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31/8/2004 Backdown on GMO farming
31/8/2004 GM will "Make Poorest of Poor Millionaires", and other stories
31/8/2004 Government wants to give public chance to decide on GMOs
31/8/2004 Thai cabinet overturns GMO approval
31/8/2004 Thai Govt to 'review' GMO policy
30/8/2004 "Biotech gains momentum in Africa"/USAID in Africa
30/8/2004 "Safe food is a right not a privilege" - more GM milk protests
30/8/2004 Monsanto's attack dog lectures National Cattlemen
30/8/2004 New GM coca super strain?
29/8/2004 CGIAR 'Taking Care of Business' over GM contamination
29/8/2004 GM Watch wades into GMO row
26/8/2004 Asian farmers sucking the continent dry
26/8/2004 GM trade war delayed
26/8/2004 Sainsbury's success with non-GM milk
26/8/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 87
25/8/2004 Betrayal in India
25/8/2004 Biotech - One Step Forward, Two Back
25/8/2004 Farmers, Civil Society Still Opposed to GMOs
25/8/2004 Growing Industry Opposition to GMO Referenda
25/8/2004 Monsanto looks for a foothold in Thailand
25/8/2004 Roundup resistance causing big trouble in US ag
24/8/2004 Biotechnology train may be Pandora's box
24/8/2004 Keeping up in Asia's biotech race
24/8/2004 Thailand Taking the Disastrous Path to GMOs
23/8/2004 Farmers, activists to take to the streets/Alarmed rice exporters join anti-GMO move
23/8/2004 More GM promotion, including media training, in India - ICRISAT, ISAAA, CGIAR
23/8/2004 Scientists complacent, arrogant and ill-informed about development issues
23/8/2004 Switch Over To Organic Farming Needed in India
22/8/2004 GM Africa - an A-Z
22/8/2004 New "Frankenfood myth" book by lobbyists Conko and Miller
22/8/2004 Not wise for Thailand to GM tag its jasmine rice
22/8/2004 Report takes aim at FDA
22/8/2004 Thai PM's policy draws ire of activists
22/8/2004 Twelve Reasons for Africa to Reject GM Crops
21/8/2004 Green light for GMOs in Thailand - the nightmare begins
21/8/2004 New concern GM crops hurting Monarch larvae
21/8/2004 SA judge orders Syngenta to stop distributing GM seed
21/8/2004 Shareholder Risk Of Genetically Engineered Crops
19/8/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 86
18/8/2004 Biotech's "radical rural campaigners"
17/8/2004 India needs strengthened regulatory system not deregulation - Vandana Shiva
17/8/2004 ISAAA chief backs Terminator in India!
17/8/2004 Lobbyist-regulator tells farmers growing GM food 'safe'
16/8/2004 GM corn problems in US
16/8/2004 IRRI - a GM WATCH profile
16/8/2004 Non-Conformist Scientists 'Struggle to Be Heard'
16/8/2004 Protests in France, Germany and Argentina
16/8/2004 Secretive deal-making that devastates lives. How many people must die?
15/8/2004 GM rice "a distant dream for India"
15/8/2004 Indian Council of Medical Research calls for GM regulation to ensure safety
13/8/2004 Beware of GM foods - Africa warned by Tanzania's Vice President
12/8/2004 GM breakdown in the Americas
12/8/2004 GM lobby running scared in Japan
12/8/2004 WA Government blocks GM cotton plans
12/8/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 85
11/8/2004 Better solutions than GM in Kenya
11/8/2004 Don't Embrace GM, Go for Homegrown Solutions
11/8/2004 IRRI's Man from Monsanto - Gerard Barry
11/8/2004 Missing mails from GM WATCH?
11/8/2004 Pakistan will not allow the commercial cultivation of Monsanto's Bt cotton
10/8/2004 Africans Wrestle With G(ri)M Choice
10/8/2004 Fast-tracking coming to India, Minister tells AgBio conference
10/8/2004 Focus on Asia's resistance - The Philippines
10/8/2004 GM crop promoters in Asia - new resource
10/8/2004 India's GM Godfather - a GM WATCH profile
9/8/2004 20,000 dead from GM food aid refusal, claims corporate lobbyist
9/8/2004 EPA claims DuPont withheld evidence of concerns
9/8/2004 More on GM papaya scandal - government probe / NGOs may sue
7/8/2004 African Agriculturalists Experience Agriculture at Its Best
7/8/2004 WTO, subsidies and "agbiotech"/WTO accord: Faulty frame, rude reality
5/8/2004 Something's cooking besides potatoes / AgBiotech goes Europe!
5/8/2004 USDA told to disclose 'biopharm' locations
5/8/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 84 - and monthly review
4/8/2004 Another US county goes GM free / Anti-GM measure gains strong Co-op support in Humboldt County
4/8/2004 Can Monsanto's raider vanquish Nader? - and other election views
4/8/2004 Review of tenure refusal uncovers conflicts of interest
4/8/2004 Taverne/Glaxo/Nukes/Crick/Regulatory cover-ups
3/8/2004 Berkeley-Novartis Deal Gets Thumbs Down from Peer Reviewers
3/8/2004 GMOs the Way Out of Hunger
3/8/2004 ISAAA Set To Launch Knowledge Centre In India