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30/6/2007 Claim that GM foods present health risk 'irrefutable'
30/6/2007 GM enthusiast made minister for Africa
30/6/2007 No to the agrofuel craze!
30/6/2007 Synthetic Bio / Return of Hwang? / FDA cozying up to Pharma
28/6/2007 Doctors obliged to oppose genetically modified foods
28/6/2007 Loud "No!" to GMOs from Orissa
27/6/2007 Attack of the mutant rice
27/6/2007 Galloping glyphosate resistance threatens Australia
27/6/2007 GMOs rejected in Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay
27/6/2007 Is Africa being bullied into growing GM crops?
27/6/2007 Islands at Risk - film review
27/6/2007 Synthetic biology: call for views - Royal Society
26/6/2007 GMOs - yield, competitiveness, jobs and environmental impact
26/6/2007 Greece Extends Biotech Ban
26/6/2007 One down, one to go - let's keep Britain GM-free!
26/6/2007 Strange Culture
25/6/2007 EU stands up to US pressure – unfazed by genetically modified 'Herculex'
25/6/2007 High Court papers filed over GM trials in NZ
25/6/2007 Monsanto Announces Two Partnerships
25/6/2007 Monsanto tells pack of lies in South Africa and gets nailed
25/6/2007 Moscow to Mark GM-Free Foods
24/6/2007 GM wheat testing in Australia
24/6/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 221
23/6/2007 Dairies to require farmers to quit rBST
23/6/2007 GEAC backs off GM food trials, accepts 0.01% threshold
23/6/2007 GM chicken firm at death's door / Biopharming future uncertain in NZ
23/6/2007 No permission for GM Bt rice field-trials
22/6/2007 Big Profits in Biowarfare Research
22/6/2007 Contempt of Court warning to India's regulators
22/6/2007 Mortality of livestock linked to Bt cotton yet again
22/6/2007 New fungal and bacterial pathogens with Bt cotton
21/6/2007 India's GM regulators urged not to break rules
21/6/2007 ISAAA fixing media coverage in developing countries
21/6/2007 More on importance of "Junk DNA"
21/6/2007 New analysis casts doubt on safety of GM maize NK603
21/6/2007 Pro-GMO commission undermines EU democracy
21/6/2007 Row over paper's biased coverage of GM controversy
20/6/2007 Monsanto forced to withdraw GM claim
20/6/2007 New GM rules 'could push up organic food prices'
20/6/2007 Russian draft bill bans GM food
20/6/2007 Take action on farm bill's voiding of GM bans
19/6/2007 Brazil Judge Bans Bayer CropScience's Transgenic Corn
19/6/2007 Brazil's Landless Call Lula Tragedy for Country
19/6/2007 Indian biotech firms struggle for food breakthrough
19/6/2007 Mothers rally against "GM" milk
19/6/2007 Study on the Effects of Transgene Flow
18/6/2007 Bt cotton can kill farm animals, Andhra Govt cautions farmers
18/6/2007 Catholic aid agency raps Bt cotton
18/6/2007 MONATSRÜCKBLICK Nr. 45
17/6/2007 "Junk DNA" highly active
17/6/2007 'Zombie crops' funded by British taxpayers to 'get round' GM ban
17/6/2007 More on widows' call for blanket ban on Bt cotton
16/6/2007 Blanket ban on GM cotton seeds urged
15/6/2007 Another Monsanto maize potentially toxic - new research
15/6/2007 Cyprus to Shelve GM Food Separately
15/6/2007 GM food: No more secrets
15/6/2007 Mandelson - EU risks WTO cases over GM food
15/6/2007 Suicide Seed Sequel: Terminator into Zombie
15/6/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 220
14/6/2007 Agri-biotech in sub-Saharan Africa
14/6/2007 Martino embroiled in new controversy
14/6/2007 New Irish government adopts GM-free policy
14/6/2007 Organic food helps revive fortunes of Europe's farmers
14/6/2007 RESUMO MENSAL N° 44 - Portuguese version of Monthly Review N° 44
13/6/2007 Bt cotton article selective, biased and false
13/6/2007 Does the Knowledge-based Bio-economy add up?
13/6/2007 Organic standards under attack from GMOs?
13/6/2007 Where's the science? Assess Bt maize before approval
12/6/2007 Anniston's nightmare lingers on
12/6/2007 Buthelezi comes clean on Bt cotton
12/6/2007 Dependent on Monsanto for our food?
12/6/2007 Maandoverzicht No. 45 - Nederlandse vertaling
12/6/2007 Ministers open door for GMOs in organic food
11/6/2007 A Disaster in Search of Success: Bt Cotton in Global South
11/6/2007 Indian farmers' leader on India-US pact on GMOs
11/6/2007 Monsanto and Bayer still behind child labour problems
11/6/2007 The high cost of opening the door to GM crops
11/6/2007 Vietnam Agent Orange group takes its case to United States
10/6/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 219
9/6/2007 A criticism of the World Bank document on Biotechnology and Biodiversity
9/6/2007 Avoid expensive GM seeds - Suman Sahai
9/6/2007 GM Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies Part 2
9/6/2007 Non-GM research cuts insecticides 50%, boosts profits 75%
9/6/2007 The GE debate: does it still matter?
8/6/2007 GM food: The people versus Victoria
8/6/2007 Goodbye, Dolly...Hello, Synthia!
8/6/2007 Insecticide study shows GM benefits
8/6/2007 Jeffrey Smith in England and Ireland
8/6/2007 New report: Imports at risk from GM contamination
7/6/2007 Chinese consumers wary of GM food - exports lost
7/6/2007 GM content a threat to market: farmer / GM milk anger
7/6/2007 Monsanto Warns It May Withdraw From Wheat-Seed Market
7/6/2007 Protecting farms from GMOs
6/6/2007 Biotechnology promises better future for all
6/6/2007 Cyprus wants to be declared GMO-free
6/6/2007 Don't mention the G word
6/6/2007 Failed Monsanto sweet potato project rides again!
6/6/2007 Free market science and values down under
6/6/2007 Monsanto moves to tighten its control over Latin America
5/6/2007 "USDA Must Reject Permit for Engineered Eucalyptus Trees"
5/6/2007 GM mosquitoes to fight malaria: at what price?
5/6/2007 More EU states wary on GMO maize
4/6/2007 Anti-G8 protest - Resistance is Fruitful
4/6/2007 Hollywood actor speaks out over GM crop trial
4/6/2007 In God we trust; all others need much further scrutiny
4/6/2007 Iran Majlis Center against GM food import
4/6/2007 Monsanto's GM drought tolerant maize in S. Africa
3/6/2007 Monsanto-DPL merger condemned
3/6/2007 Rice made with human genes: GM menace or saviour?
1/6/2007 EU's agrofuel folly: policy capture by corporate interests
1/6/2007 GM and non-GM crops too close, study says
1/6/2007 GM wheat hype busy going nowhere
1/6/2007 New crop of genetically modified crops
1/6/2007 Orchestrated dissent by GM panelists
1/6/2007 Trials "underestimate crop risk" + Abstract