Now Bayer pulls out of GM canola in Australia (3/6/2004)

Bayer pulls out of GM canola trials
ABC, Thursday, 3 June 2004

There will be no trials of genetically modified canola in New South Wales this year with the second big industry player pulling out.

Monsanto recently announced it would not proceed with GM canola trials this year.

Today it was revealed Bayer Crop Science is also withdrawing from planned trials.

State Minister for Agriculture Ian Macdonald says Bayer has cited poor seasonal conditions as the reason.

He says it is disappointing and has blamed a continuous stream of misinformation from those ideologically opposed to GM technology.

Graham Strong from the network of concerned farmers has welcomed the decision.

"I am pleased they're not going ahead, but on the other hand it just seems a bit contradictory... if you're going to pick and choose the years you choose to put a trial in then your agronomic data is going to be skewed," he said.

The GM canola trials were to have been held in southern New South Wales.

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