/2005 NGOs hail ban on Monsanto's seeds
6/5/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 122
5/5/2005 Craig Sams on Taverne's March of Unreason
5/5/2005 Election Time in Blairland
5/5/2005 Missouri funds for ag pharma centre draw fire
5/5/2005 Prof Bull**** gets "tremendous honor"!
5/5/2005 What's behind the U.S. epidemic of children's chronic illnesses?
4/5/2005 EPA turns to NASA for regulatory techno-fix
4/5/2005 I won't eat GM food: Minister
4/5/2005 India bans Monsanto GM cotton seeds / Comments from Satheesh
4/5/2005 Monsanto's "Lie of the Century" exposed
4/5/2005 USDA fostering GM fruit and veg / FDA leaving America "virtually defenceless"
3/5/2005 Breaking news: Bt Cotton decisions by GEAC
3/5/2005 Farmers give GMOs cold shoulder in South Africa / ISAAA hype exploded - again!
3/5/2005 Satheesh responds to Shantharam tirade
3/5/2005 The legacy of Agent Orange / Lawsuits Over Pesticides / Clarence Thomas / DOW and "Acceptable Risk"
2/5/2005 Breaches in biosafety approvals at major research universities
2/5/2005 Bt cotton prone to diseases: study
2/5/2005 Chapela case - new update
2/5/2005 Lack of cooperation into GM papaya probe / NGOs urge end to trespass suit
2/5/2005 Transgenics Is Like the Plague and Brazil Caught It