Witch-hunt underway against Prof Traavik? (23/3/2004)

Prof Terje Traavik's research into GM was bound to raise the usual hackles after it was announced at Kuala Lumpur (KL). Making matters worse was the fact that Prof Traavik had had the temerity to employ Dr Arpad Pusztai as scientific director of the Norwegian Institute of Gene Ecology.

The following e-mail suggests the kind of witch-hunt that so frequently marked the Pusztai affair may now be underway. In the former instance, apart from Dr Pusztai's gagging and sacking, there were allegedly attempts to obtain data by underhand means, and according to the editor of The Lancet threats were made against him in an effort to prevent Pusztai and Ewen's research being published. The man named by The Guardian as having threatened the editor was Sir Peter lachman FRS. More about Sir Peter is available in the directory at www.gmwatch.org

From: "Terje Traavik" [email protected]To: Arpad Pusztai and Susan Bardocz

Dear  both

The Pres of the Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences, prof. Lars Walløe, rang me up yesterday and warned me that Peter Lachman was out hunting

He had contacted Walløe and wanted him to take action with me:

1. Because of the Kuala Lumpur talk etc.

2. Because we had made Arpad scientific director of Genök (sic!).

I explained to him that we proudly had included Arpad in our KL delegation, but otherwise I neither knew I was sacked, nor that Arpad was out for my job.

Best regards


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