Result just in on Percy Schmeiser decision (21/5/2004)

Saskatchewan farmers Percy and Louise Schmeiser fought Monsanto all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court when the Gene Giant accused them of violating Monsanto's patent on genetically modified canola (oilseed rape). If you think your property may have GM canola lurking somewhere (or GM maize or soy or cotton), tell Monsanto where to go! Take action! click here to send a letter to Monsanto warning them that their GM seeds may be trespassing on your land.

TELL MONSANTO WHERE TO GO http://www.etcgroup.org/takeaction.asp

Result just in on Percy Schmeiser decision.. as I understand it .. it is a split

The court has upheld the patent and Monsnato's right to have a patent on a plant

The court has not upheld that Percy should pay damages because he did not make use of the plant - ie he didn't use the presence of the GM plant on his fields to his own profit (didn't spray roundup etc)

Both parties have to pay their own court costs..

We are about to get a more detailed legal interpretation but prima  facie this is a personal victory for Percy (who no longer has to pay Monsanto damages) but a bad precedent for justice in that it upholds the patentability of crops and seems to uphold the fact that Monsanto can claim ownership and rewards even over unintentional pollution.

Will send a more detailed news update soon

In the meantime please so check out online action being taken by hundreds of people contacting Monsanto - see http://www.etcgroup.org/takeaction.asp


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