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31/8/2007 Healthy Eating Means No GMOs
30/8/2007 25% setback on Bt cotton/Bt Corn More Susceptible to Aphids
30/8/2007 Bt fails to reduce farmers' pesticides expense
30/8/2007 GM seeds to be prohibited in Western Australia
30/8/2007 Kerala going organic / Organic farmers seek Supreme Court hearing
30/8/2007 Prominent Islamic scholar says trading in GM foods a "crime against humanity"
30/8/2007 Thai ministry retreats over GM crops
29/8/2007 Controversy over GM corn approval in Brazil
29/8/2007 Federal Trade Commission rejects Monsanto's claim on milk ads
29/8/2007 Monsanto sues "X" for corn attacks
29/8/2007 News from Romania, Thailand, Philippines, USA, Chile, Finland and Australia
28/8/2007 GM controversy explodes in the Algarve
28/8/2007 Propaganda, Fraud and Libel - a response (part 1)
27/8/2007 Submission to the New South Wales Review of the GM moratorium
26/8/2007 More on Bt cotton problems in the Punjab
26/8/2007 RESUMO MENSAL No. 46 (Portuguese version)
25/8/2007 Governments duped over GM food crops
25/8/2007 Indian regulators' contempt for Supreme Court
25/8/2007 Widespread opposition to GM feed
24/8/2007 German company sues U.S. rice millers over GM rice
24/8/2007 Let's keep Monsanto out of our milk
23/8/2007 Cotton farmers' dreams have turned into a nightmare
23/8/2007 Thinker, Faker, Spinner, Spy
22/8/2007 GM WATCH IS BACK! - The article they didn't want you to read
21/8/2007 Activists cry foul over trials of Bt brinjal
21/8/2007 Ban on GM canola must stay
21/8/2007 Mexico under Pressure to Grow Transgenic Plants
19/8/2007 India's Agrarian Martyrs: Are You Listening?
19/8/2007 India's regulators want no tests on contamination
19/8/2007 India's travesty of GM regulation
18/8/2007 Industry still trying to purge GM rice strains
17/8/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 225
16/8/2007 Activists warn of legal action over GM trials
16/8/2007 Farmers feel it's time to give GMO foods the TKO
16/8/2007 Food production must not be controlled by a few corporations
16/8/2007 GEAC breaking its own rules by allowing large trials of GM food crop
16/8/2007 GMOs 'A Women's Issue,' Insists Author Of New Book
16/8/2007 South Africa rejects third GM application
15/8/2007 GMOs - We should be wary of those pushing this agenda
13/8/2007 In China, farming advances lie fallow
13/8/2007 Insider reveals lax security at bio-lab
13/8/2007 The Tomato Monster in Bulgaria
12/8/2007 Child labour in Bt cotton fields
12/8/2007 GM Foods: Toxins and Reproductive Failures
12/8/2007 Howard Government GM canola push doomed
11/8/2007 China Chided, U.S. Conducts Business As Usual
11/8/2007 Synthetic bio / Gene therapy / Cloning / Hype / Berkeley Lab
10/8/2007 State should opt for organic farming
9/8/2007 BP, agrofuels, revolving doors and genetic engineering
9/8/2007 Canadian government attacks GM-free Ireland
9/8/2007 Farmers demand the shelving of Bio-safety Bill
9/8/2007 Farmers group slams report that supports GM
9/8/2007 Greenpeace carves question mark on genetically engineered crop
9/8/2007 Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals - a GM Watch review
9/8/2007 Lid being raised on Monsanto scandals
7/8/2007 MONATSRÜCKBLICK Nr. 47 - Deutsche Ausgabe
6/8/2007 Angry African Reaction to GM Seed Arrogance
6/8/2007 New survey of spilled GM canola growing in Japan
6/8/2007 Re: GM vaccine lab likely source of UK foot-and-mouth
6/8/2007 Sixty-two percent revenue decline for Mahyco-Monsanto
5/8/2007 Biotech or biohazard?
5/8/2007 GM vaccine lab likely source of UK foot-and-mouth
5/8/2007 Grocery giant switching to milk free of synthetic hormones
5/8/2007 Monsanto's small spill, now a big problem
5/8/2007 Roundup Ready alfalfa claims disputed
4/8/2007 Asia's Nobel Prize goes to journalist who helped expose plight of Bt cotton farmers
4/8/2007 Biotech and the facade of U.S. altruism
4/8/2007 Evidence that GM feed is harmful
4/8/2007 Maandoverzicht No. 47 - Nederlandse vertaling
4/8/2007 New Green Revolution in Africa: Trojan Horse for GMOs?
3/8/2007 Bt cotton in Bengal and Vidarbha
3/8/2007 Force-feeding: GM's impact on the global south
3/8/2007 Trans-Tasman rift emerges over GE corn
3/8/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 224
3/8/2007 Zambia adamant: no GM
1/8/2007 Field trials of GM crops trigger new row in India
1/8/2007 Govt to reveal ill-effects of Bt cotton to public
1/8/2007 Supreme Court success over GM field trials
1/8/2007 The low-fat ice cream that has something fishy about it