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31/5/2007 GM progress being made in Europe, says Monsanto chief
31/5/2007 Leading researcher excluded from GM risk assessment
31/5/2007 New statute protects the DNA of wild rice
31/5/2007 Non-GM opportunity for Indian exporters and farmers
30/5/2007 "Genetically Modified Language" at the Hay Festival
30/5/2007 Bt cotton affects microfauna in rhizosphere, studies show
30/5/2007 China sentences former food and drugs chief to death
30/5/2007 Organic soybeans GM-contaminated
30/5/2007 Re: Bt cotton affects microfauna in rhizosphere, studies show
30/5/2007 Scientist says GM brassica approval lacked scrutiny
30/5/2007 US still bullying EU to market GMOs
29/5/2007 Call for wider look at spying scandal
29/5/2007 GM rice lawsuits - US claims exceed $1 billion
28/5/2007 Farm suicides spiral in Vidarbha - 401 dead since January
28/5/2007 Funding, not need, pushes GM research in the U.S.
28/5/2007 GM's "conviction scientists"
28/5/2007 New U.S. attempt to stop states protecting food supply
28/5/2007 Sad day for New Zealand - Nice job for some
28/5/2007 The doorway to Africa revolves
27/5/2007 "I was paid to betray protestors"
27/5/2007 CSIRO "dumps" anti-GM expert
27/5/2007 Monsanto's campaign against Rachel Carson
26/5/2007 Suspect in bee die-off
25/5/2007 A growing movement
25/5/2007 France to follow Germany in GM corn ban
25/5/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 218
24/5/2007 Did Monsanto steal low-linoleic soybeans?
24/5/2007 Japanese team set up to promote GM crops for biofuel
24/5/2007 Scientists for a GM-free Europe
24/5/2007 Take action to protect GM-free seeds!
23/5/2007 Act now! Syngenta threatens to violently expel family farmers
23/5/2007 Bush's "food bully" favourite to take over at World Bank
23/5/2007 Comments to USDA on GM eucalyptus field trial
23/5/2007 Ireland's GM food scandal
23/5/2007 MEPs call on the Commission to ban the introduction of GMOs
23/5/2007 Romanian ministry of agriculture insists on growing GM soy
22/5/2007 About 20 Cal graduates protest keynote speaker
22/5/2007 China's exports threatened over contaminated food
22/5/2007 Controversy over GM trials in West Bengal
22/5/2007 CTNBio approves GM corn by force
22/5/2007 GM review panel: no independence or expertise
22/5/2007 Risk assessment process tainted / Farmers worry about GM rice approval
22/5/2007 US corn-gluten exports down nearly 40% to EU - USDA data
21/5/2007 EU to approve support for failing GM crops sector
21/5/2007 Farmers ransack Monsanto-Mahyco office
21/5/2007 Supreme Court Upholds Importance Of Biosafety
21/5/2007 Uganda: USAID to fund GM cotton trials
20/5/2007 Dr Shantharam's big tirade
20/5/2007 Industry is suppressing harmful effects of GM crops
20/5/2007 Proposal for urgent action on GM science
20/5/2007 The GM hard sell begins
19/5/2007 Aerial spraying of Monsanto's Roundup damages DNA
19/5/2007 Allied with Brazilian Agribusiness, Syngenta Resists Governor's Decree
19/5/2007 Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies
19/5/2007 Maandoverzicht No. 44 - Nederlandse vertaling
19/5/2007 The Closing of the University Commons
19/5/2007 The MNC locusts are here
19/5/2007 Visionary ag agenda for India / Privatization of the planet
18/5/2007 Lies, damn lies and Florence Wambugu
18/5/2007 Rice futures plummet over GM rice concerns
18/5/2007 Roundup may affect reproduction and fetal development - new study
18/5/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 217
17/5/2007 Farmers outraged at Victorian contamination plan
17/5/2007 Fiery Flo heads for UC Berkeley
17/5/2007 Review of Jeffrey M. Smith's Genetic Roulette
17/5/2007 Rice approved to produce human proteins in U.S.
17/5/2007 Ventria's pharma rice threatens food supply
16/5/2007 Cardinal Martino's "superiority complex"
16/5/2007 Future of Biotechnology In India - important interview
16/5/2007 GM Potato Trial cancellation has wider implications
16/5/2007 GM sweet banana on trial in Uganda this month
16/5/2007 Monsanto India - preparing for worldwide genetic control
16/5/2007 Research shows huge variation in Bt toxin in GM maize (MON810)
16/5/2007 Row over ban on GM-derived biofuels
16/5/2007 Why BASF is not going ahead with GM field trial
15/5/2007 Blair's contaminated legacy
15/5/2007 GM critics ignorant, says chief scientist
15/5/2007 Rights of beekeepers upheld over GM maize
14/5/2007 Australian state's "mad" push for GM crops / GM "not an option" for Ireland
14/5/2007 Defra approves second site for GM potato trials but no trial this year
14/5/2007 GM rice scandal helps Thai rice exports surge nearly 20%
14/5/2007 GM-supporting cardinal encourages climate change scepticism
13/5/2007 Environmental warning on biofuels
13/5/2007 India's health minister unhappy about GM regulation
13/5/2007 States Introduce Numerous Bills to Regulate Genetically Modified Foods
13/5/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 215
12/5/2007 Another political party calls for ban on GM seeds
12/5/2007 Ban on trials of GM crops to continue - Times of India
12/5/2007 Dutch to increase import checks following GM discovery
12/5/2007 Indian government misleading press and public
12/5/2007 Rabobank - US rice acreage will shrink due to GM
11/5/2007 "Bt cotton has failed in Vidarbha" - minister
11/5/2007 Groups oppose genetically engineered trees
11/5/2007 So farewell then ... Tony Blair
10/5/2007 Coincidence or Conspiracy?
10/5/2007 Demands for a GM-free Tamil Nadu
10/5/2007 Outrageously Short EC consultation on GM contamination of seeds
10/5/2007 Taiwan animal rights group protests "fluorescent pigs"
9/5/2007 Biofuels threaten famine - UN
9/5/2007 Germany's de facto ban on GM corn / Netherlands: burn or return US corn
9/5/2007 GM field trials may be impossible under Supreme Court's restrictions
9/5/2007 GM Watch part of
9/5/2007 Monsanto tastes defeat
9/5/2007 New Russian studies reveal serious damage to mice
9/5/2007 Switch to Organic Crops Could Help Poor
8/5/2007 Protests in Boston / Massachusetts towns vote against GM
8/5/2007 Supreme Court allows field trials only under new conditions
7/5/2007 Contamination shows food safety trumps price
7/5/2007 Judge declares GM crop illegal
7/5/2007 Re: tell them in St Louis about Bt cotton disaster
7/5/2007 Supreme Court and regulatory failure
7/5/2007 Supreme Court hearing on GM crops ban today
5/5/2007 India'a bitter harvest
5/5/2007 More on GM alfalfa ban + How will Ottawa react?
5/5/2007 Plan for GM crop field trials revived in Thailand
5/5/2007 Ways to avoid GM food - Chicago Tribune
4/5/2007 Consumers Flood FDA With Over 130,000 Comments Opposing Food From Cloned Animals
4/5/2007 European Patent Office Revokes Monsanto's Species Patent On GE Soy Beans
4/5/2007 Farming regs unfair to GM crops, claim advisors
4/5/2007 IPCC call for large scale biofuels condemned / Biofuels - the next big threat to Africa
4/5/2007 Meeting the food security challenge through organic - FAO
3/5/2007 GM maize approval postponed due to transparency!
3/5/2007 Greece continues to ban GM corn for planting
3/5/2007 Judge makes GM alfalfa ban permanent
3/5/2007 Monsanto's Soybean Monopoly Challenged in Munich
3/5/2007 Police bracing for biotech protests
3/5/2007 Report Reveals Bt risks to Insects and Soils
3/5/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 214
2/5/2007 Big boys benefit from USDA policies
2/5/2007 Biowatch cost ruling under fierce attack
2/5/2007 Farming Will Make or Break the Food Chain
2/5/2007 Give Bees a Chance
2/5/2007 Glyphosate-resistant weed problems in Brazil
2/5/2007 How Safe Is Bt Cotton For Livestock?
2/5/2007 Netherlands urged to track down bad maize - European Commission
2/5/2007 Right exposure - spy at GM and other protests
1/5/2007 Are regulators for regulating or for popularising GM crops?
1/5/2007 Schlosser, the FDA and clones
1/5/2007 The next genetic revolution?