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31/8/2006 Dubya "on top" / GMO rice: Lawsuits, legislation, markets and frustrations
31/8/2006 Experimental GM rice should be stopped at border
31/8/2006 India announces launch of Asia biotech meeting / Monsanto goes to Supreme Court to defend its prices
31/8/2006 Unauthorised U.S. GMO rice arrived in Netherlands
31/8/2006 Victory in California - communities can still ban GMOs
31/8/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 190
30/8/2006 "Argentina is a beachhead" for Monsanto/Glyphosate-resistant superweeds in Argentina
30/8/2006 EU still anxious for details on U.S. biotech rice
30/8/2006 Excellent letter in Kenyan press
30/8/2006 No approval of GM maize in Mexico - correction
30/8/2006 Paraguay - Soy expansion nightmare
30/8/2006 US Oversight of Biotech Crops Seen Lacking
30/8/2006 USDA Hides Another Biotech Disaster
29/8/2006 Bayer faces more lawsuits over GMO rice
29/8/2006 Bayer kept rice problem secret
29/8/2006 GM rice scandal - "Almost all the tests are showing up positive"
29/8/2006 More on Bayer class action / Bayer to cut 1,500 jobs in CropScience unit
29/8/2006 New ag journal funded by Monsanto / Monsanto's Hormonal Milk Poses Greater Risks Than Just Twinning
29/8/2006 New book "unmasks the biotech industry's horrific tactics"
29/8/2006 US rice farmers sue Bayer CropScience over GM rice
28/8/2006 Biotech Maize Approved for Sonora, Mexico - protest to Mexican president
28/8/2006 Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease
28/8/2006 Report on reasons for farmer suicides
28/8/2006 US opposes India's initiative on labelling of GM foods
27/8/2006 Agent Orange victims still fighting for justice
27/8/2006 Biotech foods: A cat that won't stay bagged
27/8/2006 Monsanto, "Terminator", and dominating world food and seeds
27/8/2006 One suicide every 8 hours as Bt cotton acreage expands
27/8/2006 Protest deregulation of rogue rice - LL601
27/8/2006 U.S. knowingly shipped banned food for a year / Take all U.S. rice off supermarket shelves
26/8/2006 Genetic crop bill OK'd by Assembly - Blocks further bans by counties
26/8/2006 Test to detect Bayer GMO rice could cost $300 a time: USDA
25/8/2006 A straw in the wind
25/8/2006 Bt fails in China
25/8/2006 Food Fight in California
25/8/2006 GE Rice Scare Shows Vulnerability of Food Supply / LL601 is probably in Californian rice
24/8/2006 GM potatoes - Soil Association briefing
24/8/2006 GM rice contamination widespread: Bayer knew in May
24/8/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 189
23/8/2006 EU clamps down on GM rice
23/8/2006 GM rice safety uncertain - European Commission / EC slammed
23/8/2006 Government must reject GM spud trials / Interesting comments on GM spud trials
22/8/2006 BASF applies for UK GM field trials
22/8/2006 EU may stop unauthorized GM rice imports Wednesday
22/8/2006 Mother Nature Is No Lab - mainstream media turns on regulators
22/8/2006 Tainted rice threatens U.S. market
22/8/2006 U.S. rice dives as GMO issue stirs export fears
22/8/2006 US rushes test for GMO rice amid skittish market
21/8/2006 "European Commission will ensure unauthorised GM products do not reach the EU citizen"
21/8/2006 Call for global ban on imports of U.S. rice
21/8/2006 EU urged to ban North American rice
21/8/2006 Extent and seriousness of contamination unknown, warns former EPA scientist
21/8/2006 Stale mantras no way to tame suicide ghost / GM crops in India
21/8/2006 USDA lying to South Korea over contaminated rice?
20/8/2006 Japan Suspends US Long-Grain Rice Imports
20/8/2006 USDA and FDA unaware of identity, location or number of contaminated products
18/8/2006 Bhaskar Save's second open letter to Swaminathan
18/8/2006 Bt brinjal hangs in balance
18/8/2006 GM rice in US food supply - FDA
18/8/2006 Jennifer Thomson joins board of nukes firm
18/8/2006 New studies highlight the failures of GM cotton - podcast and transcript
18/8/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 188
17/8/2006 Debate over biocrops heats up in California
17/8/2006 GM crops benefit big business, not hungry Africans
17/8/2006 Imperative for pesticide- and GMO-free India - Shiva
17/8/2006 In India, the seeds of despair - LA Times
17/8/2006 Monsanto Announces Takeover of Delta & Pine Land - ETC Group
17/8/2006 Rogue GM grass "could wreak havoc on native grassland species" - Nature
16/8/2006 Bt: Flaky results, pre-determined consensus
16/8/2006 Gene-Altered Crops Denounced - Washington Post
16/8/2006 Grass Created in Lab Is Found in the Wild
16/8/2006 Nothing unscientific about it - alternatives to high input, high risk farming
15/8/2006 Expert translation of article on children harmed by GM pharma rice trial
15/8/2006 Monsanto takes over Delta and Pine Land
15/8/2006 Officials cut corners with biotech - judge
15/8/2006 Suicide: The new harvest of GM cotton
14/8/2006 Bio to Nano: Technology, Risk and Democracy
14/8/2006 Genetically modified crops will cost
14/8/2006 More on illegal transgenic cotton in Brazil
14/8/2006 The battle over GM trials in Germany
14/8/2006 Thirty French activists held for destroying GM-corn
14/8/2006 U.S. federal court trules biopharm permits illegal
13/8/2006 University responsible for ag crisis / Soft drinks, pesticides and biotech
12/8/2006 Contaminating Africa - that's the game plan
12/8/2006 The incestuous world of the GM lobbyist
11/8/2006 GM Sorghum Threat to Local Varieties Across Africa
11/8/2006 Hope Has Withered for India's Farmers
11/8/2006 Sparks fly as pro-GM lobbyists distrupt protest
10/8/2006 Biotech, Red in Tooth and Claw
10/8/2006 EU comes down against Monsanto in Argentine soy dispute
10/8/2006 Regulatory red light fuels GM-research debate
10/8/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 187
9/8/2006 Bush Nominates Anti-Regulatory Zealot to Head Regulatory Policy
9/8/2006 Escaped golf-course grass frees gene genie in the U.S.
9/8/2006 Fight DEFRA's GM proposals
9/8/2006 GM eggplant challenged in Supreme Court of India
9/8/2006 The biotechnology culture clash
9/8/2006 WTO case and the Cartagena Protocol
8/8/2006 Plan to grow Aids cream in tobacco plants in East Africa
8/8/2006 Terrorism, Agriculture and U.S.-India Cooperation
8/8/2006 The Faithless Gardener
8/8/2006 The reign of corporations in America
7/8/2006 GM foods will end world famine: expert
7/8/2006 GM maize destroyed in Germany / Pharma crops in Germany
7/8/2006 Protest in Bagladesh against Golden Rice
7/8/2006 Re: Scientist set for GM push into Africa
6/8/2006 Jennifer Thomson lying Down Under
5/8/2006 FSANZ food regulator criticised over new GM corn
5/8/2006 GM cotton fails to improve biodiversity or yield
5/8/2006 India needs agricultural renaissance - Bhaskar Save Part 2
4/8/2006 Approval sought to contaminate food with biofuel corn
4/8/2006 Monsanto boss told to leave Indian farmers alone
4/8/2006 The Pentagon, militarism and the GM soya stranglehold
4/8/2006 Turf war as Indian govt sets up committee on GM food
4/8/2006 Unapproved GM maize contaminating maize seed lots in Europe
3/8/2006 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 35 - Monthly Review in Dutch
3/8/2006 Seeds and Robbers / Crop losses / No need for GM in India
3/8/2006 US Using WTO to Push GM Food into India
3/8/2006 Watchdogs or lapdogs? The regulation of genetic engineering
3/8/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 186
2/8/2006 Counter-protest against GM maize destruction
2/8/2006 Frankenstein fuels
2/8/2006 GM cornfields under attack
2/8/2006 India needs agricultural renaissance - Bhaskar Save PART 2
2/8/2006 India needs agricultural renaissance to end farmer suicides - Bhaskar Save
2/8/2006 Is South Africa in the US WTO sights over GM import ban?
2/8/2006 Moving Beyond Rip-Mix-n-Burn Genetic Engineering
2/8/2006 Pharma field trials around the world
1/8/2006 Africa Must Resist Pressure Over GMOs
1/8/2006 Biotech industry loses GM-plot
1/8/2006 GM jobs myth unmasked / FoE Biotech Mailout
1/8/2006 Monsanto boycott launched by family farm defenders
1/8/2006 MONTHLY REVIEW No. 35
1/8/2006 Supreme Court moves against reckless trials in India