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31/7/2005 Ghana Stops Importation of GM Foods
31/7/2005 GM crops? A Christian Response
29/7/2005 Science split on GMO issues
28/7/2005 Deliberate GM contamination in Oz / Farmers frustrated by GM contamination in NZ
28/7/2005 Don't trust scientists, say farmers
28/7/2005 Govt scientists sat on shocking findings for 2 years
28/7/2005 Six impossible things before breakfast
28/7/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 134
28/7/2005 WTO to bulldoze GM bans?
27/7/2005 Big GM maize contamination found in NZ
27/7/2005 GM poll / Frankenstein in the Mail / Superweeds? Don't know ya!
27/7/2005 Govt study shows flaws in GM cotton
27/7/2005 NZ govt condemned in Farmers Weekly
27/7/2005 US pushing GMOs in Africa and India / Brazil GM slow-down
27/7/2005 Welcome for Bayer's decision to abandon GM rape
26/7/2005 Australian regulator claimed superweed risk "negligible"
26/7/2005 Bayer withdraws GM oilseed rape - new setback for GM crops in Europe
26/7/2005 Bt and organic cotton in southern Africa
26/7/2005 Weed discovery brings calls for GM ban
25/7/2005 Brilliant speech by Australian farmer
25/7/2005 First public action against commercial GMOs in Germany
25/7/2005 GM crops created superweed, say scientists
25/7/2005 More on Government Study Finds UK's First GM 'Superweed'
25/7/2005 Study shows Asian mills don't want GM
25/7/2005 The Side Effects of Drugged Crops
25/7/2005 Voices of support for action against commercial GMOs
23/7/2005 "Disinformation Syndrome" afflicts government scientists
23/7/2005 Quebec talks GM labeling
23/7/2005 Roundup resistance hits California
23/7/2005 What Darwin really thought
22/7/2005 A New Way to Inherit Environmental Harm
22/7/2005 Corporate Agribusiness, the Occupation of Iraq and the Dred Scott Decision
22/7/2005 Honest Science Under Siege
22/7/2005 References and url for Science Under Siege
21/7/2005 An agenda on GE for the World Council of Churches
21/7/2005 Germs gone wild
21/7/2005 Greenpeace "contaminates" Bayer HQ
21/7/2005 Quotes from the Quran / Fake pub - real milk!
21/7/2005 Unlike climate science, GM is full of uncertainties
21/7/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 133
20/7/2005 Ecological Implications of the War / World Tribunal? What World Tribunal?
19/7/2005 GM food is dangerous say majority of Europeans
19/7/2005 India, US to collaborate in agriculture, India's prime minister tells US Congress
19/7/2005 More GM papaya found in Thailand / Neither fair nor free
19/7/2005 Public Left Out of Debate to Introduce Re-Engineered Crop
18/7/2005 "Mountain" of customer concern over GM contamination in Oz
18/7/2005 Don't come, media banned and shut up Julie!
18/7/2005 Only a matter of time... Dr Wuerthele on GM contamination
18/7/2005 President ordered bombing of Greenpeace /
18/7/2005 The miracle is it's no miracle - bumper rice harvests without GM
17/7/2005 A future full of hopes and fears
17/7/2005 Make hunger history - Devinder Sharma
16/7/2005 Allegations of Fake Research Hit New High / Government scientists with ties to companies
16/7/2005 Bayer - GM pollution now global
16/7/2005 GMOs not needed so why take the risk?
15/7/2005 Eminent scientist behind illegal GM rice / Science blase on terror
14/7/2005 Chutzpah Science / Africa missing out on GM crops
14/7/2005 Farmers slam Bayer Cropscience for contamination / Lab reprimanded
14/7/2005 Japan looks elsewhere for corn
14/7/2005 Organic farming produces same corn and soybean yields, but consumes less energy and no pesticides
14/7/2005 Watch out for people against biotech, says FBI
14/7/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 132
13/7/2005 "Stop the crop" latest in India
13/7/2005 More "Regulatory regimes for transgenic crops" - Wilson, Latham and Steinbrecher
13/7/2005 Pusztai editorial in Chemistry & Industry
12/7/2005 Another scientist under attack
12/7/2005 Bono, Horton, Monbiot on Blair & co.
12/7/2005 GM bill fails in German Parliament
12/7/2005 Mission impossible - Farmers not ready for bt corn
12/7/2005 New EU moratorium on GM cultivation / E-mail the UK supermarkets
12/7/2005 Sensible regulations for GM food crops - Prof David Schubert
11/7/2005 Dairy Industry Skeptical About Cloned Cows
11/7/2005 Farm group raises doubts over GM crops / GM crops perform worse
11/7/2005 GM, Iraq and Blair's bombs
11/7/2005 Monsanto to get royalties for contamination
10/7/2005 GM rice in Eastern North Carolina sets off a whirlwind of criticism and concern
10/7/2005 Monsanto corrupting Brazil's officials?
10/7/2005 Nuffield Council questions impact of European regulations on GM crops
8/7/2005 Dislocating reality
8/7/2005 Ensuring food safety in the GM age / Toxic kinnows, anyone?
8/7/2005 G8 - a disaster for the world's poor
8/7/2005 G8 compromises on African aid, global warming
8/7/2005 Why do the key GM advocates oppose Kyoto?
7/7/2005 Africa needs non-GM agriculture / Africa has spoken, but did any of us bother to listen?
7/7/2005 Biotech Deal Still Clouds Tenure
7/7/2005 GM contaminated papaya already on European markets?
7/7/2005 GM cotton isn't sustainable - reply to Buthelezi et al
7/7/2005 GM crops involved in steep declines of butterflies
7/7/2005 Japan finds 4th U.S. corn cargo tainted with Bt-10 / Legal challenge in Brazil
7/7/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 131
6/7/2005 Biotech crop bans face 'hijack' threat
6/7/2005 Farmers thrash seed company officials
6/7/2005 GM papayas in Khon Kaen found unsafe
6/7/2005 GMOs at the G8 - "African consumers need basics like access to clean water and safe food not GMOs"
6/7/2005 US says Cyprus ties could suffer over GMO plan
5/7/2005 Africa's new best friends
5/7/2005 Call to arms on GM bans - Prof B down under
5/7/2005 Dramatic G8 protest - "No more Brownwash"
5/7/2005 GE Free Latin American News
5/7/2005 Indian farmers attack seed shops over low yield Bt cotton
5/7/2005 What's behind the glycerine tears over Africa?
4/7/2005 India: Ag department seizes BT cotton seeds
4/7/2005 Sneak attack: California may pass "Monsanto Law" - Act now!
4/7/2005 UK seeks views on 'science for development' strategy
3/7/2005 Art world comes to the cause of arrested artist
3/7/2005 Genetically Modified Corn Study Reveals Health Damage and Cover-up
3/7/2005 Will the G8 please leave us alone / Sustainable World conference
2/7/2005 Argentina to fight Monsanto in court / Monsanto's business hurt in India
2/7/2005 How to Wambuzle the world
2/7/2005 The Junkman over Africa
1/7/2005 Africa Needs Food Security, Not Experimental Crops
1/7/2005 African consumers need food security - not GMOs
1/7/2005 Agragen sows a crop of false assertions
1/7/2005 WA GM crops moratorium to remain / Farmers ask why GM crops perform worse in drought
1/7/2005 Wambugu's Africa Harvest gets $16.9 million / Listen to Wambugu says Nature
1/7/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 130