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31/7/2006 Activists destroy 18 acres of GM maize in France
31/7/2006 Bt maize in Europe - harmful and illegal
31/7/2006 Bt pollen damages European butterfly - new study
31/7/2006 GM drug victims told to expect early death
31/7/2006 Post-mortem evidence tampered with in Bt cotton sheep mortality case
31/7/2006 Risks covered up - Devinder Sharma
31/7/2006 Sheep mortality reports after grazing on Bt Cotton subsequent investigations
30/7/2006 Biofuels
30/7/2006 Blair government launches new scheme to promote GM in developing world
30/7/2006 Globalisation and its new avatars - Vandana Shiva
30/7/2006 Trading blows with industry front groups
30/7/2006 Would you eat GM food? "Not knowingly", says Conservative leader / Non-GMO Project
30/7/2006 You don't want GM foods? Too bad
29/7/2006 Monsanto's Agent Orange "caused gene damage"
29/7/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 185
28/7/2006 Bangladesh's biodiversity versus Golden Rice
28/7/2006 Bollworms feeding on Bt cotton in Arkansas
28/7/2006 Fighting Secrecy Over Transgenic Crops, "X" marks the spot
27/7/2006 "Millions Against Monsanto" campaign launched
27/7/2006 Bt cotton drives insect boom, warn scientists
27/7/2006 GM Maize with Monoclonal Antibodies Grown in France
27/7/2006 PV Satheesh on a recent meeting with Bt cotton farmers in South Africa
26/7/2006 Animals fed biotech food safe, industry-linked scientists say
26/7/2006 China hype - the "miracle" that died
26/7/2006 French court orders Greenpeace to withdraw GMO map
26/7/2006 GM Watch special - the "miracle" that died
26/7/2006 Tarnishing Silver Bullets - the full paper on Bt cotton in China
25/7/2006 Bangladesh - Review your biotech policy, prime minister
25/7/2006 Chinese Farmers of Genetically Modified Cotton Are Losing Money - new study
25/7/2006 Oz canola price recovery because GM-free - lobbyists' lies exposed
25/7/2006 Polish Parliament approves ban on GM feed
25/7/2006 Re: Chinese farmers of GM cotton losing money - new study
24/7/2006 Celtic rebellion - Irish, Scots, Welsh reject Blair's Biotech Britain
24/7/2006 Melchett on Blair's contaminated legacy
24/7/2006 Only non-GM, non-Amazon sourced soya, say leading European food firms
24/7/2006 Technological choices and the poor
23/7/2006 Dying forest
23/7/2006 The World Bank Against Bio-security
22/7/2006 Argentina: Soya-Fication Brings Serious Problems
22/7/2006 Infants in GM study in Peru develop allergies - English translation
22/7/2006 Roundup-Ready military / Violent repression of peasant mobilisation
21/7/2006 Allergy cases among children treated with GM rice pharmaceuticals - Spanish report
21/7/2006 Blair accused of leaving GM-contaminated legacy
21/7/2006 Farmer suicides hit 10-year high - Agence France-Presse
21/7/2006 Plans to allow GM farming in secret are "irresponsible" says Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors
21/7/2006 Scientists at FDA tell of outside pressures
20/7/2006 Bt cotton crop infested by unusual pest, scientist warns / Record farmer suicides / Big business for lobbyists
20/7/2006 Corporate manslaughter in India - latest podcast
20/7/2006 GM Growing Proposals Condemned As Charter for Contamination
20/7/2006 Government GM consultation slammed as sham
20/7/2006 Urgent - please sign up against proposed pro-GM law in Peru
20/7/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 184
20/7/2006 World Bank promoting GM / Protest letter from Sierra Club
19/7/2006 Coalition for a GM-free India documents on Bt brinjal / Devinder Sharma on GM and farmers' suicides
19/7/2006 Coalition response on Bt brinjal 1
19/7/2006 Coalition response on Bt brinjal 2 - signatories
19/7/2006 Coalition response on Bt brinjal 3 - more signatories
19/7/2006 Coalition response on Bt brinjal 4 - annexure 1
19/7/2006 Coalition response on Bt brinjal 5 - more annexes
19/7/2006 New disease spreading through Bt cotton in India
19/7/2006 Re: Gene swap claim used to support GM food
19/7/2006 Urgent action alert on French pharma crops
18/7/2006 European Commission guilty of wrongly concealing GMO documents says ombudsman
18/7/2006 Greenwashing GM clothing
18/7/2006 India - Bt cotton / GM news roundup
18/7/2006 Organic Farming, Answer to Farmers' Suicides?
17/7/2006 Criminal conspiracy behind further GM trial destruction says minister
17/7/2006 GMOs at the G8
17/7/2006 Lid stays on modified rice
17/7/2006 Researchers confirm another glyphosate-resistant weed
16/7/2006 Ben & Jerry's breaks ranks with Unilever over 'risky' GM ice cream additive
16/7/2006 Bullying and dirty tricks against farmers concerned about GM
16/7/2006 In the name of charity
16/7/2006 Key figure in development of genetic engineering denies evolution!
16/7/2006 Kisan Mehta on more farmer suicides in India
16/7/2006 The real solution to India's farming crisis
16/7/2006 Wambugu's sorghum project halted / Wambugu's deceptive fictions
15/7/2006 WEEKLY WATCH 183
14/7/2006 GM Co-existence is Impossible
14/7/2006 GM Eggplant Contains Bt Toxin Linked to Hundreds of Allergy Cases and Thousands of Sheep Deaths
14/7/2006 GRDC funds pro-GM "Mickey Mouse" tour
14/7/2006 Lord Sainsbury quizzed in police probe
14/7/2006 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 34 - Monthly Review 34 in Dutch
14/7/2006 Provincial governments endorse GM Free Zones in the Philippines
13/7/2006 Another pratfall in pursuit of the biotech dream
13/7/2006 Australia's new chief scientist: a conflict of interest?
13/7/2006 Babies as Guinea Pigs: Biotech company turns two Peruvian hospitals into laboratories
13/7/2006 Controversy over Ventria trials in Peru worsens
13/7/2006 Ethiopia: Terminator Technology / A seed of sterile thought
13/7/2006 GMO advocate's "dirty little... secrets"
12/7/2006 Gene swap claim used to support GM food
12/7/2006 Nigerian pupils against GMOs / Pro-GM propaganda for schools
12/7/2006 Urgent help to Peru / US military assist farmer repression in Paraguay
11/7/2006 Cotton agenda: is Bt the alternative?
11/7/2006 From green revolution to...
11/7/2006 Grassroots vs Astroturf: Biotech's "anti-activist activist"
11/7/2006 No GMs, period, say food scientists, farmers and consumers
11/7/2006 The Killing Cotton
10/7/2006 "Stop GM Brinjal Trials" - All India Peasants' Union
10/7/2006 Farmers protest against GM in Delhi and across India
10/7/2006 No gateway to Africa's sorghum
9/7/2006 The GM 99 / How the flood of GM goods was driven off the shelves
8/7/2006 Australians still wary about GM food / Liability lessons for NZ
8/7/2006 Monsanto needs its friends in Washington
8/7/2006 Roundup resistant weed could have "a major devastating impact"
7/7/2006 Chief minister told to keep Kerala GM free
7/7/2006 Farmers' suicides, Bt cotton linked: Experts
7/7/2006 Garage biotech... or bring on the biotech hackers
6/7/2006 Disease-resistant genetically engineered crops may make humans (and plants) more vulnerable to viruses
6/7/2006 Moratorium sought on GM seeds in India
6/7/2006 The launch of 'ASK-FARCE' - new pro-GM lobby group
6/7/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 182
5/7/2006 NFU vice-president's links to industry lobbyists
5/7/2006 No honesty about origin of American food / Suppressed report on hormone food risks
5/7/2006 Putin - Russia "being forced" at WTO talks to stop GM labelling
5/7/2006 Seeds of discontent - the failure of Monsanto's GM cotton
5/7/2006 The Perils of Cloning - TIME magazine
5/7/2006 US-backed consortium vouches for Bt brinjal
5/7/2006 Victims' agony as drugs firm goes bust
4/7/2006 Beyond Genetically Modified Crops - Washington Post
4/7/2006 GM assault on Africa
4/7/2006 GM protein in ice cream
4/7/2006 How pro-GM lobbyists fix the media - latest podcast
4/7/2006 Pharma crops in Kent / Keep pharmaceuticals out of French Cheese
4/7/2006 Producing ethanol and biodiesel from maize is not worth the effort, new study finds
3/7/2006 Patented GM Crops: Making Seed Saving Illegal?
3/7/2006 Prime Minister's panel warns against Bt cotton trap
3/7/2006 Soil Association response to ACRE consultation
2/7/2006 The GM cowboys working for farmer Bush and Monsanto
1/7/2006 Anti-GM mayor slain / Indian PM fails to address Bt cotton
1/7/2006 Biosafety breakdown in India / GEAC admits not enough toxicity studies