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31/7/2004 Dr Shantharam - a correction
30/7/2004 Genetically modified scam
29/7/2004 Argentina forest protest begins
29/7/2004 Ban testing pharm crops, especially in Third World
29/7/2004 Syngenta man attacks India's premier medical research body
29/7/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 83
28/7/2004 African experts blame GM foods for rise in cancer cases
28/7/2004 GM has "huge potential for mankind" says report
28/7/2004 GM is the threat - response to Gale
28/7/2004 Lawsuit Threatens Genetic Drug Crops' Future In Hawaii
28/7/2004 Monsanto sues Syngenta / Industry asault on India
28/7/2004 Secret South African trials anger anti-GM groups who query benefits to farmers
27/7/2004 Clipping the wings of India's regulators
27/7/2004 GM papaya scandal in Thailand - contamination of major food crop
27/7/2004 Greenpeace raids and seals off Thai lab
27/7/2004 Growing GM controversy in South Africa / Row over 'mutant' Aids drug
27/7/2004 Lord Winston lets rip - in various directions
26/7/2004 'Conflict of interest' exposed in GMO advisory panel
26/7/2004 How the US helped BIO lobby the Vatican
26/7/2004 Patented gene spread and other shenanigans
26/7/2004 Ushering in the Second Green Revolution - International conference in New Delhi
25/7/2004 Africa forges ahead with GM potatoes, etc.
25/7/2004 Angry French mow down GM crops
25/7/2004 Council of Medical Research raises concerns over the safety of GM food
25/7/2004 Hundreds of activists and public officials rip up GM crops
24/7/2004 Spain looks again at GM crops
24/7/2004 USDA Hijacked by Agribusiness - New Report
23/7/2004 Call for ban on pharma crops
23/7/2004 Kenya embraces "biotech trees" from South Africa
23/7/2004 Why GM is a hard sell in Africa
22/7/2004 African agriculture under GM onslaught
22/7/2004 Suppression of science not an anomaly
22/7/2004 Technology blunders - 900 farmers have committed suicide in India in just the past two months
22/7/2004 The truth about the "NGOs" behind the "NGO letter to the FAO"
22/7/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 82
21/7/2004 Expert witnesses - Tim Lang and Michael Hart
21/7/2004 GMO-free legislation publicly launched in Philippines
21/7/2004 How the FSA's "citizens' jury" was fixed / Monsanto PR agency involvement revealed
21/7/2004 Judicial inquiry needed into Health Canada firings
21/7/2004 World will need GM food, warns expert
20/7/2004 "Scientists and Scholars" Denounce Catholic Institute for International Relations over GM Crops"
20/7/2004 A new biotech PR group in the U.S.
20/7/2004 Dutch activists destroy 1,000 GM seed potatoes
20/7/2004 Payback: "We don't get mad. We get even."
20/7/2004 US turning Aids into big business/USAid = big business
19/7/2004 Chemicals giant tries to touch our hearts
19/7/2004 Coexistence research paper skews facts to support dubious conclusion
19/7/2004 GMOs will not solve hunger, but will make it worse!
19/7/2004 Mountains of food …Oceans of hunger
19/7/2004 Unnatural Acts / Questions over Schmeiser's Ruling
19/7/2004 US dismay as EU halts GM - again
16/7/2004 Biotech is a cancer in Argentina
16/7/2004 Collusion and Corruption in GM Policy
16/7/2004 Funding & Biases Need to be Exposed by Journals and Media
16/7/2004 GM drug critics sacked by Health Canada
16/7/2004 Pioneer illegally distribute GM seed in Croatia / Bayer to pay $66 million over price fixing
16/7/2004 Puerto Rico's Massive Unregulated Biotech Harvest
16/7/2004 South Africa must reject being GM pharm testing ground
15/7/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 81
14/7/2004 'Sound science': turning a deaf ear to reality
14/7/2004 Monsanto Gets OK to Sell Biotech Corn / Monsanto threatened Argentina
13/7/2004 Biotech investment busy going nowhere
13/7/2004 South Africa to become pharma testing ground
13/7/2004 Understanding public resentment towards biotech
12/7/2004 "Duped" Indonesia wants to stop being a test lab for GM
12/7/2004 BASF's GM division may quit Europe "because of the poor business outlook for the technology"
12/7/2004 Concerns raised over GM 'pharming'
12/7/2004 Pharma plants for UK and Europe!
12/7/2004 Subverting the Cartagena Protocol - Willy De Greef
11/7/2004 CEI tears into senators
11/7/2004 GM contamination of Mexican maize - great article
11/7/2004 Monsanto Phasing Out GM Cattle Drug? / More GM 'cow' protests
10/7/2004 FBI harrassment continues
10/7/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 80
10/7/2004 Winegrowers declare war on GM grapes / Europeans Scoff at Bioengineered Beer
9/7/2004 More on GM in SA
9/7/2004 Pusztai on Royal Society and new report / Leaked document shows RS connection
8/7/2004 Archbishop of Canterbury attacks GM techno-utopianism
8/7/2004 Discussion on Sense About Science report - Danish scientist and GM Watch
8/7/2004 Prof to be arraigned today
7/7/2004 Farm Genocide - The Killing Fields of the Green Revolution
7/7/2004 GM wheat destroyed in Spain / Sainsbury’s misleading media over GM milk blockade
7/7/2004 New Sense About Science report makes bogus claims
7/7/2004 South African grain farmers oppose Monsanto maize / Royal Society coup at DfID / Protecting Indigenous Knowledge
7/7/2004 What Wellcome told Tracey Brown - full text of leaked letter
6/7/2004 Big cat mauls Avery over "NGO" letter to FAO
6/7/2004 Nigerian Government urged to cancel GM agreement with United States
6/7/2004 Sending GMOs to Starving People is 'Inhuman Aid'
5/7/2004 "Nobody will plant GM plants in Germany" - farmers' leader
5/7/2004 Gibson admits collusion with Burke
5/7/2004 How they fixed South Africa
5/7/2004 More Burke-Gibson duplicity
5/7/2004 Tractors in new GM milk protest / More on Anti-GM Blockade
4/7/2004 AfricaBio exposed as biotech industry lobby group
4/7/2004 Burke's opinions based in ignorance, research shows
4/7/2004 Catholic Institute for International Relations attacks FAO / Resistance to GM takes root in the Philippines
4/7/2004 GM research collapses in UK - or does it?
2/7/2004 Agro-imperialism - Green Revolution to biotechnology
2/7/2004 Child labour and corporate seed farm scandal continues
2/7/2004 More on GM question time and those behind it
2/7/2004 National supermarket blockade over GM animal feed
1/7/2004 Africa - the new frontier for the GE industry - important article
1/7/2004 Direct action OK against GM says Green Party
1/7/2004 Firm shuts GM crop project - final nail in the coffin for GM research in Britain
1/7/2004 Lord Dick & his techo-jackboots win PANTS ON FIRE AWARD
1/7/2004 Starlink saga still goes on / What the Starlink fiasco tells us
1/7/2004 THE WEEKLY WATCH NUMBER 79 - and monthly review