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30/6/2005 Biodemocracy 2005 - A personal account by Pete Shanks
30/6/2005 Biotech crop policy in EU gets rethink after rebuff
30/6/2005 Church group sets survey to probe claim on Bt corn
30/6/2005 Drought in Brazil could dry up Monsanto's sales
30/6/2005 Farm group rejects Truss GM crops call / NZ to develop GE cows for protein
29/6/2005 Monsanto publishes MON 863 90 day rat study
29/6/2005 Monsanto shares slide on weak earnings / Private eyes, angst - and lawsuits
29/6/2005 Professor Bull***t unspun! - Genetically Modified Language
29/6/2005 State board OKs genetically modified microalgae on Big Island
28/6/2005 Don't Fall for the Hype Over Biotech
28/6/2005 Gates gives more money to GM projects
28/6/2005 More on massacre in Paraguay
28/6/2005 Scrap ban on GM crops, says Oz federal government
28/6/2005 West African groups denounce absence of safeguards on GM
27/6/2005 Africa and the G8 - important sign-on statement
27/6/2005 Hungry for an alternative - Tewolde interview
27/6/2005 India should follow Brazil and opt for GM - lobbyist
27/6/2005 Monsanto fertilizer con-trick in the Philippines
27/6/2005 RR massacre in Paraguay / CIA director grows his own / Tragedy at BIO 2005
27/6/2005 Third Japanese Shipment Tests Positive for Bt10 / Over 80% of Poland declares itself a GM free zone
26/6/2005 Labour will ruin NZ's
25/6/2005 UK to try and block GM bans/Power is accountable to the people, not to the free market
24/6/2005 22 EU ministers uphold sovereign right to ban GMOs!
24/6/2005 Bt corn ban / GM soy problems in Brazil / Bad economics of Bt corn
24/6/2005 EU ministers vote to keep GM food bans - Commission defeated
24/6/2005 GM researcher speaks out over NZ's behaviour in Montreal
24/6/2005 Ministers vote against authorising MON863
24/6/2005 UK to try and block GM bans / Power is accountable to the people, not to the "free market"
24/6/2005 WHO says health effects of GM foods need further study
23/6/2005 "Organic food is a con" - speeches by Sams and Wright
23/6/2005 Bumper rice plant created by novel approach
23/6/2005 Field trial ban should continue / Biotechnology may be unnecessary
23/6/2005 Monsanto's Bt corn: burden not boon
23/6/2005 NZ a front for GM corn state
23/6/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 129
22/6/2005 GM lobby seeks to exploit death of police officer
22/6/2005 Important new material from Berlin press conference on Monsanto's secret rat-feeding study
22/6/2005 Indian GM research 'lacks focus and transparency'
22/6/2005 Ministers to vote on GM foods - key test for Europe
22/6/2005 Pusztai: Review of Some of the Significant Differences in the Mon 863 Study
22/6/2005 Secret Monsanto study published / Scientists comment on disturbing findings
22/6/2005 Tewolde's final remarks in Montreal
21/6/2005 Brazil: Port of Paranagua stops GM exports despite court ruling
21/6/2005 Bush, Blair, Bob... and a truckload of nonsense
21/6/2005 China resists 'Frankenbean' and sees windfall
21/6/2005 Demonstrators rally at BIO 2005 / Listen to BioDemocracy
21/6/2005 Future of rice hangs in the balance as Chinese Biosafety Committee meets
21/6/2005 GM crop trials worry Democrats
21/6/2005 Monsanto loses appeal - ordered to make secret study public
21/6/2005 Monsanto's GM corn: Unfit for rats, unfit for humans / Support GM free zones
20/6/2005 Disastrous debut for Bt cotton in Punjab
20/6/2005 Fake Blood on the Maize
20/6/2005 Royal Society attacks Lancet editor - again!
20/6/2005 Scientists fired for speaking out on biotech project
20/6/2005 Three EU states seen keeping ban on GMO maize
20/6/2005 WTO decision delayed by complexities of GM issue
19/6/2005 Battle Over GMO's Reaches Sonoma Ballot
19/6/2005 Developing Nations Slam NZ / NZ takes its biotech to the world
19/6/2005 Food agency accused of Stalinist tactics over GM maize cover-up
17/6/2005 Bio-Democracy 2005 Confronts US Bio-Technology
16/6/2005 Biotech takeover in Kenya - Genes and a hoe
16/6/2005 Canada's Corruption / Canadians Call For Independent Investigation Into Whistle-Blower Firings
16/6/2005 U.S. grain sales flop as exporters test for illegal biotech corn
16/6/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 128
15/6/2005 Enough of the GM bulldust!
15/6/2005 Growers oppose drugs made of flax
15/6/2005 Monsanto Takes Over "America's Heartland" TV show
15/6/2005 Sainsbury's exposed to naked outrage / Call for GM food ban
15/6/2005 The trapdoor into the dark interior of genetic research
14/6/2005 Agriculture Today interview with GM WATCH
14/6/2005 Anti-GM animal feed extravaganza begins
14/6/2005 Filipino farmer debunks myths of GM higher yields
14/6/2005 German GM rape off to haunt Canada
14/6/2005 No pesticides, higher crop yields
13/6/2005 Anxiety in Canada as Japanese rethink GM canola exports
13/6/2005 Breaking news - Illegal GMO rice spreads across China
13/6/2005 GM coffee trial trashed
13/6/2005 Hype draws ryots to GM cotton
13/6/2005 Monsanto may ditch GM corn investment
13/6/2005 Risk of illegal genetically engineered rice in China's exports
12/6/2005 Judges order disclosure of secret study on GM risks
10/6/2005 Biotechnology Loses Billions A Year
10/6/2005 Court orders Monsanto to make secret MON863 report public
10/6/2005 Scientists admit faking results for backers
10/6/2005 Support campaign: Monsanto's Roundup and cipermetrine kills boy in Paraguay
9/6/2005 Biosafety timebomb looming in China
9/6/2005 Chopra calls to stop federal bills
9/6/2005 Greenpeace terror trial begins / New campaign for George Fox 6
9/6/2005 MONTHLY REVIEW MAY 2005
9/6/2005 Pusztai on TJ Higgins' attack
9/6/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 127
8/6/2005 Bt10 likely in human food chain / Bt10 not the same as Bt11
8/6/2005 Enabling global genetic pollution - the lowdown on Montreal
8/6/2005 Syngenta active in Brazilian delegation in Montreal
7/6/2005 ISAAA inflated US figures
7/6/2005 Second Bt contamination in Japan
7/6/2005 Where Blair gets his advice
7/6/2005 Whistleblowing on GM containment
6/6/2005 Calls to ban GM crops intensify after rats suffer
6/6/2005 First ever US labeling legislation for GM food becomes law in Alaska
6/6/2005 Lighting the murky world of the corporate lobbyists
6/6/2005 NZ's lies exposed over wrecking role in Montreal
6/6/2005 Satheesh on the Monsanto ban in Andhra Pradesh
6/6/2005 Stop EU Commission lifting national bans / Call to action on GM animal feed
5/6/2005 Fear Of Boycotts as NZ De-rails International Agreement / Shame on Brazil and New Zealand!
5/6/2005 Mandy wants to fast-track GM / GM cotton costs up 20%
5/6/2005 Seeds of controversy / Whose livelihoods are we talking about?
4/6/2005 Activists banned from biotech site / Anti-GM protestors plead not guilty
4/6/2005 India awakes - front page article on Monsanto's secret research / More on Monsanto ban
4/6/2005 Monsanto's cotton has deficiencies: new study
3/6/2005 Ampicillin threat leads to wider transgene concern
3/6/2005 Angry Andhra uproots Monsanto - Indian state bans corporate bully
3/6/2005 Biosafety talks end in acrimony - 2 countries block progress
3/6/2005 Endangering India's Health - GM Foods
3/6/2005 Lobbyists in Montreal 3 - paint it black!
3/6/2005 NZ doing GM exporters' dirty work
3/6/2005 The Economist vs the Green Mantra
3/6/2005 Urgent action! Biosafety negotiations blocked
2/6/2005 Illegal US GM maize found in Japanese imports / New Discovery of Illegal Bt10 in Corn Shipments
2/6/2005 Indian govt's anti-farmer laws
2/6/2005 Lobbyists in Montreal 1
2/6/2005 Lobbyists in Montreal 2
2/6/2005 National food fight launched to stop genetically engineered crops
2/6/2005 Sterile seeds, Canada's impotence
2/6/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 126
1/6/2005 "Bizarre" GMO law helps firms, not consumers
1/6/2005 First online worldwide register of GM contamination
1/6/2005 Test seems to show GM papaya rampant