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30/6/2006 GM research on nitrogen fixation a waste of money
30/6/2006 Monsanto experiments destroyed in France
30/6/2006 Plea to declare Orissa GM-free / PM tours Bt cotton disaster area
29/6/2006 State urged to reject Bt brinjal
29/6/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 181
28/6/2006 Coexistence is economically damaging - Tasmanian minister
28/6/2006 French anti-GM activists convicted on appeal
28/6/2006 Global alliance of churches won't buy GMOs for food aid
28/6/2006 GM lobbyist willing to offer expertise!
27/6/2006 GM food and crop developments in India
27/6/2006 Lobbyist provides "A US perspective on EU GM regulations"
27/6/2006 Monsanto in contempt / Patented Seeds Edge out Local Varieties
27/6/2006 Rifkin dismissed by the usual suspects
26/6/2006 EU environment ministers urged to introduce tougher food safety rules
26/6/2006 Illegal GM proliferation - Latest podcast from GM Watch
26/6/2006 Report on US GMO regulation
26/6/2006 Stop the first temperate GM tree - GM plums
26/6/2006 The failure of GM papaya in Hawaii
25/6/2006 Groups in Africa, Latin America condemn World Bank biosafety projects
24/6/2006 Big harvest for Ceres: Deal makes area company a biofuels leader
24/6/2006 California has no laws on GM and needs them / Action alert
24/6/2006 Fish blood the key to low-fat ice cream
23/6/2006 Brazilian illegal GMcotton fields will be destroyed / GM trial destructions in Germany
23/6/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 180
22/6/2006 Brazil GMO crackdown / Indian soymeal booming because non-GM
22/6/2006 Effect of Bt corn residues on earthworms
22/6/2006 FDA advises voluntary disclosure of GMO crop tests
22/6/2006 Food security, food aid and GMOs in Africa
22/6/2006 Podcast on GM pharma crops and Monsanto's rBGH
21/6/2006 Europeans still largely oppose GMOs, says new report
21/6/2006 GM is obsolete - non-GM biotech now "the first choice"
21/6/2006 NFU alarms organic farmers with GM crops coexistence policy
21/6/2006 Non-GM biotechnology thriving in Oz
21/6/2006 Santa Cruz OK's ban on GM crops
21/6/2006 University of Hawaii expected to abandon controversial taro patents
20/6/2006 Bt cotton - to ban or to burn? / Who really gains from reduced Bt cotton seed prices?
20/6/2006 EU's secret biotech industry bias
20/6/2006 Nanoparticles can cause neurological damage - Nature
20/6/2006 New Research on the Impact of GMOs on Health - updated briefing
20/6/2006 Open letter to National Farmers' Union on GM policy paper
20/6/2006 Promoters of Bt cotton in Punjab turn against GM / Uttaranchal will not allow GM crops
20/6/2006 Top biotech scientist speaks out on scandal of GM crop approvals in India
19/6/2006 BP Joins Biotechnology Industry Organization
19/6/2006 Indian state says "NO!" to GM seeds
19/6/2006 Ireland urged to prevent GMO disaster
17/6/2006 30,000 farmers declare against GM crops in India
17/6/2006 Few jobs from biotech, and other items
17/6/2006 Power brinjals knock on ag minister's door
17/6/2006 We Are Fighting Back - Stop pre-emption!
16/6/2006 Stop sale of Bt cotton seeds
16/6/2006 The Stay-at-Home Pest in GMO Fields
15/6/2006 Eat To Live: FDA sued over biotech foods
15/6/2006 Ventria experiments with GM rice on infants in Peru
15/6/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 179
14/6/2006 Genetically Altered Corn May Cause Diabetes
14/6/2006 India is not a guinea pig!
14/6/2006 Meeting with health minister over GM food controversy in India
14/6/2006 Multiple births may be linked to Monsanto's rBGH
14/6/2006 Top officials fined in India in Bt cotton-related case
13/6/2006 Cattle seek meeting with Indian ag minister / Devinder Sharma on farmer suicides
13/6/2006 Contaminating the wild? New report
13/6/2006 France condemned for GM pharming test sites
13/6/2006 Special report: Monsanto's rBGH on the run
12/6/2006 Bt cotton - "no major fall in pesticide consumption"
12/6/2006 Latest GM Watch podcast looks at biotech PR
12/6/2006 US scientists see spike in kids' food allergies
12/6/2006 WTO vs. Europe: Less - and Also More - Than it Seems
11/6/2006 Stop Bt brinjal!
9/6/2006 Andhra guns for GM / Bt cotton feeding Monsanto greed
9/6/2006 GM soy endagers Danube and the Delta
9/6/2006 New report online: Biotech, free trade, and investment agreements
9/6/2006 Some Corn Rootworms Can Detect Bt Corn and Live
9/6/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 178
8/6/2006 Another US county eyes ban on GM crops
8/6/2006 Ban Bt cotton - letter to Andhra Pradesh's ag minister
8/6/2006 Batting for Monsanto
8/6/2006 Europe has little transgenic corn
8/6/2006 Latest podcast now available
8/6/2006 Missouri GMO "pre-emption" bill pushed back by farmers
7/6/2006 17 pharma field trials authorised in France
7/6/2006 Consumer group sues FDA over biotech foods
7/6/2006 For I Was Hungry and You Deceived Me
7/6/2006 Monsanto loses India court appeal over GM seeds price
6/6/2006 Excellent articles in New York Times
6/6/2006 GM Watch podcasts
6/6/2006 GM-free victory as trials are scrapped
6/6/2006 Monsanto corn causing concern
6/6/2006 Questions over the first "pharmed" drug approval
5/6/2006 A blind run for Bt cotton - excellent article
5/6/2006 Boosting cassava roots the non-GM way
5/6/2006 Take action on MEPs!
4/6/2006 Biotechs called the shots in Vermont
3/6/2006 Ban Bt cotton / Indo-U.S. pact latest / Regulatory rows / Bt brinjal
3/6/2006 BASF boss tells Wales "get out of the EU"!!!
2/6/2006 Agrochems plotted Bush's human testing rule
2/6/2006 Bt brinjal trials have to wait
2/6/2006 Bt cotton - main killer of farmers - hyped again in Vidarbha
2/6/2006 New study exposes Monsanto's Bt cotton hype
2/6/2006 Rally in Moscow against GMOs in children's food
2/6/2006 SA GM Ethanol Maize Risky and Inefficient
2/6/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 177
1/6/2006 Briefing paper on the threat of Bt brinjal in India
1/6/2006 Bt cotton in yet another controversy
1/6/2006 GM decisions in India / Do we need GM brinjal?
1/6/2006 Roots of resistance runs deep