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31/8/2005 A Deadly Epidemic and its Link to Genetic Engineering
31/8/2005 GM research fix suspected in Kenya
31/8/2005 Harvest at Risk - new Benbrook report
31/8/2005 Massive GM cotton hype exposed
31/8/2005 Monsanto's Round-up is toxic - Weed Killer Adjuvants May Boost Toxicity
31/8/2005 We Don't Need Genetically Modified Foods in Ghana
30/8/2005 Argentinean Ancient Forests Trashed for GE Soya Plantations
30/8/2005 Eli Lilly extends monopoly for GE drug
30/8/2005 Four pharm crop trials trashed in France
30/8/2005 Hungry African nations balk at biotech cassava
30/8/2005 Ten shipments and 32,610 tons of tainted corn quarantined in Japan
30/8/2005 U.S. needs to pay attention to customers, soy expert warns
28/8/2005 Activists destroy GM crops in The Netherlands
28/8/2005 Concerns over Ghana's biosafety framework
28/8/2005 Kenya stops research on GM maize
27/8/2005 Our Reckless Chemical Dependence on Roundup
27/8/2005 Played for fools in this silence over our milk
26/8/2005 Farmers, environmentalists urge ban on GMOs
26/8/2005 Hidden genetic engineering
26/8/2005 Manipulating the facts in the GM debate
26/8/2005 Superb roundup of dangers of GM foods + excellent new GM action resource
25/8/2005 American Soybean Association - health scares and smear campaigns
25/8/2005 Dairy Farmers warned over GM feed / Womens Institutes appeal to Lula
25/8/2005 Fresh doubts over GM cotton in India
25/8/2005 Important paper and conference on contamination and "coexistence" + Chapela comment
25/8/2005 Japan finds 9th U.S. cargo tainted with Bt10 / Japan Bt10 update
25/8/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 138
24/8/2005 Parliamentary speech on GM
24/8/2005 Technology Has Its Pitfalls - great article
23/8/2005 "US Should Kill Venezuelan President"
23/8/2005 Fallen Leaves, Broken Lives
23/8/2005 Gene tampering based on dud science
23/8/2005 Monsanto-sponsored documentary stirs anger
23/8/2005 Poor record on crop yields of 40 years of biological research
23/8/2005 Pro-GM scientist to give TV lectures
23/8/2005 They're working for Monsanto
22/8/2005 GM crops research pipeline going dry
22/8/2005 India targeted "in a big way" for GM soya
22/8/2005 Krebs to broadcast to children on GM and the future of food
22/8/2005 Re: Replacement found for antibiotic resistance genes in GM crops
22/8/2005 Replacement found for bacterial DNA in transgenic crops
19/8/2005 New Study Reveals Thousands of Field Tests of Genetically Engineered Crops Across U.S.
19/8/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 137
18/8/2005 Bt maize inferior yield
18/8/2005 Independent Scientists urge Brazil to stop growing GM soya
18/8/2005 Lower cottonseed weights with GM troubling
18/8/2005 Only stopping bulk GE imports will prevent contamination
18/8/2005 U.S. scientists warn of GM superweed risk
17/8/2005 EU faces busy GMO timetable but no end to deadlock
17/8/2005 Pusztai - "We can't ignore GM concerns"
17/8/2005 State Uses Illegal Tactics to Push Controversial Biotech Project
16/8/2005 GM food safety research - why has it not taken place?
16/8/2005 Michael Meacher condemns 7 years of secrecy over GM food and feed safety
16/8/2005 Son of frankenbanana - the myth that never dies...
15/8/2005 Farmers & NGOs oppose proposed Seed Bill
15/8/2005 GM revolution stalls - Christian Science Monitor / GM plants use carbon nanofibres
15/8/2005 Tweaking the truth - Alex Avery on Chapela and Quist's reponse
15/8/2005 Zimbabwe, the U.S., the S.A.C.C., and food aid
14/8/2005 Seeds of Suicide: India's desperate farmers
14/8/2005 Syngenta a step closer to "owning" our food
13/8/2005 Help Polish farmer facing prison for protesting illegal GMOs
12/8/2005 Chapela in Europe / Industry targets Oz
12/8/2005 DfID still pushing GM crops
12/8/2005 GM Watch calls for further research to rule out GM contamination of Mexican maize
12/8/2005 India's record GM hype
12/8/2005 Industry Exploits New Study on GM Contamination in Mexico
11/8/2005 China rice contamination confirmed
11/8/2005 Farmer threatened with legal action on GM slur
11/8/2005 Quist and Chapela's initial response to PNAS article
11/8/2005 Study Contests Professor's Controversial Paper
11/8/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 136
10/8/2005 GM maize fight goes to court
10/8/2005 Herbicide-resistant strains plague farmers
10/8/2005 Reuters on Monsanto's pigs
10/8/2005 Seventh anniversary of GM safety scandal
10/8/2005 Watching Dr Pusztai
9/8/2005 "Worst GM pollution incident" vanishes
9/8/2005 More accurate account of new Mexican maize research
9/8/2005 National GM liability sought by Western Australia
9/8/2005 Science PR is not democratic empowerment!
8/8/2005 Australian crops face "serious genetic contamination"
8/8/2005 EU authorizes GMO maize type by legal rubberstamp
8/8/2005 Government launching charm offensive on GM crops
8/8/2005 Growers can exploit GM loophole
8/8/2005 No GM maize in Mexico!
7/8/2005 Nun is public face of anti-GM investor group
7/8/2005 Support for Ghana's ban on GMOs
7/8/2005 Urgent - write to India's regulators now... GEAC discusses the CICR study
5/8/2005 Action against India's GM regulatory body over Bt failure
5/8/2005 First US labeling legislation for GM food becomes law in Alaska
5/8/2005 Indian GM cotton is 'inadequate'; enquiry demanded
5/8/2005 Roundup kills frogs as well as tadpoles, Pitt biologist finds
5/8/2005 Roundup Ready alfalfa worries growers / Japan finds a seventh rogue corn shipment
4/8/2005 Corrupt Monsanto flexes muscles in South India - Satheesh
4/8/2005 Desperately Sorry / Provoking war
4/8/2005 More than just a food fight
4/8/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 135
3/8/2005 A summer of corrupt science
3/8/2005 Bt cotton problem found in China and USA too
3/8/2005 Carrefour sells illegal GM rice in China
3/8/2005 Monsanto's new invention: the pig!
3/8/2005 U.S. leading India and Pakistan up the GM garden path
2/8/2005 Cyprus buckling under US pressure
2/8/2005 Hawaiians Challenge Algae "Biopharming"
2/8/2005 Scrambling and Gambling with the Genome
1/8/2005 Brazil's legislators bribed to pass Monsanto law
1/8/2005 Brazilians want our help with letters!
1/8/2005 Bt cotton ineffective against bollworm: research
1/8/2005 GM corn protesters send message
1/8/2005 Monsanto brings on the dancing girls
1/8/2005 Seeds of despair in India