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30/9/2003 Corn pollen drifts further than thought / Overplanting Threatens GE Corn Technology
30/9/2003 Heated debate on GMO coexistence at EU Agriculture Council
30/9/2003 Meacher calls for GM referendum
30/9/2003 Monsanto v. Schmeiser - NGO's seek to intervene
30/9/2003 Scientist does about turn on GE onions
30/9/2003 Why not just genetically engineer women for milk?
29/9/2003 Biopharming reaps fear
29/9/2003 GM battle rages - Russia/Japan/USA/Brazil
29/9/2003 Journals toughen disclosure rules
29/9/2003 Lunatics Pledge To Sabotage Biotech Crops
28/9/2003 GM approval "flagrantly unconstitutional"/protests nationwide say judges
28/9/2003 Top GM food company abandons British crop trials
27/9/2003 GM Soya Illegal, but Government Approved - fertile ground for crisis
27/9/2003 Lula sowing the seeds of despair / Solidarity with Brazil
27/9/2003 No GM please, we are British! / Protesters vow to root out GM crops
27/9/2003 Plan to turn GM crops into fuel / We must ban all GM crops
26/9/2003 Biotech’s suicide trap by Devinder Sharma
26/9/2003 Brazil gives way on GM seed - Environmental groups expected to challenge the move
26/9/2003 Cutting a deal - Museveni and Dubya
26/9/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 41
25/9/2003 GM scientists flee UK as 5 to 1 oppose GM crops in biggest ever public survey
25/9/2003 Judge Allows Antitrust Case Against Seed Producers
25/9/2003 Potrykus comes to town/Only 2% would eat GM food/Food industry perspective on developments in NZ and UK
25/9/2003 Threat of civil unrest over GM/Papers say “GM? No thanks”/No limit to public hostility to GM
25/9/2003 WI response to claims they fixed the public debate
24/9/2003 'Mirage' of GM's golden promise
24/9/2003 Britain delivers overwhelming verdict - "the loudest public raspberry conceivable to GM technology"
24/9/2003 GM debate results due/Public still have no appetite for GM food/Conduct of UK's GM public Debate – National Consumer Council
24/9/2003 Invasion mounted at Brazils' ag ministry to protest GM soy
24/9/2003 Most Britons 'oppose GM crops'/Read the report
24/9/2003 New evidence of problems with use of GMOs
24/9/2003 Nuffield should read deGrassi/What relevance does GM have for poor farmers?
24/9/2003 UK public strongly rejects GM foods - public debate results
24/9/2003 Updated comments on The Newcastle Feeding Trial
23/9/2003 Biotech “feeding the poor”: PR on life and death
23/9/2003 Brazil court rulings may block biotech crops
23/9/2003 New Zealand should delay release of GM crops - survey
23/9/2003 Poor lose in GM power play
23/9/2003 Report slams US 'moral crusade'
23/9/2003 The Gloves are on! GM Pledge Throws Down The Green Gauntlet To
23/9/2003 When Northern Elephants Fight Over GMOs...
22/9/2003 Food Security, The WTO & GMOs - The Need for a Global Ethic & A Global Moratorium on GMOs
21/9/2003 GM crops get the go-ahead
20/9/2003 Argentina's GM woes
20/9/2003 Biotech collapse may cost NZ $2b in GE business
20/9/2003 Roots of Destruction - Can we rescue agriculture from big business and feed the world healthily?
20/9/2003 Royal Society blocks GM report
20/9/2003 The real story behind the food crisis in Zambia
20/9/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 40
19/9/2003 Shocking survey results show U.S. consumers unaware of GM issues
18/9/2003 GM Crops Irrelevant for Africa
17/9/2003 Was natural 'Golden Rice' known to Indian farmers centuries ago?/Bt cotton: promises and disappointment
16/9/2003 Glyphosate ban as water contaminated
16/9/2003 GM not the answer says United Nation's special ambassador for HIV-AIDS in Africa
15/9/2003 Altered meat, milk waiting in the wings? / PPL to be sold off
15/9/2003 GM ship turns back to US/Cancun failure - the facts
15/9/2003 GMOs: The Wrong Answer to Cotton Dumping
15/9/2003 Spanish GM maize protests/South African Trade Unions reject GMOs/growing resistance to Roundup herbicide/illegal crops in India
13/9/2003 Fake Paraders at WTO - genetically-modified lollipops for small children/"Uncle Tom" award for Malaysians
13/9/2003 THE WEEKLY WATCH number 39
12/9/2003 Protesters disrupt US briefing at WTO conference, slapped with ban
12/9/2003 US slammed for "grotesque misrepresentation" of Africa's needs
11/9/2003 Indian farmers ransack Monsanto facility in southern India
11/9/2003 More protests in NZ - GE feed not wanted
11/9/2003 Mothers Lift Tops/Collapse of U.S. wheat market predicted by Japan wheat buyers/Cancun/EPA
11/9/2003 New books, reports, resources - P A N U P S: Resource Pointer #336 (Biotechnology policy)
11/9/2003 Public bite back in GM trade war/Corn dumped outside US embassy in Athens in GM protest
11/9/2003 The GM Bomb
11/9/2003 UK faces big setback over GM crop rules
11/9/2003 USDA Survey Shows Biotech Rules Breaches
10/9/2003 GMO import ban caught in crossfire/Tewolde speaks at UK parliament
10/9/2003 The GM National Debate Farce
9/9/2003 Brazil court overturns GM soy ruling
9/9/2003 Canada's voluntary labelling made for industry, not consumers
9/9/2003 Court allows GM ban by Italy and other countries
9/9/2003 Monsanto's GM cotton "resounding failure" says another official report
8/9/2003 Impact of GM crops still causing concern
7/9/2003 Andy Stirling clarification
7/9/2003 Monsanto's French GM Maize Crop Attacked & Destroyed
7/9/2003 No point to GM say academics
6/9/2003 GMWATCH number 13
5/9/2003 Africa's leaders "gullible and ill-informed" says former US president
5/9/2003 Frankenfoods: The damning proof
5/9/2003 GM food fight: EU wins the latest round with a sucker punch
5/9/2003 Lean Times for Agbiotech/Biotech contributes $33.5b to US GDP????!!!
5/9/2003 The GE $ellout
4/9/2003 ‘Fight must go on’ to keep Britain GM-free
4/9/2003 Benbrook publication now available online
4/9/2003 Bishop warns GMOs will "plunge Filipino farmers into the depths of poverty"
4/9/2003 Got Posilac?
4/9/2003 Sainsbury pulls out of GM food launch/US state propaganda on GM and food aid
3/9/2003 Anti-GM protestors wreck Bayer stand
3/9/2003 Govt backing off GM food release? / Maori oppose end of GM ban
3/9/2003 Students Promote Genetic Engineering in the Classroom
3/9/2003 UK Government Caught in GM Dilemma
2/9/2003 2 Journals to Review Editorial Policies
2/9/2003 Austria GMO free zone denied - but UK campaign not affected
2/9/2003 Monsanto lobbyist meets culture of deceit
2/9/2003 Prime Minister desperate over mounting national concern about GM
1/9/2003 Food Producers in China go GM-Free
1/9/2003 GM 'assistance' for Africa
1/9/2003 Re: Why "magic molecule" no "magic bullet"
1/9/2003 WTO in Cancun: the Great Trade Robbery