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30/9/2004 Anti-GM Protest Targets Sainsbury Centre
30/9/2004 GM flattening yields costing $1.28 billion?
30/9/2004 INDIA - Activists Chain Themselves to Bayer Headquarters
30/9/2004 Non-GM Allergy-Free Soybean
30/9/2004 Secret trials found / Concerned Farmers should be made to
29/9/2004 Brazil's Ag Minister Estado says GMO decree due this week
29/9/2004 Fear Bush trying to bury GM corn report
29/9/2004 Financial Risks of Genetic Engineering Undisclosed by Food Companies, Report Says
29/9/2004 GMOs - cautionary tale from Indonesia
29/9/2004 Minister should be sacked over contamination scandal / Farmers risk violating US patents
29/9/2004 Vatican conference a "disgrace" / Caritas International joins the criticism
28/9/2004 Anti-GE crowd spews distortions, lies at city hall, Farm Bureau
28/9/2004 Brazil - Lula Decision Expected Soon
28/9/2004 Raven pontificates from his gilded perch
27/9/2004 Biotechnology is tight...
27/9/2004 Monsanto pulls out of Costa Rica
27/9/2004 Pictures of French GMO action including gas grenade attack
27/9/2004 The darker truths behind farmers' suicides
27/9/2004 Urgent - Letter to Lula - Please take action
27/9/2004 US lobbies Vatican on GM food and world hunger
26/9/2004 Local non-GM cotton produces the results without the hype in Indonesia
26/9/2004 Vatican Urges Further Study of Genetically Engineered Food
25/9/2004 And Now Subsidy Entitlements!
25/9/2004 Brazil delays GM crops and cloning bill
25/9/2004 GMO protesters injured in clash with French police
25/9/2004 Lula's "horrific mistakes" continue
25/9/2004 Urgent plea to Lula - English and Portuguese versions
25/9/2004 Veneman pushing GMOs into Africa/U.S. Team to Help West Africa Improve Its Cotton Industry
24/9/2004 Africa insists GMOs can't be trusted
24/9/2004 Catholic Institute for International Relations on what's wrong with GM
24/9/2004 Monsanto's man at the Vatican
24/9/2004 Statement from SA Catholic Bishops' Conference
24/9/2004 The Professor who got cold feet - GM zealot's 'Change of Heart'
24/9/2004 Times of India interview - Green Guards laugh at lobbyists
24/9/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 91
23/9/2004 'Gene flow' underscores growing concern over biotech crops
23/9/2004 Angry GM stalemate in Germany as researchers lobby against public control
23/9/2004 Biotechnology Theatre Workshops not all they seem
22/9/2004 Bishop Gutierrez "alarmed" over Vatican and GMOs
22/9/2004 Catholic Institute for International Relations' letter to the Vatican
22/9/2004 Europe rejects the GE corn that NZ accepts
22/9/2004 GM "to cure India's poor"
22/9/2004 More Catholic concern about Vatican-US conference
22/9/2004 Re: Fear of Pharming
21/9/2004 GM multinationals exploiting loopholes / Call for GM site disclosure in Oz
21/9/2004 Latest GM 'threat' ... Watermelons
21/9/2004 Priests in Zambia critique Vatican-US conference
21/9/2004 Protest Vatican-US conference
21/9/2004 Wind carries GM pollen record distances
20/9/2004 Contamination evidence mounts - scientists and citizens express concerns
20/9/2004 Europe halts Monsanto maize
20/9/2004 Fear of pharming
20/9/2004 PM cited in police complaint/Corn contamination too?
20/9/2004 US measure "would ban GMO food"
20/9/2004 Vatican conference condemned as tool of US by leading US Catholic
16/9/2004 Eurocrats accused of "caving in" to US
16/9/2004 Farsul threatens to plant GM soy even if illegal
16/9/2004 Feds secretly working on GM wheat
16/9/2004 France Wants Brazil's Natural Soy
16/9/2004 U.S. pushing GM on Africa/GM middle ground?
16/9/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 90
15/9/2004 1,000 'GM papaya trees' felled
15/9/2004 China's GM trees get lost in bureaucracy
15/9/2004 EU urged to reject GM rice
15/9/2004 Monsanto refusing to hand over rat study data?
15/9/2004 More on papaya contamination scandal in Thailand
15/9/2004 PM urges farmers to go organic / New non-GM blast-resistant rice
15/9/2004 Telling lies in Vietnam
14/9/2004 Campaign for GM free zones and regions gathers force
14/9/2004 Govt admission: papaya contaminated - destruction ordered - officials to be punished
14/9/2004 Human genes and GM tomatoes as medicines
14/9/2004 IPA, CS Prakash and "wealthy American paymasters" - a LOBBYWATCH profile
14/9/2004 LM WATCH - Inside LM
13/9/2004 Behind the headlines
13/9/2004 Biotech industry confidence over EU clearance rings hollow
13/9/2004 Europe urged to embrace GM foods by Canada's biotech industry
13/9/2004 How Kenya's Biological Wealth Was Taken Away
13/9/2004 Philippine Govt told, 'Don't let farmers be held hostage by foreign firms'
13/9/2004 Scientists must listen to the public/Hawaiians warn Thais against GM papaya
13/9/2004 Tragedy if Vatican listens to corporations rather than Christian communities
11/9/2004 Brazil GM Regulators Looking to Approve More Crops
11/9/2004 Contamination crisis - Thailand and Hawaii
11/9/2004 Gujarat's Chief Minister "BT" crazy
11/9/2004 Report Whitewashes Maori Concerns
11/9/2004 Vatican GM conference condemned
10/9/2004 Biotechnology: continuing hype?
10/9/2004 Genetically modified papaya protested
10/9/2004 GMOs will not improve agriculture or benefit consumers
9/9/2004 Experts say GM crops not best way to end hunger
9/9/2004 GMO debate has a spiritual aspect
9/9/2004 New EU rules fail to halt fall in GM research
9/9/2004 The Fahrenheit 9/11 of GM
9/9/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 89
8/9/2004 Big papaya trade loss a GM warning/New US Patents on Thai Papaya
8/9/2004 EU sends mixed messages on biotech
8/9/2004 GM crops - recipe for disaster
8/9/2004 Outraged farmers dump contaminated papayas in Hawaii
8/9/2004 Pharma crop trials abandoned in US
8/9/2004 The day the sun dies: contamination and resistance in Mexico/"Somos Maz" ("We are corn")
7/9/2004 Ag. columnist whose brain exploded, and other bad things
7/9/2004 Caravan Calls For Food Sovereignty
7/9/2004 EU Commission split over GM threshold plans
7/9/2004 Monsanto GM corn rootworm NOT failing, says Monsanto
7/9/2004 Monsanto PR propaganda success in India
7/9/2004 Public rejection of GM food mounts - shoppers want non-GM animal feed
6/9/2004 EU may allow first GMO seeds
6/9/2004 EU to allow GM crops through back door
6/9/2004 Lula rushing to approve GMOs to save his image and please industry
6/9/2004 Public concern needs to be taken seriously
6/9/2004 Soldiers and police fight back GM protesters in France
5/9/2004 'Highly suspicious' plants found in north-central Arkansas
5/9/2004 Carelessness and cover-up - GM contamination in Mexico
5/9/2004 Plant-based vaccines face big scientific and regulatory hurdles
5/9/2004 Super rice without GM
4/9/2004 Another Reason for Schools to Ban Genetically Engineered Foods
4/9/2004 More Thai papaya exports rejected / War of words over contamination
4/9/2004 Prodigene's Texas biopharm corn project "Off"
3/9/2004 Biosafety bill endangers Kenya
3/9/2004 Commission urged to scrap new GM Decision
3/9/2004 Food watchdog to recheck GM corn that caused rat abnormalities
3/9/2004 GM debate spreads across Asia / Europeans shun Thai papaya
3/9/2004 WEEKLY WATCH number 88 - and monthly review
2/9/2004 Bio-imperialism - excellent article
2/9/2004 Destruction of the only experimental crop of genetically modified coffee
2/9/2004 GM opposition grows
2/9/2004 GMO papaya fears lead to food order cancellation
2/9/2004 South Africa as handy GM lab and gateway to Africa
1/9/2004 EU Commission vote on GMO in Seeds Sept 8th - Act now!
1/9/2004 Jaguars caged for protecting ancient forests from GM soya farming
1/9/2004 Thailand - Larger Battle Ahead for Anti-GMO Activists
1/9/2004 The fight to 'save' my life - GM insulin