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30/9/2006 GM crops are a liability not asset
30/9/2006 Most farmer suicides relate to GM cotton - Times of India
30/9/2006 Open letter - Genetic contamination of the food chain
30/9/2006 WTO GM ruling threatens precautionary approach
29/9/2006 Monsanto Patents Being Used to Bankrupt Farmers
29/9/2006 More bulldust from Oz lobbyists
29/9/2006 Organic spinach and industry BS
29/9/2006 Rice Industry: Keep Genetically Engineered Varieties in the Lab / Japan refuses to accept US certification of GM-free status
29/9/2006 Transatlantic GM trade war: "No winners"
29/9/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 194
29/9/2006 World's largest rice company halts all US rice imports
28/9/2006 GM Golden Rice in 3 years - or non-GM now!
28/9/2006 Japan widens testing of U.S. rice for illegal GMO
28/9/2006 Non-GM maize boosts vitamin A
28/9/2006 Reply to ACNFP from Dr Irina Ermakova
28/9/2006 Study finds higher yields, lower costs with organic cotton in India
28/9/2006 Will genetically engineered foods cause allergic reactions? New test has EPA backing
27/9/2006 GM rice farce continues
27/9/2006 Japan starts testing U.S. short- and medium-grain rice
27/9/2006 Pigweed resistance a nightmare for Carolina grower
26/9/2006 Biotech boss smears organic in New York Times / More gammon and spinach
26/9/2006 Monbiot's climate lobbyists involved in anti-organic attacks
25/9/2006 AgBioView's World of Gammon and Spinach
25/9/2006 GM firm produces hypoallergenic cats without GM
25/9/2006 Opposition to GM field trials in South Africa / Testing expands in Burkina Faso
23/9/2006 Biotech chief arrested in Blair honours probe
23/9/2006 Don't Cry to Them, Argentina
23/9/2006 Independent expert committee set up on Bt brinjal
23/9/2006 India, food, and modernization
23/9/2006 Supreme Court GM ban "could be a wake-up call"
22/9/2006 India's supreme Court says no to GM products till further orders
22/9/2006 Italy finds GM rice: Health Ministry/Rice rows in Britain and Ireland
22/9/2006 Rice industry shut down / Contamination inevitable
21/9/2006 EFSA safety statement was issued without sight of crucial GM rice data
21/9/2006 EU chases GMO-tainted rice strain in four countries
21/9/2006 From the Kitchen of Dr. Frankenstein
21/9/2006 Gene-Altered Profit-Killer - Washington Post
21/9/2006 Outrage as illegal GM rice slips through the net
21/9/2006 Tainted GMO rice found in Netherlands, Belgium: EU
21/9/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 193
20/9/2006 Cover Up of GM Rice Contamination a Scandal
20/9/2006 Monsanto on trial in France
20/9/2006 Royal Society blasts lobbyists!
19/9/2006 "Sinister Spinach" - Golden Bull Award
19/9/2006 Banned in Europe / GM rice news roundup
19/9/2006 Death of a Bt cotton farmer - New York Times
19/9/2006 GM Watch Special on the rice scandal
19/9/2006 South Australian Govt plans GM crop ban extension/Oz bulldust
17/9/2006 EU member states reject two European Commission GMO proposals
17/9/2006 GM's economic nightmare - Wall St Journal etc.
17/9/2006 GM: THE COVER UP
17/9/2006 Indian cotton production projected to fall/P Sainath on Bt cotton
17/9/2006 Legal challenge mounted against FSA / Illegal rice found in UK supermarket
17/9/2006 Sale of illegal GM rice in Scotland sanctioned by food safety watchdog
16/9/2006 Court clears activists of theft and trespass in GM raid
16/9/2006 EU to Vote on Hungarian GM Ban and GMO Rapeseed
16/9/2006 Euro Scientists refuse safety clearance for GM rice
16/9/2006 US dairy processors make GM-free switch
14/9/2006 "Biotech Prominent In California's Ag Research"
14/9/2006 Monsanto anxious over pricing of Bt cottonseed
14/9/2006 Parliament votes down commercial GM trials in Western Australia
14/9/2006 USDA Urged to Deny Approval of Illegal GE Rice
14/9/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 192
13/9/2006 Bill and Melinda Gates Do African Agriculture
13/9/2006 Expert panel on Bt brinjal criticized
13/9/2006 Leading scientists concerned about potential allergenicity of GM rice
13/9/2006 New analysis needed for GM food risk, says scientist
13/9/2006 Quick revision of GM hype - The Guardian
13/9/2006 Swiss Retailers Block Sale of U.S. Rice
13/9/2006 Thai activist faces possible 5-year prison sentence
12/9/2006 Aldi clears its shelves / Food industry alarmed by presence of unapproved GM rice
12/9/2006 Another sustainable agriculture activist slain in the Philippines
12/9/2006 Consumer, scientist wrath in India over Bt brinjal
12/9/2006 GM rice hits Switzerland / Philippines at risk / More on Germany
12/9/2006 USDA don't have a clue / France and Sweden find illegal GM rice
11/9/2006 Blood money
11/9/2006 Crop wilting: new battle for Andhra's cotton growers
11/9/2006 Doubts over cassava project
11/9/2006 Globalisation after 9/11 - Devinder Sharma
11/9/2006 Monsanto builds a market among South Africa's poor
11/9/2006 Tainted biotech rice found in Germany
11/9/2006 US Illegal GM Rice Contamination Spreads Further into Europe
10/9/2006 Genetically modified wheat still shunned
10/9/2006 US supply chain to Europe "now severely disrupted"
10/9/2006 USDA to Rubber-Stamp Contamination of Food with Illegal, Genetically Engineered Rice
9/9/2006 French fried reactionary still hurting poor people
9/9/2006 Protest against GM brinjal field trials
9/9/2006 Redesigning Crops to Harvest Fuel
9/9/2006 World-beating rice yield without GM
8/9/2006 Press release on Bt cotton wilting
7/9/2006 Food Cos Risk Legal Action If Import Illegal GMO Crops
7/9/2006 Help stop the GM Trojan Horse
7/9/2006 Human error "probable cause" of GM canola mix-up in Oz
7/9/2006 Market boosts organic while GMOs wane
7/9/2006 Massive drop in US soy exports to EU / Industry still not ready for biotech wheat
7/9/2006 Support Via Campesina occupation of Syngenta - Update
7/9/2006 WEEKLY WATCH number 191
6/9/2006 Drop biosafety bill - keep the ban in Thailand
6/9/2006 EU May Order Austria to Lift Ban on GMO Maize Types
6/9/2006 GM crops wiping out monarch habitat
6/9/2006 Monsanto gives $15 million to help "fuel work in Africa"
6/9/2006 Scale of GM rice contamination in the US / Thresholds are "a minefield"
5/9/2006 Dennis Avery's full of horsesh*t
5/9/2006 EU says food importers should do more to keep out GM products / Ban called for on Chinese rice
5/9/2006 Gene-altered rice from China found in EU - Reuters
5/9/2006 Illegal genetically engineered Chinese rice discovered in Europe
5/9/2006 Maandelijks Overzicht Nr. 36 - Monthly Review 36 in Dutch
5/9/2006 US biosafety failure / Protest over American GM rice
4/9/2006 FSA moves to block illegal GM rice
4/9/2006 GM cassava fails in Africa
4/9/2006 More bullsh*t over Africa
3/9/2006 4th lawsuit and testing concerns over GM rice scandal
3/9/2006 Don't be deluded that this is the cancer breakthrough
3/9/2006 French police arrest three as hundreds try to destroy GM crops
3/9/2006 More biopiracy in India
3/9/2006 Stott "in a tiny minority" among scientists
2/9/2006 Bullsh*t over Africa
2/9/2006 Monsanto-Backed GE Food Bill dies in CA Legislature
2/9/2006 Re: When GM plants go wild / Seed rice contaminated in Louisiana
2/9/2006 Wilting Bt cotton - Big problems in Andhra Pradesh
1/9/2006 Bayer, not taxpayers, must pay for GM rice testing in Europe
1/9/2006 When genetically modified plants go wild