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30/9/2007 Agrofuel Production is the "Principal Enemy"
29/9/2007 Africa: Alliance for a Green Revolution - a Blunt Philanthropic Arrow
29/9/2007 Nature Biotech's "professional malpractice"
28/9/2007 Biotech maize blocked in Europe
28/9/2007 Force feeding? GM's Impact on the Global South
28/9/2007 GM concerns hitting global enzyme market
28/9/2007 Testing finds GMOs in baby food and organics
28/9/2007 The fight over GM-free zones
27/9/2007 "Economics, not common sense, drives GM crops' - Dr Michael Antoniou
27/9/2007 Argentina Pampas Crops Threatened By Herbicide-Resistant Weed
27/9/2007 Karnataka State Farmers' Association besieges the residence of the Chief Minister of Karnataka in Bangalore
27/9/2007 Monsanto Wants to Triple Biotech Acres
26/9/2007 Award-winning paper "a flagrant fraud" - Cambridge expert
26/9/2007 Doors opened for GM foods in India
26/9/2007 GEAC Surrenders India's health before GM food companies
26/9/2007 Global news from The Campaign Reporter
26/9/2007 GM industry should put its money where its mouth is
26/9/2007 More on misleading lobbying for GM in Australia
26/9/2007 Re: Acceptance of GM food in Australia?
25/9/2007 RESUMO MENSAL N°. 48
24/9/2007 Acceptance of GM food in Australia?
24/9/2007 Another GM corn "liberated" by Brazil's regulators
24/9/2007 GM dangers of the UC Berkeley-BP Research Deal on Biofuels
24/9/2007 Re: GM drags down the value of farmers' crops
24/9/2007 U.S. behind South Asia's first GM food project - GM brinjal
23/9/2007 Death by cotton
23/9/2007 GM drags down the value of farmers' crops
23/9/2007 Rapeseed and maize biofuels produce more greenhouse gas than oil or petro
21/9/2007 Concerns over Indo-US Knowledge Initiative
21/9/2007 Full article from Le Monde about possible freeze in France
21/9/2007 Professor Thompson's GM "solution" to maize streak virus
21/9/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 228
20/9/2007 France mulling freeze on GM crops
20/9/2007 New Zealand authority faces court battle over GM
19/9/2007 GM crops must not be allowed / LMers for GM - again!
19/9/2007 India - GM crop ban / The dying fields / Pawar on bio-nanotech
19/9/2007 Meacher blasts GM climate change claims
19/9/2007 Output set to fall as Bt cotton fails
19/9/2007 Romania: GM crops unearthed, but not uprooted
19/9/2007 Source of error on GM crops returning to Britain
19/9/2007 The sordid side of Nature / Action on Nature Biotech
19/9/2007 Why Iraqi farmers might prefer death to Paul Bremer's order 81
18/9/2007 GM contamination scandal in Germany
18/9/2007 GM seeds of discontent
18/9/2007 India: Protests, Rallies, Terminator, Suicides
18/9/2007 Is X-Files illness a reality?
18/9/2007 Journal facilitates attack on scientist
17/9/2007 Ministers to back GM crops? A response
16/9/2007 Death of woman raises questions about gene therapy research
16/9/2007 New book on biosafety
16/9/2007 Return of GM: ministers back moves to grow crops in UK
16/9/2007 Who's the willing puppet?
15/9/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 227
14/9/2007 Anti-trust probe launched into Monsanto
14/9/2007 USDA pushing GM rice in Thailand
13/9/2007 Actions in France
13/9/2007 India's regulators charged with contempt of court
13/9/2007 Lobbyists rally around wormy corn scientist
12/9/2007 Irina Ermakova set up by Nature Biotech
12/9/2007 Maandoverzicht 48 - Nederlandse vertaling
12/9/2007 MONATSRÜCKBLICK NR. 48 - Deutsche Ausgabe
11/9/2007 Company news: Monsanto, Clorogen, Delta King
11/9/2007 Food Standards Agency must tackle its stance on GM foods
11/9/2007 GM testing takes battle to the fields
11/9/2007 Have You Eaten Your GM Food Today?
11/9/2007 Is IM better than GM?
11/9/2007 Specters of Malthus
11/9/2007 Transgenic public relations: Why is it so hard?
11/9/2007 UN body comes out in favour of organic farming
9/9/2007 E-mails detail biotech meetings
9/9/2007 Lord Sainsbury gives Labour another GBP2m
9/9/2007 USDA Proposes Further De-regulation of GMOs / Take action!
8/9/2007 Wormy corn scientists' claims "untrue", expert concludes
7/9/2007 Soil Association condemns Canadian attack on UK and Irish free speech
7/9/2007 Top scientist caught in GM moratoria cross fire
7/9/2007 WEEKLY WATCH number 226
6/9/2007 Excellent article on the Bt cotton meltdown in the Punjab
6/9/2007 Ireland: Resistance to GM cereals slammed by Teagasc
6/9/2007 Romania: a playground for the genetic engineering industry?
5/9/2007 Desperate appeal against rejection of Gates' GM sorghum experiments
5/9/2007 Genetic Engineering – Influence of EU Population Growing
5/9/2007 GM quarantine in Romania
5/9/2007 News about Colombia and Brazil / Join the translators!
5/9/2007 Propaganda, fraud, and libel - Part 4 of our response
5/9/2007 Rejection of U.S. Food Aid by NGO Signals Change in Global Hunger Policy
4/9/2007 Bug makes meal of Punjab cotton, whither Bt magic?
4/9/2007 Posilac "mooves" over
4/9/2007 Propaganda, fraud, and libel - Part 3 of our response
1/9/2007 GM companies refuse to supply seed for trials
1/9/2007 Propaganda, Fraud and Libel - Part 2 of our response
1/9/2007 Rice farmer claims research contaminated crop