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31/8/2003 Campbell successor in a spin on shares
31/8/2003 Leading scientist attacks Monsanto's nexus of control in India
29/8/2003 Monsanto's culture of fear - A Farmer Prepares for Final Battle Against Monsanto
29/8/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 38
28/8/2003 Adult clones in sudden death shock/California would ban GM fish
28/8/2003 Corporate Giants Hold Gov't & WTO Strings
28/8/2003 Genetically modified food fears seen hurting Canada
28/8/2003 GM Basmati/Resistant pink bollworm increasing/GM's emotional buttons
28/8/2003 Industry Struggles With Biotech Corn
28/8/2003 Members of Parliament fight GM crops
28/8/2003 Suppressed memo laid at PM's door
27/8/2003 Corngate coverup
27/8/2003 Government hands out free GM seeds to farmers
27/8/2003 Listen up, Ottawa: no GM wheat!
27/8/2003 Syngenta stonewalls Corngate enquiry
26/8/2003 GM crops in Spain harm farmers and environment
26/8/2003 GM Science Review Deeply Flawed
26/8/2003 Holy Bio – Lining up the religious "ducks"
26/8/2003 IPPC/South Africa/Uganda/Serbia
26/8/2003 Throttling India's marginal farmers
25/8/2003 Ellstrand on biopharming/Heinemann on biosecurity
25/8/2003 Why "magic molecule" no "magic bullet"
24/8/2003 Blair forced to scale back his plan to introduce GM farming
24/8/2003 Probe into 'bullying' of GM panel scientists
24/8/2003 Public opposition growing in NZ to lifting of GE ban/Taiwan to label
24/8/2003 Toxic War - GM Crop Weed Killer Linked to Powerful Fungus
22/8/2003 Bishop speaks out in the Phillipines
21/8/2003 Conko & Miller - costing the world dear
21/8/2003 GM onions outdated/GM the new nukes/Keep Kiwi Butter GM-free - Meacher
21/8/2003 Krebs speaks/Monsanto in $700m pollution settlement/Australia's biggest buyer of canola oil says 'NO!' to GMOs/etc.
21/8/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 37
21/8/2003 USA-based Conference of Churches upholds Precautionary Principle on GMOs
20/8/2003 Plant physiologist says Monsanto's RR wheat a "folly"/GM's unwelcome underperformers bring multiple problems
19/8/2003 The Royal Society must not be allowed to stifle the GM debate
18/8/2003 Activists intercept a trainload of US maize as it tries to enter Mexico
18/8/2003 Farmers say no to GM crops in survey
16/8/2003 GM concern high among low income consumers
14/8/2003 Australian grain harvesters refuse to harvest GM
14/8/2003 Monsanto's Roundup may encourage blight - New Scientist
14/8/2003 The truth behind those mad scientist stories
14/8/2003 Turning genetic “junk” into gold
14/8/2003 WEEKLY WATCH number 36
13/8/2003 Are you alternatively spliced? biotechnology industry based on science that is forty years old
13/8/2003 Brazil Lifts Ban on Modified Seeds?
13/8/2003 Consumers willing to pay substantial premiums for non-GM foods
13/8/2003 Vatican backing sparks GM row - Report set to anger Catholics in developing world
13/8/2003 Who's pulling Il Papa's strings?
12/8/2003 Brazilian Catholic Bishops on GMOs
12/8/2003 Is Organic Food Provably Better?
12/8/2003 Royal Society study media coverage
12/8/2003 Soil Association response to consultation on post-market monitoring plans
11/8/2003 Melchett replies to Nature editorial
11/8/2003 WTO, US, NZ, EU & Africa
10/8/2003 GM crop farmers will pay more and "end up serfs"/Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement
10/8/2003 Man and cow - Devinder Sharma
8/8/2003 Evaluating GM riddled with flaws and omissions - New Scientist piece by Michael Meacher
8/8/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 35
7/8/2003 Michael Meacher: To know the truth about GM, ask the Canadians
7/8/2003 NZ Greens keep their promise on GE
7/8/2003 USDA's new rules on industrial biotech crops grossly inadequate
6/8/2003 Green Gloves campaign/A Michigan farmer tells Monsanto where to get off
6/8/2003 Meacher warns select committee and government ministers of GE risks
6/8/2003 Re: New ACNFP Chair - from bad to worse!
6/8/2003 Re: Who's got at the Pope?
5/8/2003 Blair's new PR chief is Monsanto's PR flak
5/8/2003 Monsanto investors warned of Solutia-related threat
5/8/2003 New ACNFP Chair - from bad to worse!
5/8/2003 Who's got at the Pope?
4/8/2003 World hunger needs a simple solution rather than hi-tech GM food
2/8/2003 GM crops do harm surrounding flora and fauna, farm trials likely to reveal
2/8/2003 GMWATCH number 12 - monthly review
2/8/2003 Judge frees Bove/Seed battle heads to supreme court/Starlink corn still shows up
1/8/2003 Prince Charlie vs naked sit-in for cloning and GM crops