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30/9/2005 Declaration of a GMO-free Africa
30/9/2005 Experts - "co-existence" of GM and GM-free crops is biologically impossible
30/9/2005 GM Oilseed survives longer in soil - new blow to EU coexistence plans
29/9/2005 Insect resistance to Bt crops - paper and references
29/9/2005 The bitter harvest
29/9/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 144
28/9/2005 China "names and shames" scientists for misconduct
28/9/2005 Corrupting America's Heartland - Monsanto-sponsored PBS documentary
28/9/2005 GM's long-term impact on nature
28/9/2005 Independent enquiry demanded on Bt cotton
28/9/2005 Strong opposition to GMOs in West Asia and North Africa, survey shows
28/9/2005 The UN's Biotech for Food scandal
28/9/2005 Working miracles in Nepal's non-GM rice fields
27/9/2005 Better to cry wolf / Immediate Withdrawal From Iraq
27/9/2005 Indian medics call for mandatory labelling of GM foods
27/9/2005 Suspend all crop trials - MP
26/9/2005 Avery et al attack Jeffrey Smith
26/9/2005 Genetically modified vines worry French winemakers
26/9/2005 Indian soymeal exporters eye big sales
26/9/2005 Polish marshals want GMO-free Poland
26/9/2005 Scientists Confirm Failures of Bt-Crops in multiple studies
25/9/2005 Leader of FDA quits - BIO enthuses over replacement
24/9/2005 Canadian farmers' leader says GMOs not silver bullet
24/9/2005 Leading farm bodies seek ban on Bt cotton
24/9/2005 Outsourcing Ecological and Health Risks & Reducing Scientists to Bio-coolies - Vandana Shiva
23/9/2005 'Crack for cows' could be bad for you, too
23/9/2005 I was there... just got out after hiding from police
23/9/2005 Industry-funded report says GM food avoidance to become more expensive
23/9/2005 More Roundup resistant pigweed
23/9/2005 Ugandan farmers oppose GMOs and Terminator seeds
22/9/2005 Monsanto confirms nightmare scenario superweed
22/9/2005 Planting GM cotton still illegal in Brazil - despite the hype!
22/9/2005 SA's attitude to GM foods 'unbelievable'
22/9/2005 Study report shows "foul practices" in Monsanto's marketing
21/9/2005 A fiasco is born - five years ago today
21/9/2005 Approval process slammed as dodgy
21/9/2005 Bt cotton row continues / Links for new report
21/9/2005 Canadian farmers call to stop approval of Roundup Ready crops
21/9/2005 Eradicate the trial sites - stem GM contamination
21/9/2005 Groups aligned with big business on climate change and GM
20/9/2005 Defensins in GMOs indefensible - Independent Science Panel
20/9/2005 Don't trust favourable GM reports - expert
20/9/2005 EU Governments Block Approval of Monsanto Hybrid Corn Variety
20/9/2005 French Farmer On Trial For Destroying GMO Crop
20/9/2005 No GMOs for U.S military
19/9/2005 Higher costs, lower yields and market loss does not equate to a benefit to farmers!
19/9/2005 Monsanto's attack on peer review
19/9/2005 Monsanto's illegal GM zucchini in Germany
19/9/2005 New report - Farmers lied to and lured into Bt cotton
18/9/2005 "Just don't mess with the rice"
18/9/2005 Blair's attack on the BBC speaks volumes
16/9/2005 Attack on John Vidal and Guardian
16/9/2005 Bt maize has high levels of lignin
16/9/2005 Farmers in Philippines uproot Bt corn
16/9/2005 GM mice with bubonic plague go missing
16/9/2005 Greenpeace GM protesters cleared
16/9/2005 Illegal GM varieties found in UK imports
16/9/2005 No good way to spin plague
16/9/2005 WTO backgrounder
15/9/2005 "Take stern action" against illegal GM imports, says Times of Zambia
15/9/2005 Corporate rights and power
15/9/2005 GM bans to continue indefinitely without strict liability, says Ag Minister
15/9/2005 GM companies warned as canola destroyed / Farmers concerned
15/9/2005 Seven years lost for genetic engineering
15/9/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 141
15/9/2005 What Agresearch found in the offal pits
14/9/2005 Dow wins Bt patent battle with Monsanto
14/9/2005 GM crop ban welcomed in Australia / Strict liability call from minister
14/9/2005 Japanese and Korean consumers shun U.S. GM beans / GMOs and biotechnology in Japan
14/9/2005 Judge Raises Concern Over Pepper Spray at GM Tree Protest
14/9/2005 Mystery bug hits AP cotton crop
13/9/2005 China cultivates record high-yield non-GM super rice
13/9/2005 Corporate Cronyism and All the President's Friends
13/9/2005 GM cargo ship protest defended
13/9/2005 Researchers say University of Manitoba blocked video on GM crops
12/9/2005 Glyphosate linked to damaging fungal disease - fusarium head blight
12/9/2005 Monsanto lobbies to keep the status quo
12/9/2005 Rethink on GM urged for Orissa
12/9/2005 The science and politics of Bt cotton failure
12/9/2005 Unusual disease on Bt cotton - fact finding report
10/9/2005 Are we being fed big fat lies?
10/9/2005 Jeffrey Smith interview
9/9/2005 "Coexistence" impossible, Bologna conference told
9/9/2005 AgBioView attacks "Benbrook's science and credibility"
9/9/2005 GMO ban supporters file lawsuit / Lawmaker wants to nullify ban
8/9/2005 Action Needed to Stop Terminator Seeds
8/9/2005 Fiasco of GM showcase projects in Africa
8/9/2005 Monsanto threatens farmer blog / Global Seed Industry Concentration / Indifference - Bush's WMD in New Orleans
8/9/2005 Order 81 revisited - what it really means for farmers
8/9/2005 Peter Raven and 'Transgenes in Mexican maize'
8/9/2005 Ukraine Agriculture Ministry Seeks to Ban GMO Soy Imports
8/9/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 140
7/9/2005 Allergy risks of GM foods - Dr Michael Hansen
7/9/2005 GM Soya Disaster in Latin America - Altieri and Pengue
7/9/2005 Hurricane Katrina's silver lining?
7/9/2005 Japanese scientist speaks out on "very dangerous" GM field trial experiment
7/9/2005 Monsanto profits at the expense of farmers
7/9/2005 Pharma firm "hampered by anti-GMO activities"
6/9/2005 Call for GM crop ban as Europe over-rules its ministers
6/9/2005 Farmers protest at Bayer headquarters
6/9/2005 One in three papaya orchards contaminated - Thai Human Rights Commission
6/9/2005 Urgent - Tell Lula what to do with CTNbio - today!
5/9/2005 Growing commercialisation threatens science
5/9/2005 Has Katrina saved US media?
5/9/2005 Poverty and hunger in New Orleans and Africa
5/9/2005 Synthetic independence: spinning it softly
5/9/2005 Who's setting the agenda for science? Important new report
4/9/2005 Modern enemies of reason
3/9/2005 Gene Transfer Found in Soil at GM Cattle Site
2/9/2005 Monsanto stonewalls enquiries on corruption scandal
2/9/2005 Tenured si, tethered no - Ignacio Chapela
1/9/2005 Allergy tests on GM corn and soy
1/9/2005 GM contamination widespread in Australia
1/9/2005 GM protest 'was public nuisance'
1/9/2005 Monsanto/Bayer - organic farmers seek compensation
1/9/2005 Science Defeats Superstition, So They Sue
1/9/2005 WEEKLY WATCH number 139